Saturday, 17 January 2009

Killed in a good cause

This article makes me so angry.
"A family have expressed their fury after the death of their disabled 91-year-old mother who 'was forced to take out a second mortgage to foot an unnecessary £16,000 council bill' .

The family of bed-ridden grandmother Dorothy Hacking blame Thanet Council for 'disgusting treatment' after the pensioner became overstretched trying to pay for work to meet government regulations to reduce CO2 emissions.

They say she was beset by stress and health problems after being left with no option but to take out a second mortgage for the stone-cladding repairs to make her home compliant with the Home Energy Conservation Act in Ramsgate, Kent.

The law requires councils to reduce their CO2 emissions by almost a third within the next decade.


'The council maintained the work was essential to comply with the Home Energy Conservation Act which requires it to reduce its CO2 emission by 30 per cent within 10 years.

'As Mum was no longer a tenant, she had to find the money - under their agreement with Thanet council, leaseholders are responsible for a variable annual service charge which can include larger sums for major works.'"

Disgusted? Well here's the Council mouthpiece...
"Councillor Zita Wiltshire, the local housing chief, said leaseholders were consulted on charges in 2006 and made aware of how much they would have to pay.

Cllr Wiltshire said: 'We are sympathetic to the concerns of our leaseholders but the council does spell out the detail of the financial obligations imposed upon a lessee in the terms of each right-to-buy lease.'"

Well that's OK then, so long as the paperwork was all in order Dorothy Hacking can die without a blot on anyone's conscience.

Is this Country beyond redemption?

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Unknown said...

As damned as our country is I will always hold the belief that it is not beyond redemption. The mess of the last decade, but particularly the last 2-3 years mirrors the collapse the UK was facing in the 1970's. We got our saviour then, even if still today people think she was only about throwing people on the dole what she did was overhaul our economic destiny to a course of prosperity. It was painful, but necessary.

Unfortunately, while Dave will get my vote I do not see in him the same ideas, vision, dreams, goals, aspirations, call it what you like to get this country right. Just as some have labled Blair a closet-Tory, Dave seems a little wet for me. I hope I'm wrong. But I don't see him seriously tackling public sector waste, immigration, Islamic influence on British culture/society, etc, etc.

I hope I'm wrong.