Saturday, 9 June 2012

Barack Obama's 'Green Jobs' are not all what you might think

Barack Obama promised five million new green jobs, so the US must produce these jobs or else Barack Obama would be shown to be fallible. Thank heavens for dodgy statistics...

HotAir have the details:
'Four years ago, Obama promised more than once that he’d create five million “green jobs” over the next decade. Thanks to the magic of reclassification, sounds like he might already have gotten there. And the punchline is, this is all basically useless for him politically: No one outside the furthest reaches of the left will care inside the voting booth what O’s “green jobs” record is so long as baseline economic numbers are as grisly as they are now. And since Congress is almost guaranteed to be redder next year, Obama will have even less leeway on his crony-capitalist “green loans” program even if he ends up getting reelected. Still, if this nonsense ensures a steady supply of videos as entertaining as this, I guess it’s not wholly useless. Bring on the “green” oil lobbyists.'

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