Wednesday, 10 February 2016

French resident of Calais speak on the effects of the illegal immigrants

"France is no longer for the French, it is for 'the others'. The French just pay."

Music video incites Palestinians to blow up Jews in buses

This conclusion is from Elder Of Ziyon

'Make no mistake - the vast majority of Palestinians support the depraved message of videos like this, both explicitly and implicitly, by refusing to say a single negative word about them. And that is a message that Western media and politicians simply refuse to acknowledge.'

You can read the whole piece and see the music video here but you won't see or hear anything about this on the institutionally anti Israel BBC.

Mock the Week - Things A Sports Commentator Would Never Say

Because I need a laugh this morning

Study proves urban heat islands exist, even in the Arctic per Watts Up With That?

The BBC often report that temperatures in the Arctic are rising, but are they really?

Watts Up With That have an interesting report

'A novel form of the "urban heat island" effect might contribute to why the far north is warming faster than the rest of the globe, a study of five Arctic cities finds.

Sunlight can heat dense building materials. When night falls, buildings will release some of their solar energy into the air. This helps explain why urban centers tend to be a few degrees warmer than nearby rural areas.

"We decided that our Russian Arctic cities should also show this phenomenon," says Mikhail Varentsov, a climatologist at Lomonosov Moscow State University. But indoor heating — not the sun — would be the major heat source, at least in winter, when the sun shines little if at all. To test that idea, he and colleagues set up weather stations to collect data in the five cities north of the Arctic Circle for about a week during the polar night (with 24 hours of darkness). Apatity, with a population of about 59,000, showed the strongest effect. Its city center was up to 10 degrees Celsius warmer than outlying areas. Murmansk, with more than 300,000 residents, showed a similar, but smaller, in-town increase of about 3 degrees Celsius. Varentsov shared his team's findings January 28 at the international Arctic Frontiers conference.'

Fascinating and definitely not what the warmists at the BBC will report.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Angus Dalgleish warns health tourist migrants are leaving the NHS at breaking point per Daily Mail Online

Something you won't see or hear reported by the pro unlimited immigration BBC.

'The NHS has been left 'on its knees' by uncontrolled migration from the EU, a leading cancer expert will warn tomorrow.

Professor Angus Dalgleish, the principal of the Cancer Vaccine Institute, says the NHS is being bled dry of resources by health tourists denied care at home.

Cancer treatment can cost £200,000 and, under Brussels rules, Britain has to offer it to all EU nationals.

Professor Dalgleish says this partly explains the NHS's £3billion deficit. He will also claim the Government has hindered progress into key disease areas 'by blindly adhering to EU directives'.

'Our membership of the EU is putting an intolerable strain on our NHS,' Professor Dalgleish, a melanoma expert of global renown, will tell a conference.'The NHS is on its knees and could collapse completely. NHS Trusts were not prepared for the millions of EU migrants who have poured into Britain because the Government estimate was nowhere near the reality.'

More here but not on the BBC.

Douglas Murray Reacts to Liberal Hypocrisy on Islam

Amy Schumer - Before She was Famous - because I need a laugh this morning

Monday, 8 February 2016

In the Safe Spaces on Campus, No Jews Allowed per The Tower

This article is a must read  here's a small extract.

'Over the course of what was probably no longer than an hour, my history was denied, the murder of my people was justified, and a movement whose sole purpose is the destruction of the Jewish homeland was glorified. Statements were made justifying the ruthless murder of innocent Israeli civilians, blatantly denying Jewish indigeneity in the land, and denying the Holocaust in which six million Jews were murdered. Why anyone in their right mind would accept these slanders as truths baffles me. But they did. These statements, and others, were met with endless snaps and cheers. I was taken aback.


When I heard that among my peers that "the Jews are oppressors and murderers—How can you care about students of color on campus when they're murdering our people abroad?"—it quickly dawned on me that it wasn't that they don't like us because we're pro-Israel—they don't like us because we're Jews. '

Read the rest and worry about the future for Jews in an increasingly hostile Europe and USA. An hostility exacerbated by the institutionally anti Israel coverage of the BBC and others broadcasters.

The must read article is here

'Do we have to hijack your planes again?' Fatah official asks. BBC yawn

'Former Palestinian peace negotiator Nabil Shaath said in an interview earlier this month that he often asks Westerners whether Arabs have to "hijack your planes and destroy your airports again" to make the world take notice of the Palestinian cause.'

More here but not on the BBC of course.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Liz Truss and Tory boys

EUrabia is our future, if we stay in the EU. Vote Leave

EUrabia is our future, if we stay in the EU. Vote Leave!

