Saturday, 17 January 2009

BBC interviewing of Israelis

Gavin Esler interviewing Mark Regev, the interview starts about minutes in. Do stick with the interview to hear Gavin Esler actually ask Mark Regev at around 11 minutes in
"I just wondered whether you looking at this now are personally proud of what Israel has achieved given that there are more than a thousand Palestinian dead, 346 of them children, 79 women are dead, 13 medical workers are killed, 16 ambulances destroyed, UN schools and other buildings attacked. Are you proud of all that?
What a question, to take Hamas's own figures, state them as fact. Presume that all the women killed were innocent civilians and that none may have been terrorists, is Gavin Esler that sexist. To presume that all the "children" killed were innocent little children without wondering how many were teenage terrorists. To continue to propagate the line that UNWRA is an unbiased UN agency when it is 99% staffed by Palestinians and therefore might possibly be considered as somewhat biased. To not wonder if the number of women and children killed might be linked to Hamas's war crime of hiding its terrorist army amongst civilians and even holding civilians hostage so as to have a civilian protection screen around its terrorists.

Mark Regev has a few seconds before Gavin Esler puts on his best sub-Paxman sneer to say "You're not serious that Hamas is killing Palestinian children are you?"

Mark Regev is allowed to make some points similar to mine above inclusing "They (Hamas) had a deliberate strategy of using the civilian population as a human shield". Then Gavin Esler comes back with the line he seemingly wanted to give from the beginning of the interview "So the answer to my question - Are you proud of 346 children dead, a thousand Palestinian dead - is yes."

Mark Regev replies "I did not say that, I did not want to see any children caught up in the fight."

Words all but fail me.

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