Friday, 13 January 2012

So the problem is Israel is it?

The BBC and others on the left of British politics delight in informing us that the problems of the Middle East are largely due to the presence of Israel on Palestinian land and that the Islamist regimes and terrorists that surround Israel have no gripe with Jews, but just with Israel.

Here's some video of part of the crowd at an Egyptian football match that might be of interest...
So at the BBC one person shouting racial abuse at one black footballer at an English football match is headline news but a large section of the crowd at an Egyptian football match calling for the death of all Jews (for that is what they are doing) is not even worth a mention on the Middle East news page?

The BBC's double standards sicken me, they jump on any comments made by the odd (often very odd) Israeli extremist and publicise them but steadfastly refuse to cover the many anti-Semitic comments made by a myriad of Arab politicians, preachers and the general public.

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