Amid rape epidemic, Finland's dangerously stupid PSA says use your mittens?

Feminism loses out to fear of being called Islamophibic?

German 16yr Old Girl - Dubbed into English - "Merkel has Destroyed Germany"

The video that the German government, and probably the British too, would rather you didn't watch.

Philip Hammond warns less than HALF of the migrants are fleeing Syria

'Philip Hammond has warned less than half of the migrants entering Europe are fleeing the brutal war in Syria.

More than a million people are expected to try and get into Europe this year but speaking on a visit to refugee camps in Jordan the Foreign Secretary said many were economic migrants who should be sent home.'
Any sensible person knows this to be true but the pro immigration BBC has been pretending this is not the case and so skewed the debate.

The EU is committing "ritual suicide" and the BBC is hiding that

'Robert Fico, the Slovakian prime minister, declared the EU is committing a "ritual suicide" by letting so many people in. He said the country could volunteer 300 guards at the Schengen zone's external borders.

He condemned Jean-Claude Juncker's quota system to share out migrants as "nonsense" and a "complete fiasco"."If it takes until late 2016 or 2017 for Europe to set up its planned border and coastguard force, the EU will have killed itself"

Six in ten migrants not entitled to asylum, says EU chief per The Telegraph. Something that the BBC will not be reporting.

'Frans Timmermans says official data shows majority of refugees are economic migrants, as Slovakia declares Europe is 'suicidal'

Six in 10 migrants arriving in Europe are economic migrants with no right to asylum, one of the EU's most senior officials has disclosed.

Frans Timmermans, the first vice president of the European Commission, said that the majority of those coming to the EU are not fleeing war or persecution.

Many are Tunisians or Moroccans who were joining the migrant trail through Turkey, he said, and they must be deported if the public is to consent to aiding asylum seekers.

"It's about 60 per cent of all asylum seekers," he said, citing internal figures held by Frontex, the EU border agency. "These are people that you can assume have no reason to apply for refugee status."'

The truth about the migrant crisis is not what the BBC are interested in reporting, so don't expect this piece of news to get any attention on the BBC.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

BBC News in turmoil

The BBC are in turmoil They have expended much effort in trying to destroy Donald Trump's campaign whilst minimising coverage of the other Republican candidates thus trying to ensure that whichever Republican won the Republican nomination could be portrayed as a political minnow when compared to the BBC's chosen candidate Hillary Clinton. 

Unfortunately,for the BBC, not only did Ted Cruz win the Republican nomination in Iowa but Hillary Clinton has at best managed just a tiny win over Bernie Sanders. The BBC have been to so much trouble minimising coverage of the various scandals that have surrounded Hillary Clinton that the British public just won't understand why the American Democrat voters could have turned against the BBC's choice. 

Maybe if the BBC just impartially reported the news rather than trying to push their various agendas and political choices, then maybe they wouldn't keep being embarrassed by people not voting the BBC way... 

updated and corrected 05-02-2016

Thursday, 28 January 2016

UK expands 0.5% in fourth quarter and you can sense BBC News's gritted teeth

This BBC report gives one the impression that the BBC news team are unhappy reporting some more good economic news.

This passage especially has more than a whiff of being written through gritted teeth:

'The annual pace of growth maybe the slowest for three years but still puts the UK economy among the fastest growing among the developed nations.'
Poor BBC, reporting the truth hurts.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Forget the facts, the BBC have an agenda to push

This BBC article about the illegal boarding of a sea vessel by 'men' contains this sentence:
'The situation in Calais comes amid an influx of migrants to Europe - caused largely by people fleeing war and oppression in countries such as Syria, Afghanistan and Eritrea.'
Forget the figures showing more of these migrants are coming from North Africa, the BBC have an agenda to push.

Friday, 22 January 2016

In Sweden, You Can Now Drive Without A Licence... As Long As You're An Immigrant

Sweden is beyond a joke...
'Newly arrived migrants in Sweden can now enjoy two and a half years or more driving without any sort of licence, putting themselves and others at risk, thanks to the judgement of a Swedish court.'

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Rock Legend Animal Dies Aged 66 per Waterford Whispers News

Another rock legend has been taken from us before his time....
'TRIBUTES have been flooding in from all across the world following the death of Animal, the legendary drummer with rock outfit Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem.

Fans of the supergroup were shocked to learn of the passing of the iconic percussionist, who passed away at just 66 following a short illness. Remaining band members Dr. Teeth, Janice, Zoot and Floyd Pepper took to the group's Facebook fan page to announce the sad news earlier today.'