Monday, 24 January 2011

What's sauce for the goose etc.

Dan Hodges in The New Statesman reports that:
'Conservative party supporters have "placed a bounty" on the head of Ed Miliband's spin doctor Tom Baldwin, following the resignation of Downing Street Communications Director Andy Coulson. According to senior Westminster sources, Tory sympathisers have employed the services of a private investigative agency to explore the background of Baldwin, who was appointed by the Labour leader last December.

Although the investigators were initially recruited prior to the announcement of Coulson's departure, the events of the past week have added to the determination to gather information that could embarrass Ed Miliband and senior members of his staff. "Before Coulson resigned it was business. Now it's personal," said another informed source.'
This is called reporting a story and is fine. However 'The grit in the oyster of the new politics; then reports that:
'"Tom's landing blows and the Tories don't like it," said one Labour insider. "It's no surprise they're looking for ways to smear him."'
So when the Labour party and their tame media friends smear Andy Coulson that is fair but when the Conservatives start to do some digging on Tom Baldwin that is 'smearing' - Well it's a point of view.

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