Monday, 20 June 2011

Will the BBC be printing an apology

The BBC are still featuring on their website the story  that:
'Jerusalem rabbis 'condemn dog to death by stoning'

A Jewish rabbinical court condemned to death by stoning a stray dog it feared was the reincarnation of a lawyer who insulted its judges, reports say.'
This was the most popular Middle East story on Saturday and Sunday and still shows at number three of most shared stories.

There is just one problem, the story is not true. Harry's Place explain that:
'Ma’ariv, the newspaper which first broke the spiel, has now apologised... saying the rav had said there is no basis for abusing the dog, not halachically and not logically. The rav had also said that city hall had sent their dog catcher to collect the dog from the premises of the beis din. The newspaper apologizes for the misleading headlines from when it was reported.


Here’s the Beis Din’s statement.

It makes it very clear that there is not a shred of truth in any of the story at all – except to the extent that a bitch (not a dog) turned up in a court room, and a load of kids turned up and shouted excitedly. Then the dog was taken away by the municipality.

They point out that one would only believe such a story if you knew nothing at all about the Jewish religion. That is a very fair point indeed.

They’re in a suing mood.

Note the highlighted passage for a little ascerbic judicial wit (via Google Translate):

BS, Sivan Tsha”a, June 02
Earlier this month, published in various media about the dog enters the court during deliberations, and as it were condemned to stoning with stones by the judges.
You can check and appraise how the case swells and loses sense of proportion between the publication of the next – in order.
Initially it was reported that the Court value “soul patch” roll was a dog.
Again reported that the children were asked to throw stones make up the soul.
Third dog sore that pelted to death!
And so on

It never happened. His fame has brought great damage to rabbis and judges who work voluntarily in court twelve years in a row without receiving pay at all.
Media outlets that published it, and ask for a response, or get the following response and ignored her, got all the writings of legal claim of defamation.

Due to the general public, he had no knowledge of Jewish customs, and accidentally falls absurd plot, the court issued a detailed denial communication these words:

“It’s bitter humor who invented the story, a bad joke and pointless is not even funny. He invented it, perhaps because he wanted to confuse anyone who heard him, or embarrass him in ignorance, no doubt thought that his words be taken seriously.
There is no basis for such a thing, do not adequately and reasonably. Does not exist and not exist stoning dogs or any animal in the Jewish religion, never in the Temple and as Abraham. No such idea appears not turn not prophets or in print. It just sucked the imagination, never happened.

The only true story is, that was a bitch – not a dog as told, but – a bitch is pregnant.She went into court and found a corner seat. And children in the neighborhood of Meah Shearim, who have perhaps never seen a dog and saw the dog on the street before going in, delighted and rejoiced and cheered, and were outside the court sounds of a cheer and applause from the children who arrived without exaggeration surprised by the hundreds, just hundreds of children came to see the dog. Maybe they used to see stray cats, but the dog did not see, they have no where to see it.
The only action taken after the dog came in and sat comfortably and calmly side, dial 106 the focus of the Jerusalem Municipality, to send the inspectors in charge of getting the dog and take it. You can check the focus.
Any addition to this simple story, is that if imagination and bitter humor of whoever invented it.
In other words, no talk of reincarnation, a lawyer was never mentioned before or after 20 years, did not patch, not beckoned on punishment, rather than stoning or stones.

Such inventions certainly belong on the type of blood libel, and I wonder what the inventor had stopped him in his humor and not described at this point that we slaughtered the dog and collecting the blood in a jar next year to use it Llist commandments [better: "to use it to knead matzot"]. (Something the whole world knows he’s a common story and it never happened). ”

In addition to his mother:
Court stayed the same afternoon, scores of litigants who were invited for the day.You can find out from each according to the lists that appear Biotzmn Court, was there anything with the dog coming! Anyone would say there was nothing.
Whereas the defamatory smear meaningless dog seemed stoned or was instructed to stone, and the like, not backed any of the media of any witness or a single hearing!
This shows for itself.

Secretariat of the Court.'

Will the BBC be updating their story any time soon or does the current version fit their narrative somewhat too well for that to happen?

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