Monday, 12 January 2015

Weaponising the NHS

Here's Ed Miliband refusing to deny that he used the word 'weaponise'...

I think that the UK deserves a Prime Minister who can remember something that he said a few weeks ago.

Here's The Telegraph's revelations that:
'Ed Miliband has come under pressure to admit that he plotted to "weaponise" the NHS as an election issue after it emerged he secretly briefed up to 15 executives at the BBC over his plans, The Telegraph can disclose.

The Labour leader used the phrase during a meeting with some of the corporation's most senior figures in around November of last year and said he intended to make the NHS the centrepiece of his campaign. He made the comments weeks before the NHS began to experience unprecedented pressure.'

Here's David Cameron responding to Ed Miliband's evasiveness...

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