Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Richard Littlejohn on the real expenses scandal

Richard Littlejohn has Alistair Darling in his sights...
"We're talking here about the Chancellor of the Exchequer not just claiming back his stamp duty but charging the taxpayer for an accountant to advise him how to avoid paying tax on his ill-gotten gains.

If this story had come out in isolation, Darling would not only have been forced to resign, the Old Bill would be beating a path to his door.

Think about it for a moment. The man responsible for hiking taxes is using public money to buy the best advice on how not to pay those very same taxes himself.

He has also lied about where he lives to claim the maximum amount in expenses. Darling flipped his address not just once, but four times. One of the flats in question was passed like a tray of biscuits from Gordon Brown to Darling via a dodgy peer called Moonie, last seen being investigated as part of the cash-for-influence scandal. "

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