Monday, 11 June 2012

The Guardian's Comment Is Free correspondent unmasked

Last week I reported on Ismail Haniyeh's piece for The Guardian's Comment Is Free section. I provided a couple of quotations so you could see what Ismail Haniyeh wants and openly says he wants. Here's some video that makes the same points.

First the "we will never, ever recognise Israel" speech from February 24th 2012 made in Egypt, in a mosque.

Second some video of Ismail Haniyeh visiting the Iranian regime, another group that are sworn to destroy Israel and Jews

Third some video of a CBS interview which shows how Ismail Haniyeh refuses to recognise Israel. How could he do otherwise bearing in mind Hamas's charter? Note how he won't accept a Palestinian state consisting of the West Bank, Gaza and Eastern Jerusalem.

Fourth is a piece of video from 2010 which shows what Ismail Haniyeh means when he says he wants to liberate Palestine. He is not talking about a return to 1967 borders he's talking about a state "from the sea to the river, from Rosh HaNikra to Rafah". And he says again "We will not recognise, we will not recognise, We will not recognise Israel". How much more proof do people need of Hamas and its leader's stand on the existence of Israel?

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