Wednesday, 30 January 2008

The ARmy Rumour Service (ARRSE)

I am a regular reader of The ARmy Rumour Service (ARRSE) and today stumbled across their "ARRSEpedia" definition of the BBC. You can see the whole entry here.

"Now hideously politicised by Neu Arbeit and its leftie cohorts, and staffed by war heroes and liberators like John Simpson and (formerly) Martin Bell.

These typically like to journey to the most dangerous, smelly places on the planet and then whinge to the MoD when the Army doesn't turn up to save them from the natives with the sharp fruit. They occasionally get slotted, whereupon there is much hand-wringing and inquests as to how the tragedy happened. For happening tragedies read foreign policy... or rather lack of.

The BBC was extremely surprised (the only people who were) and took it quite hard when they were told they are a bias, liberal bunch of pinkos."

I also liked their review of the upcoming BBC beta website, it truly is dire - if you are (un)lucky you can see a preview here.

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Anonymous said...

BBC seem fine to me