Thursday, 24 February 2011

Imagine the BBC's reaction if...

Imagine the headlines on the BBC news website if links with Libya's rulers had been uncovered between not only John Major, Nigel Lawson & Ken Clarke but also David Cameron. I'm sensing a banner headline along the lines of 'Tory links to Libya's tyrant rulers' and iin depth articles from Michael Crick, Jeremy Bowen and comment from several of the Labour party front bench and Alastair Campbell.

However what has emerged today are links between senior Labour figures and the Libyan regime. Guido reminds us of the already known links between the Gaddafis and Tony Blair & Peter Mandelson (as well as Gordon Brown's government) but also reports this:
'Professor David Held is ghost-writing a big-ideas book for his Dartmouth Park neighbour Ed Miliband, he is also co-director of the London School of Economics’ Centre for the Study of Global Governance. The Centre took £300,000 off Saif Gaddafi. (as I reported a few days ago)

Held also oversaw Saif’s dodgy doctorate which is under great pressure to be revoked. Professor Held chairs the “Special Ralph Miliband Lecture” series and in November 2009 invited Ed to give one in front of his mother. Watch how Ed heaped praise on Held for all the work he has done for his family (the video is on Guido's site)


Six months later Held chaired another “Special Ralph Miliband” event, only this time with a slightly higher profile guest. The details have mysteriously been pulled from the LSE website, but Guido can confirm Held welcomed Saif as a “Representative of the Miliband program” with the sort of sycophantic introduction that only a large sum of money can buy:

Guido understands that Held was visiting Saif in Libya only just last week when things began to kick off. When you hear him trying to distance himself from it all in the Guardian, remember he was until last Friday enjoying the regimes hospitality.

Ed Miliband’s ideological lodestar is a professor funded by Gaddafi’s bloody money who says he is friends with Saif. Great judgement…'
So I turn to the BBC to see how they are reporting this story - Not a word. I look to see what their latest Libya headline is and it's this -
'Cameron in Libya response apology - Prime Minister David Cameron says he is "extremely sorry" for the delays in getting Britons out of Libya and "lessons will be learned".'
That's the BBC for you; facts are less important than ensuring the narrative is maintained and that Labour gets back into power as soon as possible. Is it possible to find anyone to support the BBC over this editorial decision?

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