Wednesday, 29 July 2009


The Met Office's excuses that its forecasting of a "barbecue summer" was only to give journalists an easy headline does raise questions over the purpose of the Met Office. However their failure to forecast weather trends for a summer season did not start this summer.

In 2007 the Met Office forecast:
"The summer is yet again likely to be warmer than normal. There are no indications of a particularly wet summer."
In fact it was the wettest summer for England and Wales for 95 years and temperatures were below average.

In 2008 the Met Office forecast:
"Summer temperatures are likely to be warmer than average and rainfall near or above average."
In fact 2008 was one of the wettest summers on record in the UK with high winds and low sunshine.

This year the Met Office forecast:
"Warmer than usual with rainfall average or below average".
So far we have had a few hot weeks and then a lot of rainfall, so much rainfall that reservoirs are once again full in the middle of summer.

The Met Office try to explain that that seasonal forecasting is in its infancy and is a cross between climate change prediction and forecasting tomorrow's weather forecast; apparently the Met Office is really good at those two predictions...

If the Met Office has now failed on three consecutive summer forecasts to get close to reality, then why should we place any credence on their climate change predictions?

The Guardian reported in 2006 as fact that:
"Scientists know a lot about how events will unfold...which means that whatever we do, our climate destiny is fixed for the next few decades... Rainfall will decline in the summer and the increased deluges in winter will struggle to replenish thirsty reservoirs because much of the water will run off the baked ground."
"Scientists know... climate destiny is fixed... Rainfall will decline in the summer..." It's all rubbish folks; most of these scientists are not predicting based on science, they are designing science to fit the desired predictions.

Look at some facts and figures, read around the subject and learn that Climate Change is a conspiracy not a science.

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