Saturday, 26 January 2008

One rule for us...

It would appear that whilst us mere mortals are encouraged to file our tax returns on-line this year and indeed for the tax year 2007/2008 must do so or face a fine; "Thousands of "high profile" people have been secretly barred from using the online tax return system amid concerns that their confidential details would be put at risk.". So whilst the Labour Government will continue to treat the general public's personal data with the casual disregard that has become so clear in recent months, "high profile people" such as celebrities and MPs will be treated rather more carefully.

HM Revenue and Customs explained the situation thus "HMRC online services are designed with security as an integral part of the service. We use leading technologies and encryption software to safeguard data and operate strict security standards. A tiny minority of individuals' records, including MPs, have extra security measures over and above the very high standards of confidentiality with which HMRC treats all taxpayers' data. The separate arrangements mean they are unable to use the online service." So MPs' records are given a higher degree of security protection than us mere voters. This country's descent into banana republic status continues apace. How long before there are separate car lanes for the politicians? Actually they will probably just convert the Olympic lanes into Peoples Parliament lanes after the 2012 Olympics.

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