Saturday, 26 January 2008

Why the repetition BBC?

A strange piece on the BBC Radio 4 1pm news today. The item on the latest Northern Rock developments had a curious emphasis, at least three times The Treasury committee was described as an all party committee. Why the emphasis? Does the BBC think we wouldn't trust a report by their government? My bet is that they want to insinuate that the view is an all party view in equal proportions, of course this is not the case. The Treasury committee currently has seven Labour MPs on it (including the ever competent Sion Simon), four Conservative MPs and two Liberal Democrats - so a built in Labour majority. I await any minority opinion to emerge.

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Anonymous said...

and on r5 this a.m. they interviwed the Lab chairman, no querying any of his claims, but they thanked him 'for explaining the facts behind the case'.
Spinning for Labour as ever.