Saturday, 23 August 2008

The Olympics when did it all go wrong?

The Olympics were all going so well for "Team GB": medals being won by the unexpected such as Tasha Danvers, Christine Ohuruogu and Germaine Mason and everyone performing above what was expected. Suddenly "Team GB" start failing: Phillips Idowu misses out on a gold, Shanaze Reade crashes out of the BMX, the mens 4 x 100 metre relay team mess up a baton change; what could the reason be? Could it be connected with the arrival of that well known little black cloud, Gordon "Jonah" Brown, in Beijing? Could his personal zone of incompetence and disaster that has destroyed so many sporting hopes over the last year have affected our Olympians? I think we all know the answer.

So don't forget if you happen to see Gordon Brown heading your way at any time: run or hide - your health, your wealth and your happiness could depend upon you avoiding his baleful influence. And if you open your door to the following sight, then may the Lord have mercy on your soul...

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