Sunday, 11 January 2009

The stupidity of youth

I am quite a fan of the Channel 4's Orange Unsigned Act show, some good, interesting music and some incisive judging. Today I watched the programme and when Scarlet Harlots were reprieved by the audience vote, one of the group (I think it was the lead singer Samuel Baylis) took the microphone to bleat "Free Palestine, Free Palestine". I decided there and then to ensure they did not win the competition but see that I am too late as they have not made the final anyway; good.

The competition website ends its description of the group thus:
"In 3 words Scarlet Harlots are - Progressive, Edgy, but Accessible."

I would describe the lead singer of the Scarlet Harlots (in 3 words or phrases) as deluded, an unthinking spouter of slogans and in need of a history lesson on the Middle East.

Since I posted this piece I have one comment from someone who wanted to enlighten me as to, biblically, what a Scarlet Harlot was - I decided not to post this. I also received two comments that I have posted, I don't want to be accused of censorship, from people who seem to disagree with my views on Israel and Gaza. To these people and any others of their ilk - I am happy to discuss matters with you on this blog but do try and keep it civil.


Anonymous said...

you sad pro israeli fool!
do not forgot who started hamas! a JEW!
do your own research.
what there terrorists because there fighting for THEIR land which was taken away and is still being up by those greedy Zionist cunts who stop Palestinian Muslim and Christian people getting there aid.

Fuck you!
Blog titled not a sheep.
sounds like the brainwashed shit fed to people through all media run by those who turn out to be jewish or zionist!

Anonymous said...

I think you're a tool of the IDF but i dont go around bleating on about it. Sam is saying what a Majority of the globes population think and has the balls to say it live on TV. You sit behind your laptop screen sprouting your negative rhetoric to the few while he speaks the word to the masses. I wounder who they are going to listen to? I'll give you a clue....not you.

Not a sheep said...

"he speaks the word to the masses". Hmm, let's see, he's off the TV now, so "masses"? How long before the only masses he's speaking "the word" to are at a burger joint?

Read some history of the Middle East and learn something before you try and spout of here again.

Not a sheep said...

Let's see:
1)an inability to differentiate between "there", "their" and "they're" - I'm guessing a student or recently graduated from a second-rate "university"
2) readily resorting to four letter words - So unable to argue a logical point, thus probably confirming my guess above
3) convinced that all the world's media is run by Jews or Zionists - ah the conviction of the young and impressionable

When you are ready to converse like an adult then do post again.

Anonymous said...

the seven heads of the Scarlet Beast are 7 SEQUENTIAL kingdoms. All of these powerful kingdoms either invaded or ruled the land of Israel at some point in time. In fact, all prophecy in the Bible revolves around Israel.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear God.
Not A Sheep - I agree entirely. Rest assured, I snorted derisively when that prat gobbed off on stage.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, what is the difference between him "bleating" his views and you bleating your views. Precisely how do you know that he is an "unthinking spouter of slogans" and these are not simply his views? Are you not being completely judgemental and critical of him and yet when anyone replies in the same way to you you immediately jump on the defensive. Furthermore you say that you wanted to "ensure they did not win the competition but see that [you are] too late as they have not made the final anyway; good." It is unknown whether or not they are in the final yet so this statement in its self is meaningless and also rather petty - this competition could shape their futures but you want to destroy that on a whim merely because you dislike the lead vocalist? Please go ahead and turn your condescending tone upon me as i certainly expect you to do as you undoubtly rip my view appart. Regards.

Not a sheep said...

This is getting tiresome but in the interests of musical relations...

I called him an "unthinking spouter of slogans" because he just shouted "Free Palestine, Free Palestine" a slogan not a logical argument. I accept that he may not have had the time to make a more coherent argument at the time, but has he subsequently put out a press release or a statement on his band's website to explain his position on "Palestine"?

"Bleating" was the word I used as I consider people who swallow the lies about the "poor Palestinians" as "sheep". Before you come back with some crap about Israel stealing the Palestinians land, please do yourself a favour and first learn something about the history of the Middle East. I can even recommend some reading matter for you if you want.

