Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Giving the customer what they want

April 2009 a survey was reported to have found that '79 per cent of Britons believe there should also be child-free areas on planes.'.

Those of you travelling without children know that feeling of dread as the parents with two small wriggling children heads towards the row in front or behind you and you know that you are in for a very unpleasant flight full of shouting, screaming and seat kicking. Those parents of small children that I know, report a feeling of embarrassment and resentment as they walk down the plane's aisle with most people casting them looks of pure hatred.

So why do airlines not put all families, and those people who don't care about flying with children, in one (preferably SOUND PROOFED) cabin; leaving everyone else free to enjoy the British Airways experience? The public want it, so what's stopping you?

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Anonymous said...

Right. Just got back from an EasyJet flight where I witnessed a woman with a 5 year old who had a row of 3 seats to themselves. The child bounced around and ended up standing on the seat divider, fiddling with the light switches. The woman meanwhile sprawled out full length over the row and nodded off. This was a tea-time flight.