Saturday, 9 June 2012

brucep gets it

A commenter at Comment Is Free on the Ismail Haniyeh article, brucep, nicely sums up the logic of the left:
'No you misunderstand the unspoken logic which is hard at work here.

Racism and fascism are strictly white skinned Westerners problems. Africans, Arabs and Asians are the oppressed and as such beyond criticism.

Even if they plaster on a Hitler tash and send out death squads like Assad or Mugabe they are merely reacting to the scars of colonialism or oppressing their people so they can please their Western corporate donors or political backers in America.

It's always our fault, everything is always our fault and David Cameron is worse than Kim Jong Ill.

When the West props up tyrants they are then guilty for everything that tyrant does and when the West opposes a tyrant they are then guilty of engaging the worst kind of tyranny; "Western imperialism"

This is it in a nutshell.

The world is divided into oppressed and oppressors, The West as the Oppressors and Africa, the Middle East and to a lesser extent Asia the oppressed. Internally within Western nations minorities are oppressed by the white majority etc

Liberal democracies with multiculturalism, free speech and a ban on slavery are actually more racist, oppressive and culpable for slavery than non Western nations which have no free speech, multiculturalism and still practice slavery.

Do you see how it works?

It's not about who is actually right or wrong or who is espousing fascistic doctrines or committing atrocities; it's about skin colour and history and historically white Westerners were the most racist and imperialistic and so it will be till the end of time in the mind of the anti imperialist left.

It's a cosmic battle between good and evil and in such a battle there is no place for complexity and nuance.'

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DerekP said...

"Internally within Western nations minorities are oppressed by the white majority..."

Really? Then why do they keep coming, and why do they stay if their lot would be so much better elsewhere?