Sunday, 31 May 2009

"widely respected"!

The Times article about the claim that Gordon Brown has plans to make Ed Balls the next Chancellor of the Exchequer is a real scream. First of all it has been obvious for years that Gordon Brown wants his close friend Ed Balls to be his Chancellor of the Exchequer. Second Ed Balls is not a popular figure in the Labour party let alone the Country at large.

The Times' story is apparently based on "a top-level leak from Downing Street", now who might that be from? Gordon Brown or one of his aides trying to see how much ire the news generates or maybe one of Ed Balls many enemies trying to provoke a public reaction that makes Ed Balls' promotion remain in Gordon Brown's deranged imagination; who knows?

The funniest line in the article is this one:
"Balls, who is widely respected in the City, could appear a younger, fresher face than Alistair Darling to take on George Osborne, the shadow chancellor, in the run-up to the elections. "
"widely respected"! I can't think of anyone in The City who respects Ed Balls; but then again they have no respect for Alistair Darling or Gordon Brown either.

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