Sunday, 2 January 2011

Why world temperatures might have increased from 1990

Note how average world temperatures rise as the number of data stations was reduced. One wonders what sort of change in temperature the discarded data stations might have shown...

More on this in the Weather Action slide presentation


English Pensioner said...

The weather stations these days are now in "more convenient locations", that is, near buildings rather than in wide open spaces, and are thus affected by adjacent activities, something totally unnecessary as the instruments can all be read remotely. Anyone who works in London knows that it is invariably warmer there that the suburbs or country where they live. The "experts" are fond of informing people that the temperatures at Heathrow have increased each year; is anybody surprised in view of the development since the days when I first visited it - the main terminal building was a large marquee and the largest aircraft were Super Constellations! And of course it is also used for that useful phrase "since records began", ie since the 1940's, which is hardly the past as far as climate is concerned.

Ed P said...

Many of the remaining stations are badly situated - near runways, new building developments, air conditioners, etc. The extent of the Warmist fraud is astounding.