Thursday, 29 September 2016

Dewsbury child sex abuse gang jailed per BBC News

This BBC report illustrates the point from my previous post.

'A gang of "devious and manipulative" men who raped, trafficked and groomed two teenage girls has been jailed.

Ismail Haji, 39, his brother Imran, 36, Ibrahim Kola, 36, and Mohammed Chothia, 37, all from the Kirklees area of West Yorkshire, were convicted at Leeds Crown Court of various sex offences.

The four abused a 13 year old and a 15 year old at a flat in Dewsbury in 2014.'

These four men aren't white men so they just get called 'men'.

Girl abducted walking to school in Oxford per BBC News

This BBC report includes a description that seems at odds with how the BBC report cases where non white people are suspected.

'A teenage girl walking to school was abducted by two men and subjected to a serious sexual assault.

The girl, who was wearing a school uniform, was grabbed near Marston Ferry Road and Banbury Road in Oxford at 08:25 BST on Wednesday.

She was driven away by two white men in a silver car and found more than three hours later about a mile away, knocking on doors and seeking help.'

Two white men... I don't recall the BBC using the phrase two black men or two South Asian men in previous reports.

Most odd...

Monday, 26 September 2016

Jez Protests Against Himself per Guido Fawkes

Guido Fawkes reports that the accompanying picture shows:

'Jeremy Corbyn protesting against the abolition of the Shadow Cabinet minister for mental health, abolished by him. The picture of conference so far…'

A fair and unbiased BBC would have fun with this, but the BBC is neither fair nor impartial.

Fracking scare stories condemned by watchdog per The Times but unlikely to be reported by the BBC

The Times reports

'A green campaign group made a series of misleading claims about the health and environmental impacts of fracking, according to a damning draft ruling by the advertising watchdog.

Friends of the Earth (FoE) failed to substantiate claims that fracking could cause cancer, contaminate water supplies, increase asthma rates and send house prices plummeting, the Advertising Standards Authority says.'

Oddly I can't find where the BBC are reporting this ruling, maybe because they don't plan on doing so or even just correcting anyone who makes similar unsubstantiated claims in the future.

Mocking Republican candidates...

It's odd how mocking someone for a disability or for being different is unacceptable at the BBC or the left of politics, unless the person being mocked is on the right of politics of course.

Donald Trump has oddly, funnily, stupidly, small hands - so comedians inform me.

Back in 2008 John McCain was being mocked for his war injury

Heaven forbid anyone on the right of politics says anything derogatory about Hillary Clinton though...

Saturday, 24 September 2016

FBI Dump Reveals Obama's Pseudonym Use, Private Email Traffic with Hillary's Private Email per Breitbart

News you won't know about if you rely on the BBC for your news.

'The Federal Bureau of Investigation revealed Friday that President Barack Obama used a private email address and pseudonym to communicate with Democratic presidential nominee Hillary R. Clinton and her own private email account as early as June 2012.

Posted at the FBI's Vault site, the revelation was part of a 189-page document dump of interview notes from conversations its agents conducted about how Clinton handled classified electronic correspondence, other documents, and her private email scheme during her tenure as secretary of State.


In addition to the news that the president, like many other members of his administration, used a fake name and his own private email account, it also means that Obama's public statements about Clinton's email arrangement were contrary to his own working knowledge and experience.'

More here at Breitbart but not on the institutionally pro US Democrat Party BBC.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Will Hillary Clinton say anything to get elected?

Will Hillary Clinton say anything to get elected? The makers of this video seem to think the answer to that is yes...

Watch "SR#1204 Campaign Clinton is Covering Up Her Parkinson’s Disease? Non-Existing Test" on YouTube

Fascinating, if true...

Watch "What was wrong with Hillary Clinton's eyes during Philly speech?" on YouTube

'Project Fear' Destroyed: OEDC And IMF U-Turn On Brexit Warnings

A fascinating article at Breitbart    Here's an extract:

'... the OECD claimed that the UK was likely to experience 1.8 per cent growth in 2016, up from their dismal 0.1 per cent prediction made before the referendum on the UK's membership of the European Union (EU).'

Project Fear's lies and exaggerations are being exposed day by day: the economy, the EU Army, etc.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

BBC journalists paid up to 40 per cent more than commercial rivals

'BBC journalists are paid up to forty per cent more than their competitors in the commercial sector, according to a leaked review of salaries in the corporation's news division.

Years of union-backed pay rises, as well as top-up allowances unheard of among commercial rivals, have pushed BBC journalists' salaries far in excess of staff at organisations such as Sky News and ITN, according to a pay review leaked to the Daily Telegraph.

The report, carried out for the BBC by financial consultants PwC, warns that rank-and-file staff in the BBC's 7,000-strong news division enjoy salaries that are "higher than the market median".'

More here at The Telegraph but obviously not from the overpaid journalists at the 'unbiased by Charter' but biased in reality BBC.

State of emergency for Charlotte as unrest over police shooting continues per BBC News who don't report an inconvenient fact

This BBC report on the rioting in Charlotte which has followed the shooting of an African American misses one key piece of information that the Black Lives Matter and their supporters at the BBC might find inconvenient to their claims of racism in the police force and elsewhere in the USA.

It is reported by Breitbart and others that the policeman who shot Keith Lamont Scott was also an African American, Brentley Vinson. Why would the BBC not report that?

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Muslim Migrant On Trial For Killing Praying Christians Migrants, so no interest from the BBC

Imagine the furore and headlines on the BBC if a Christian refugee in Spain had gone on trial, accused of murdering with a "religious motivation" six Muslim refugees, including an iman, on a voyage across the Mediterranean from Africa to Europe.