My comments re the final are because I believed the Orange site showed them as having not made the final. I now see the website has changed and they are shown as being one of the five finalists. My apologies for believing what I saw on the Orange website. However the good news is that I will now have the opportunity to vote for one of the other finalists.

"this competition could shape their futures but you want to destroy that on a whim merely because you dislike the lead vocalist?" - I'd rather the competition was won by a group that showed they had the ability to think as well as play instruments and sing. If the competition was more important to him than following his somewhat misguided political principles then maybe Mr Baylis should have kept his opinions on matters other than music to himself. He brought up the matter, not I; if he hadn't brought the matter up I would have had no idea as to his politics, nor would I have had any reason to look into them. If he truly believes in what he shouted, then surely he should be proud of what he thinks and be prepared to justify them in print.

There are some musicians that I admire and listen to whose politics are way adrift from my own, see my blog postings on Gill Scott Heron for example. Unfortunately for the Scarlet Harlots their music is not so good that I feel I have to like them despite their political stance. I can, and probably will, live quite happily if I never hear another Scarlet Harlot track.

Anonymous said...

How would reading up on the history of the Middle East stop anyone from thinking that Palestine isn't free?

His statement didn't mention anything of the history between the Israeli's and Palestinians, it speaks about now, when Israel blockades one of the most densely populated pieces of land on the planet and often makes large sections of it variously go without food, water and electricity.

I'm also not sure how a history of the middle east would help, you may be refering to the fact that the jews were originally driven out of the region by anti-semites but that still does not hide the crimes that Israel persists in committing over a millenium later, one might even compare the actions of the Israelis to those that happened to them originally, so really the only lesson we'd learn from a history lesson would be the folly of such actions

Not a sheep said...

Rich: "Israel blockades one of the most densely populated pieces of land on the planet" Have you seen the pictures of the wide open countryside in the Gaza Strip, or do you get all of your information from the BBC?

"and often makes large sections of it variously go without food, water and electricity." Maybe a geography lesson might be in order. Take a look at a map of Gaza and you will notice that Gaza shares a border with Egypt, any reason that Egypt can't supply food, water and electricity to Gaza? Or are they only supposed to supply weapons through tunnels?

So how would you settle the Israel/Palestinian problem? Do you think Hamas would agree to a peace deal with Israel? Have you read Hamas's Charter?

Anonymous said...

I find all of this very laughable that you think that anyone gives a shit about your views more than they might about Sam's 'spouted slogans' and futhermore, this ridiculous notion that you have any say or influence. "Ensure they did not win the competition"?! Bet your words just stop people in their tracks.

My friend, as much as I love free speech so that we may "spout slogans", unfortunately it gives a voice to fuckwits like you, but i guess that's the price we have to pay.

The fact that you can blog makes your views no more valid than anyone else's, BUT if you are going to air your opinion, at least have a decent retort when that opinion comes under fire and not just get as petty as correcting grammar.

Good luck changing the world from behind your keyboard. I'm sure your life is very fulfilling.

Not a sheep said...

Another eloquent message from a friend of the Scarlet Harlots.
It's my blog, if you don't want to read it then don't come here. Do you seriously think I believe that I can influence the viewers of a Channel 4 unsigned music act show? Get real.
Once again; my blog, my views. If you don't like it or them then don't visit. You could always start you're own blog if you think you have anything worth sharing beyond the odd bit of swearing.
Now if you'll excuse me, I'll get back to my fulfilling life; why don't you get back to yours.

Anonymous said...

By masses, I think that means the majority of the world. That doesn't include the sheep in England who watch the BBC and read the Rupert Murdoch press. Like you.

Not a sheep said...

Not sure what your comment refers to or why you posted it, but I am sure you have your reasons.

If you had read my blog you would see my opinion of the BBC regularly aired and my views on the Murdoch press are also pretty well known.
In future, please check your facts before wasting my time.