Wednesday, 30 April 2014

The Self-Inflicted Palestinian Victimhood | FrontPage Magazine

'American and European aid money has bought brand new SUV's for PA officialdom, the best in (with cheap labor) construction and luxuries, but nothing has changed for the Palestinian refugees, who are being kept in deliberate misery by their fellow Palestinians. Yet, western (American and European) charity is meant to ameliorate the condition of the refugees. Instead, the camps are administered by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, better known as UNRWA, whose primary aim is self-perpetuation of the camp bureaucracy, paid for primarily by the West. UNRWA has fostered and encouraged the Palestinian refugee problem as a way to maintain the armed struggle against the Jewish State. It has done nothing to solve the refugee problems.'
More here at Front Page but not from the usual suspects who claim that Gaza is an 'Israeli run concentration camp'. Of course that claim is made to insult Jews and denigrate the real holocaust in which 6 million Jews (along with others) were systematically killed in an attempt to wipe out an entire race - Jews.

Arthur Darvill is not just Rory from Doctor Who and he wants to sing about it

Arthur Darvill (Rory from Dr Who) performs 'The Ballad Of Arthur Darvill', sung to the tune of Let It Go from Frozen for the Matt Edmondson Show on BBC Radio 1.

Bob Hoskins R.I.P.

I was shocked to learn that Bob Hoskins has died at the age of just 71. It was only a few days ago that Mrs NotaSheep and I were watching him in Mermaids, a much underrated performance of his.

I'm sure most of the reports will centre upon his role in the mediocre (in my view) Who Framed Roger Rabbit but I prefer to remember him in that great 1980 London film The Long Good Friday.

Hopefully one of the TV channels will show this film in its entirety, and if they do you MUST watch it, but in the meantime here's the ending of that marvellous film with one of the great Londoner speeches - "The Mafia, I've shit 'em" - and that lovely long concentrated look at Bob Hoskins' face.

Also here's Bob Hoskins' entrance in The Long Good Friday, great walk and great 1970s music.

The Long Good Friday was a marker for the end of the stagnation of the Labour and wet Tory 1970s and the start of the dynamism and optimism of the Thatcher era. Watch the whole film and see how much London has changed since 1980, especially docklands - Harold Shand was a visionary, but also to see where the recent London gangster films such as Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Layer Cake and Snatch owe a huge debt. Also spot Helen Mirren, as Harold Shand's wife, near the start of her film career.

Sitting here I'm also remembering Bob Hoskins for his part in the great Denis Potter's Pennies From Heaven and the wonderful film Mona Lisa in which Bob Hoskins plays the very cheap George, here's an extract but do watch the film if you get the chance.

Spot the 'rabbit' reference, a good Pub Quiz question could link Bob Hoskins and rabbits. Also Michael Caine playing a superior London villain, for a change.

Did Nigel Farage 'bottle it' or was his decision a sensible one?

The accusation that Nigel Farage 'bottled it' by deciding not to stand in the Newark by-election is a meme that is gaining ground but I'm not sure (to mix my metaphors) if this meme holds water.

First, the EU elections are UKIP's priority, they are a party founded to oppose the UK's continued membership of the European Union and as such the EU elections provide the best platform for gathering votes from those sympathetic to that view. To stand in the Newark by-election would mean a dilution of the, comparatively, meagre UKIP resources.

Second, whilst standing in the Newark by-election would be tempting and Nigel Farage might even win it, most stunning by-election victories are reversed at the following general election and in this case the next general election is a year away. Any positive publicity from winning the by-election would be more than negated by the negative publicity arising from losing UKIP's only seat (the BBC would love the headline 'UKIP lose 100% of House of Commons seats')  next year.

I believe that Nigel Farage was in a no-win position: stand and risk losing focus on the EU elections this year and garnering negative publicity next year when/if he lost the seat, not stand and be called a 'bottler'. I think he's made the best decision for UKIP and himself, and maybe consequently the UK.

Star Wars news

The main cast of the new Star Wars film Episode VII has been leaked, apparently it will include original series stars Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and Anthony Daniels, as well as Peter Mayhew, Domhnall Gleeson, Oscar Isaac, John Boyega, Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley. I believe Andy Serkis will also be involved so expect some motion capture acting as is all but compulsory in today's blockbusters.

Monday, 28 April 2014

1941 The Grand Mufti meets Hitler

In case you forget who were on the side of the Nazis and still want to kill as many Jews as possible today... 1941 The Grand Mufti meets Hitler:

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Roberta Flack - The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

Roberta Flack - The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face 

I heard part of this this on a TV advertisement just now and it reminded me how beautiful this song was.

The shortest commercial airport runway in the world - Saba airport aka Yrausquin airport

Saba airport aka Yrausquin airport

'The airport's risky reputation arises from the airport's physical position: it is flanked on one side by high hills; and on the runway's other side and both ends, cliffs drop into the sea. Additionally, the runway at the airport is extremely short (400m) this creates the possibility that an airplane could under/overshoot the runway during landing or takeoff and end up in the sea or dashed on the rocky cliffs.
Although the airport is officially marked as closed to traffic (X), regional airline propeller aircraft are able to land there under waivers from The Netherlands Antilles' Civil Aviation Authority. The most common aircraft to land there are the Twin Otter and BN-2 Islander
Irausquin Airport can be seen from some places in Saint Martin.

Jet aircraft are unable to land at the airport, because the runway is too short (approx. 1,300 ft or 396 m). However, smaller airplanes (DHC-6, BN-2 and helicopters) are common sights there. There is a small ramp and terminal on the southwest flank of the runway. The ramp also has a designated helipad. The terminal building houses offices for Winair, immigration and security, a fire department with one fire truck and a tower. The tower is an advisory service only and does not provide air traffic control. Aviation fuel is not available on the island of Saba.

