Friday, 6 January 2012

Diane Abbott - with friends like Marc Wadsworth...

Marc Wadsworth defends Diane Abbott, I am sure she's grateful.

"Can a black person be racist, can a woman be sexist?"
Heaven help us all.


Anonymous said...

I'm a white person, living in Birmingham, & I was SO impressed by MARC WADSWORTH, his way of THINKING & his way of SPEAKING.

What a nice, intelligent man, sticking up for Diane too, in a very thoughful way.

He made some excellent points, about some quite complicated things.

For example, I sort of know what he means about RACIAL PREJUDICE & black people. Perhaps we expect black people to suffer from prejudice more than whites because of them being "guests" in this country?

How very very ENGLISH this MARC person seems (never seen him before), I liked him very very much.

Not a sheep said...

Anon 16:01: What a very peculiar thought 'them being "guests" in this country?' How/why are black people 'guests' in this country?