Friday, 29 May 2009


From my "Comments board" in response to my recent piece on the news that
"one out of every seven, terrorism suspects formerly held at the U.S. detention site at Guantanamo Bay are confirmed or suspected of having returned to terrorism"

"Anonymous said...
They are terrorism suspects - not proven terrorists. So how can they 'return' to terrorism. Still their experience would be a fine recruiting theme.

Not a sheep said...
If you want to split hairs, they are "enemy combatants" but in reality they are terrorists. You and other useful idiots can spout all you like about "not proven" and how Guantanamo is a "recruiting" agent for terrorists, so pushing the blame onto the US but the facts are somewhat different.

There are many who blame the actions of "the West" (particularly the US, UK and Israel) for causing terrorism but seem to ignore the inconvenient truth. This truth is that there are followers of a branch of Islam who hate the West, want to destroy the West (from without or within) and will use any "provocation" as a reason. Unfortunately there are also a lot of people in "the West" whose main aim is the destruction of capitalism and western culture. These people are either happy to temporarily make alliances with Islamic terrorists in order to fulfil their aims or have a world view that is so distorted that they believe that Islamic terrorists are better people than the existing Countries."

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