Monday, 28 January 2008

A possible explanation of BBC bias on the EU

Take a read of this from EU Referendum, it seems that "The BBC last night faced accusations of pro-Brussels bias as it was revealed that the corporation had taken out £141m in "soft" loans from the European Union." We then get to learn that, "The broadcaster has taken out three separate low interest loans from the EU-backed European Investment Bank (EIB) to fund the expansion of its growing commercial empire. It also emerged that the BBC has received grants from the EU worth £1.4m over the past five years.""

"The EIB has described itself as "an autonomous body set up to finance capital investment furthering European integration by promoting EU policies".

Bob Spink then says he would be putting down a Commons motion condemning the BBC for accepting the cash: "I am concerned that the independence and objectivity of the BBC may have been improperly influenced by funding from the EU," he says.

Needless to say, the BBC denies that it is in any way influenced by the huge amount of cash coming its way, which is about as plausible as those who say Gordon Brown is a Eurosceptic."

Incredible, but it does explain a lot.


Anonymous said...

I find it unbelievable the way the British public accept the total non-tranparancy of the BBC.
The word "bias" is never on their lips and never mentioned even on the programme Feedback.

Anonymous said...

Avoid gordonizing. Vote YES at!