Tuesday, 4 May 2010

So what are you hiding Mr Brown, as if we didn't know?

On Saturday I asked why The Treasury had not released the information pertaining to Gordon Brown's botched and incompetent sale of gold at what has become known as 'Brown's bottom'. After all The Telegraph had succeeded in getting the Information Commissioner to order the Treasury to release some details in March and the ruling said that The Treasury must publish the information demanded within 35 calendar days – by the end of April.

The Information Commissioners Office website has this helpful note on its home page -
'The ICO and purdah

We will not be updating the press release section of the site during purdah – the time from when the national election is called until the election day.'

So what has the First Lord of the Treasury got to hide? Today is May 4 and I have not seen the release of any of this information. Has the Treasury disobeyed the Information Commissioner? If so, why? Why has The Telegraph not followed up this story?

This information belongs to the people and its release has been ordered by the relevant authority; if its release is delayed until after the general election then this is a major scandal.

Come on, I want every blog, every newspaper, every journalist to ask just one question of every Labour politician between now and Thursday - What have you got to hide that is so serious that you have not complied with the ICO's instruction?

Meanwhile gold has reached $1,184 to the oz.

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