Saturday, 20 December 2008

BBC propagandising on behalf of Labour

Rumours abound that Peter Mandelson will be appearing as a special guest on the final of Strictly Come Dancing tonight. If this is true then my studied indifference to this piece of trash TV, that Mrs NotaSheep watches and enjoys, will be replaced by fury and possible danger to our plasma TV.

Any Conservative MP who had been forced to resign from the Cabinet, not once but twice, would be referred to as "the twice disgraced" or worse. Whereas the "Prince of Darkness" gets given respect beyond what he deserves, and a Cabinet seat as a bonus. Maybe Peter Mandelson really does have a little black book full of all the indiscretions and the sort of compromising photos of leading politicians and media types that leave them scared of him. Who knows?

What I do know is that every time I see that scheming, insincere, "plain Lord Mandelson" I feel a little more angry at what he along with Blair, Brown & Campbell have done to this Country.

One thought, maybe Gordon Brown's dance with Lisa Snowdon last week was a practice run for partnering Peter Mandelson tonight; maybe that was the explanation as to why Gordon Brown "adopted the female position for their brief dance."

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