Friday, 22 May 2009

Denis MacShane

I have been doing a little bit of research on some of the Labour MPs who trot around the media doing their best to shore up Gordon Brown's government and attack the opposition or bloggers or whoever dares to oppose the Great Clunking Twit. Two of these MPs are Denis MacShane and Stephen Pound; I will return to Stephen Pound in due course but here wish to just say one thing about Denis MacShane. One of Denis MacShane's favourite tricks is the ad-hominem attack, ignore the policy go for the man, so in tribute here's something to remember the next time Denis MacShane attacks the man and not the policy (it's from Wikipiedia -
"After the 2005 general election, he was dropped from the government. MacShane's failure to remain in government is believed by some to have been his falling between the two stools of being neither overtly a Blairite nor a Brownite, and thus, in his own words, having "no hand to push [him] up the greasy pole". However, his position was considered to be untenable after comments he made to a meeting of Durham Labour Students [6] in which he described Gordon Brown's five economic tests as, "a bit of a giant red herring." When contacted by The Scotsman newspaper about whether or not he made the comments he responded: "Jesus Christ, no. I mean, ‘red herring’ is not one of my favourite metaphors. If you think any Labour MP saying the Prime Minister’s most important policy is a red herring, then they would not survive long in the job." However, he had been recorded on a dictaphone, with the tape played on both the Today Programme and BBC News 24. MacShane himself wrote in Tribune "I have no idea why I was removed as a minister and it does not worry me in the slightest." [7]"

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