Friday, 26 December 2008

A story the BBC seem less than keen on reporting

Yahoo news report that:
"A rocket apparently fired by Palestinians on Friday struck a house in the Gaza Strip, killing two Palestinian sisters aged five and 13, Palestinian medics said.

Hamas police said they were investigating the cause of the blast in Beit Lahiya village in northern Gaza, which medics said seemed to be due to a rocket aimed at Israel that had misfired.

Gaza militants frequently fire rockets at Israel from the same area."
Oddly the BBC seem not to have reported this story, presumably as it doesn't fit with their evil Israelis killing defenceless Palestinians narrative.

Can you imagine the BBC coverage if the Israelis had killed two Palestinian children with a rocket that fell awry. Front page news, I would say; but of this story not a word.

Anyone might think the BBC were biased against Israel, however the BBC would no doubt deny this. If the Balen report agreed with the BBC's claims of them having no bias against Israel then the BBC would publish it, as they refuse to publish it I think we can draw our own conclusions.


Anonymous said...

Radio 4 news has mentioned it all day.

Not a sheep said...

Whoopy doo for Radio 4, nothing on the web-site however. Although now they have a good anti-Israel story as the lead story, as Israel have finally retaliated against the TERRORISTS of Hamas.