Sunday, 31 May 2009

And the opinion polls just get worse for Labour

If Gordon Brown wasn't such an utterly contemptible person, I'd almost feel sorry for him. But as he is a complete and utter, five star piece of excrement on the sole of the UK shoe, I feel nothing but joy at the prospect of him having a really crap time of it tonight.

The latest opinion polls have been published:
ICM's poll for The Telegraph shows:
Conservatives 40%(+1%) Labour 22%(-6%) and LibDems 25% (+5%)
Yes that's Labour in third place, when was the last time that happened in a poll? I am assuming not even in the hey day of the SDP.

ICM's Euro opinion poll for The Telegraph shows:
Conservatives 29% Labour 17% LibDems 20% UKIP 10% Greens 11% and BNP 5%
Labour third again and interestingly the Greens polling higher than UKIP.

Could it get any worse for Labour? Just wait until Thursday...

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Will said...

I wonder what the Tory lead would be if they had distinct conservative policies rather than the Blair 2.0/green nonsense they seem intent on going with.

It's a shame, as there is a chance here to finish off socialism in England and destroy Labour in the process.