Friday, 17 July 2009

Do you want to hear a Radio 4 audience clench its collective sphincters?

If you do want to hear this all too rare sound then listen to the end of Marcus Brigstocke's spot in tonight's Now Show. Marcus Brigstoke takes a "satirical" swipe at God, the Bible and Christianity and his audience are happy to laugh along. Then he says that people ask him if he would say similar about Islam and he says he would and has and then points out some home-truths about the Koran and the audience is almost silent, silent that is apart from the sound of sphincters being clenched. When the show is on listen again then I will post a transcript.

A fascinating piece of radio.

You can hear the programme here for the next week; Marcus Brigstocke starts at 09:34 and the relevant piece starts at 11:06. From the Christianity section of Marcus Brigstocke's spot re the 10 Commandments: "God spent the first four flattering himself and being jealous..... Good grief, he's like a paranoid, menopausal housewife with an adulterous husband..." (laughter and joy from the audience)... Then Marcus Brigstoke says "And in case you'd wondering... would you say all of that about Islam? Er yes, yes I would (nervous titter) ... including all of the details of the beheadings, the under-age sex, the misogyny and the fact that Mohammed was illiterate (some very nervous laughs and sphincter clenching) It's all right, don't be scared for me, I've done this before (relieved laughter).

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