The Cameroonian captain of the boat is thought to have beaten the Muslims with a wooden plank before forcing them overbored, condemning them to certain death, because they were saying Islamic prayers.'

There would be headlines, in depth reports; one of the BBC's weeping 'journalists' would provide a tearful report on Newsnight, questions would be asked of ministers on the Today programme, sundry luvvies would emote like crazy.

However this story was about Christian refugees being killed by Muslim refugees so there will be no BBC coverage at all.

The actual report starts thus:

'A Muslim migrant in Spain has gone on trial, accused of murdering with a "religious motivation" six Christian refugees, including a pastor, on a voyage across the Mediterranean from Africa to Europe.

The Cameroonian captain of the boat is thought to have beaten the Christians with a wooden plank before forcing them overbored, condemning them to certain death, because they were saying catholic prayers.'

More here at Breitbart but obviously not on the institutionally pro Islam BBC.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Barack Obama and BBC News

'President Barack Obama, speaking in New York, said officials did not believe there was a connection between events in New York and New Jersey and a stabbing attack in Minnesota, also on Saturday, in which nine people were injured.'

What on earth could connect an Afghan who became an American and an ethnic Somali?

More bull**** here

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Why so shy BBC News?

This BBC report is staggering for the last line of this extract from it:

'At least eight people were wounded in a stabbing attack at a shopping mall in the US state of Minnesota, before the suspected attacker was shot dead by police, officials say.

The attack happened in St Cloud, 70 miles (110km) north-west of Minneapolis. The motive is unclear.

The suspected attacker reportedly made references to Allah before he was killed.'

Made references to Allah? Derogatory references? Or did he scream "Allahu Akbar" as have so many Islamist stabbers, hackers and cutters before him? Why so shy BBC?

Disarming Hillary Clinton's bodyguards

I was going to post a piece pointing out the blatant bias and misrepresentation in the BBC's report on Donald Trump's comments about Hillary Clinton's bodyguards entitled 'US election: Clinton security should be disarmed, says Trump.' however the wonderful Craig at has done a great job already, read it here

WWE wrestlers 'more recognisable' than England captain Alastair Cook

The BBC report that:

'WWE wrestlers are more recognisable than England Test captain Alastair Cook, according to new research.

Derbyshire chairman Chris Grant said the findings came from market research conducted by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) into the game's popularity.

"More kids these days can recognise a WWE wrestler than the England captain," Grant told BBC Radio Derby."

Only a third could recognise Alastair and I think we've got to improve that."'

The answer is not city based 20 20 cricket, the answer is putting cricket back on terrestrial television.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Some good old fashioned Jew hatred not being reported by the BBC

'Israeli fans who traveled to Italy to watch soccer team Hapoel Beersheba play in the UEFA cup against Italian powerhouse Inter Milan were blocked from entering the stadium by a pro-Palestinian protest on Thursday.

One of the Israeli fans, Tal Lavi, a media manager for The Jerusalem Post, said that local police and stadium security for San Siro Stadium told Israeli soccer fans that they would not be allowed to enter the premises due to security concerns.

Video taken by Lavi shows protestors near the stadium waving Palestinian flags and shouting chants in opposition to the soccer match.

Lavi said that an estimated 1,200 fans of Hapoel Beersheba were restricted to an enclosure far from the stadium by stadium security and local authorities.

According to the Jerusalem Post employee, further police assistance was requested in order to address the matter.

The incident follows shortly after another episode involving an Israeli-Italian soccer event earlier this month.

On September 8, the Israel Football Association complained to the Italian Football Federation after two Italian fans were thrown out of the 2018 World Cup qualifier between the national teams in Haifa for giving the Nazi salute during the Italian national anthem.

Police chose only to remove the fans and did not arrest them. Italy supporters were also recorded booing during the Israeli national anthem 'Hatikva', with several seen taunting religious Jewish fans and spitting at them.'

More at Jpost but obviously not at the institutionally anti Israel BBC. The BBC's unrelentingly anti Israel propaganda has helped bring about a situation where hatred of Jews because of Israel is deemed understandable and even acceptable in pc society.

Eid Mubarak - unless your an animal whose throat is cut and you bleed to death

'The streets of Dhaka in Bangladesh have been turned into literal rivers of blood and 79 sheep lay brutally butchered in Austria as Muslims celebrate Eid al-Adha by mass slaughtering animals.

The Islamic holiday of Eid al-Adha currently dominates the calendars of Muslims worldwide and a large feature of the festival is the ritual halal slaughter of animals.

Rain and floods meant that the official government designated "kill zones" were unable to be used by the public to carry out the slaughter, which involves the slitting of the throat of an animal, usually a goat, sheep, or cow, and letting it bleed to death.'

More here at Breitbart but not in the BBC and most of the rest of the mainstream media where protecting Islam from criticism is more important than animal welfare.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

The one hundred and twentieth weekly No Shit Sherlock award - Merkel 'Reaping The Harvest' Of Open Borders

Breitbart report that:
"We now know that ISIS purposefully took advantage of these vulnerabilities to camouflage assassins as refugees."

No Shit Sherlock

Heatwave adds to pressure on UK power networks per BBC News

Hidden in this BBC report is this one line:

'The unseasonal September weather has also reduced wind power in the system.'

So how would the UK have coped if we had moved even further to rely on wind power? That's a question that the eco-loons at the BBC don't want to ask.