Monday, 16 January 2012

Islamic Egypt 451

A few weeks back I read about the burning of almost 200,000 books at the Institute of Egypt in Cairo, destroyed by a Muslim mob. A mob full of hatred for anything un-Islamic and something that brought to mind the Nazi book burnings of the 1930s.

I didn't see anything about this on the BBC, they being too caught up in furthering the narrative of the Arab Spring bringing democracy and liberty to the Arab populace. Today however I spotted this article on the BBC. The headline - 'Saving Egypt's precious fire-bombed books' and the article begins thus:
'Thousands of historical documents could be lost following a fire at the Institute of Egypt - which began during clashes in Tahrir Square last month - but an army of restoration workers is working day and night to save the country's written history.'
The BBC proud to rewrite history in order to protect Islamists and hide the truth from the world.

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