Monday, 18 May 2009

Taking the initiative

Whilst Gordon Brown hunkers down in his bunker, too slow witted to react to events without first sleeping on the matter; I note that David Cameron has urged people to sign a petition calling on Gordon Brown to dissolve Parliament and hold a poll.
"I want as many people as possible, whether you support Labour or the Lib Dems or no party at all to join in... Write to your local paper, write to a national newspaper - start your own petition. From the power of our collective pressure we can force Gordon Brown to act."
I wonder when Gordon Brown will rouse himself to respond, maybe for Wednesday's PMQs.

Talking of PMQs I wonder how respectful MPs will be of the other Scottish incompetent at the heart of Westminster, I refer of course to Michael Martin who managed to make a statement on the expenses scandal without referring to his future as Speaker. He then tried every trick he could think of to shut down debate on his future and to deny debate on a motion of no confidence in him. I will be reading through Hansard tomorrow to see what the "official version" says was said and I will be paying particular attention to the exchange with Mark Field who was told to watch his words when he suggested that some MPs had made fraudulent expenses claims.

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