Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The voice of the 'Arab street'

Amongst the coverage of the 'peaceful uprising' in Tunisia I have not seen mention in the mainstream media of the anti-Semitism that has been on display. The above video is of many Western, modern-looking Muslims attacking the Great Synagogue of Tunis to the chants of "Allahua Akbar!" and the genocidal Islamic death chant:
"Khaybar Khaybar ya yahud, Jaish Muhammad saya'ud" which means "Jews, remember Khyabar, the army of Mohammed is returning." This cry relates to an event in the seventh century when Muslims massacred and expelled Jews from the town of Khaybar, in modern-day Arabia.
'News of a prior attack on this synagogue had been wildly disputed, but one thing is certain: the media may be painting these violent uprisings as darling and quaint, but they are anything but. Islamic supremacism is being sold to an unwitting public.

Here is a report from February 4th -- when I get more info on the video of the attack, I will report: Tunisia: Interim government still facing violence Spero News Marauders attacked a synagogue in Tunisia, as well as schools. Local vigilantes and the military drove them off. A synagogue was set on fire in Gabes, a city in southern Tunisia on February 1 as gangs rampaged through schools in Tunis. The army responded amidst fears of increasing disorder following the revolt that toppled former President Zine al-Abdine Ben Ali. Changes in the government have resulted in otherwise peaceful days since Ben Ali's departure on January 14, following days of protests that ended 23 years of strict police rule. There were reportedly 147 persons killed during Tunisia's days of rage.'

You may be interested to know that in 1948 there were 120,000 Jews living in Tunisia. Today after years of anti-Jewish government decrees, synagogues being destroyed and attacks on Jews, there are less than 1,000 remaining in a nation of over 10 million. But even a thousand is too many for the Arab Street/Muslim mob to accept.

It seems that whilst every Muslim land must be Judenfrei, Israel cannot be the only Jewish state as that would be apartheid. The double standards of Islam and the western media are clear and obvious but not any less evil for that.

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