Monday, 28 January 2008

Gordon Brown and democracy

Tonight at around 10pm the House of Commons will vote on whether MPs will be restricted to 12 days debate on the EU Treaty or whether they will be allowed more. I have blogged before about the sheer lack of respect for democracy that Gordon Brown is showing over this matter "Having reneged on his promise of a referendum, Gordon Brown then promised us that Parliament would have ample time to debate the Treaty so making a referendum unnecessary; 20-25 days was the period that was being promised by the Government. Then we discover that although MPs will be able to debate the Treaty they will be unable to amend even one word of it, not that they were given the Treaty to read before the debate started. Then we learned that the Labour MPs would be under a three line whip to support the Government position, so only the very brave would vote against the Government."

The UK is being sold down the river over this matter and the BBC just ignore it as they see the EU as the good guys as opposed to the US bad boys.

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