Sunday, 18 November 2007

An end to the era of celebrity?

I have blogged before about Gordon Brown's promise to end the era of celebrity politics. It appears that Gordon Brown offered GMTV's Fiona Phillips a place in cabinet and a peerage. "Mr Brown told the breakfast sofa chat queen she was "a great communicator" and offered to fast-track her into government. Fiona, 46, would have been given a seat in the House of Lords, becoming BARONESS PHILLIPS." Now why would Gordon Brown offer an impartial television presenter a job as a minister in his government? Maybe this section in the news report may give you a clue - "Fiona has never made a secret of her ardent support for the Labour Party. A guest of the Blairs at the PM's country retreat, Chequers, she has since become a close confidant of Gordon Brown. She has been derided for several gushing interviews with key Downing Street and Labour Party characters, including Cherie Blair, of whom she said on screen "Oh, you are lovely," and "You've got so much soul.""

Another impartial "news" broadcaster who seems to support the Labour party, I wonder who else Gordon might select from? Simon Mayo from BBC Radio 5 Live perhaps, James Naughtie from BBC Radio 4's Toady programme almost certainly, Jane Garvey formerly from BBC Radio 5 Live and now Womans Hour on BBC Radio 4 might be persuaded.

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