Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Accusations of spamming

A strange occurrence this afternoon on Twitter. I saw a Tweet that struck me as being a little odd
Now I had not heard of this Tweeter and indeed am not sure how I saw the Tweet from @forwardnotback but regardless of that that seemed a rather odd attitude to take so I Tweeted a query
My question was not welcomed...
Well a tad extreme, but if someone doesn't like being questioned I suppose they can block who they like.

I thought that would be that, but...
Now is that playing nice? Deleting and Blocking is fine but reporting for spam?

It gets worse...

So now I am being called 'nasty', a 'bully' & a racist and am being threatened with the long arm of the law - for asking a civil question.

What a peculiar state of affairs. I saw a Tweet that struck me as odd and so asked a question. Within hours I am being accused of being a bully and a racist, something that anyone who knows me knows is complete rubbish.

What a strange place the Twittersphere is at times.

As an aside, should I take seriously someone who doesn't know the difference between 'there' and 'their'?

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Anonymous said...

What a strange person. If you search his tweets it seems he has been making death threats against some people, has changed his Twitter ID and loves the Labour Party. Quite odd.