Saturday, 26 January 2008

No comment just facts

From National Statistics - Review of the Registrar General on births and patterns of family building in England and Wales, 2006 comes many interesting facts. This one is on pages 48 to 50 and concerns the percentage of live births to mothers from outside of the United Kingdom. Whilst the average for England and Wales is 22% of live births to mothers born outside of the UK, the average in Manchester is 38%, Leiscester 41%, Birmingham 36%, Luton 48%, Cambridge 41%, Watford 36%, Forest Heath 50%, London as a whole 53% - split 59% for inner London and 48% for outer London, Reading 36%, Slough 53%, Oxford 42% and Crawley 31% These cities and towns are in the geographical order used in the report and I have only picked out the ones with an average of more than 30%. Looking at London in more detail, then the following boroughs have a live birth percentage to mothers born outside of the UK of More than 50% - Camden 62%, City of London 57%, Hackney 56%,HAmmersmith and Fulham 55%, Harringey 61%, Kensington and Chelsea 68%, Newham 74%, Tower Hamlets 68%, City of Westminster 70%, Brent 71%, EAling 63% and Harrow 61%.

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