The only airline currently serving Yrausquin Airport is locally owned Winair, which operates daily flights to Sint Maarten and Sint Eustatius aboard a de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter. The flight to Saint Maarten takes about twelve minutes.'

I haven't landed at this airport yet, but one day I will...

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Strange things going on in Russia and Bolivia

1. A car appearing from 'nowhere' in Russia...

2. A mysterious figure 'appears' and moves at a Bolivian football match...

Friday, 25 April 2014

Watch "James Franco & Seth Rogen "Bound 3" Kanye West Pa…" on YouTube

James Franco and Seth Rogen "Bound 3" a parody of the Kanye West and Kim Kardashian video for Bound 2

As briefly shown on Graham Norton tonight...

Watch "Kanye West - Bound 2 (Explicit)" on YouTube

Kanye West - Bound 2 (Explicit) - with Kim Kardashian

Seth Rogan parody to briefly showed on Graham Norton on Friday night.

There is no moral equivalency between Israel and the Islamist terrorists that face it

There is no moral equivalency between Israel and the Islamist terrorists that face it, this poster should explain the differemce to any passing BBC 'journalist' or the likes of @Wotsit4 and @DD1958

Thursday, 24 April 2014

BBC News - Labour Party seeks to cut links with Co-op Bank

The BBC article about the Labour Party moving from the Co-op bank to The Unity Trust Bank is a little disingenuous.
The BBC report here says: 
'Sources at the Labour Party have told the BBC's business editor, Kamal Ahmed, that negotiations have begun to move a £1.2m loan Labour has with the Co-op Bank to the Unity Trust Bank, and that once the loan has been moved Labour would move all its current account facilities to the same bank.'
Oddly the Unity Trust Bank website website informs me that 'Unity funds its banking business entirely from shareholder capital and customers' deposits. Our shareholders - Trades Unions and the Co-operative Bank - are long term investors, having owned the bank since formation.'
With a little more digging on the Unity Trust Bank website I see that included on the list of shareholders is this...
'Represented on the Board Communication Workers' Union
GMB National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers UNISON UNITE USDAW The Co-operative Bank plc '
And then there's this...
'The Co-operative Bank plc, through its subsidiary Co-operative Commercial Limited, owns 26.66% (14.64% in 'B' shares and 12.02% in 'C' shares).'
Faisal Islam at Channel 4 here manages to report the above and also that...
'Unity Trust bank right now is functionally part of the Co-op Bank. The Co-op's 27 per cent shareholding is one thing. But more important is that the bank's articles of association demand that Co-op controls Unity Trust.

Regulators  (the Bank of England now) naturally demand that bankers, not union leaders, run banks. 

Therefore, despite its minority shareholding, the Co-op Bank appoints the majority of the board, the chairman and the MD.

That means the Co-op Bank's own risk director and financial control director sit on the board of Unity Trust Bank.'

So why do the BBC want people to believe that the Labour Party are leaving the Co-op Bank when they are really moving between parts of that bank? Bias?

Sometimes I know exactly how Anderson feels - the 'expert' whose answers, whilst correct, just aren't helpful

The life of a technical expert is not always easy, the problem is explaining to corporate or arty types what is and what is not possible. In reality it is usually much easier than in this video but sometimes...

Thanks to Yvonne in the Biased BBC comments for the link.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

I spoke too soon! A fine example of BBC bias by omission

As I blogged earlier I was going to have a bit more time away from blogging but then I took a quick look at the BBC website... There I found this BBC article entitled 'What makes Jerusalem so holy?' The article begins thus:
'While Christians around the world are enjoying the Easter holiday, Jews everywhere are celebrating the holiday of Passover - a convergence of festivals which traditionally sees a surge in pilgrims to Jerusalem.

The BBC's Erica Chernofsky takes a closer look at why this city is so important to Christianity, Islam and Judaism, the three religions which trace their shared origins back to the biblical figure of Abraham.'
Do read the whole article and pay particular attention to the passage headed 'The wall':
'The Jewish Quarter is home to the Kotel, or the Western Wall, a remnant of the retaining wall of the mount on which the Holy Temple once stood.

Inside the temple was the Holy of Holies, the most sacred site in Judaism.

Jews believe that this was the location of the foundation stone from which the world was created, and where Abraham prepared to sacrifice his son Isaac.

Today, the Western Wall is the closest place Jews can pray to the Holy of Holies.

It is managed by the Rabbi of the Western Wall and every year hosts millions of visitors. Jewish people from all over the world visit this place to pray and connect to their heritage, especially during the High Holidays.'
Oddly the BBC choose not to tell us what exists on the site of the Holy Temple, now why would that be?  Maybe you should read this earlier article of mine  for enlightenment.

What the BBC do tell us about the Muslim quarter of Jerusalem is that:

'The Muslim Quarter is the largest of the four and contains the shrine of the Dome of Rock and the al-Aqsa Mosque on a plateau known to Muslims as Haram al-Sharif, or the Noble Sanctuary.

The mosque is the third holiest site in Islam and is under the administration of an Islamic trust called the Waqf.

Muslims believe the Prophet Muhammad travelled here from Mecca during his night journey and prayed with the souls of all the prophets. A few steps away, the shrine of the Dome of the Rock holds the foundation stone, where Muslims believe Muhammad then ascended to heaven.

Muslims visit the holy site all year round, but every Friday during the holy month of Ramadan, hundreds of thousands of Muslims come to pray at the mosque.'
Before Israel retook Jerusalem from Muslim occupation this is how Muslims treated the 'third holiest site in Islam'

The BBC anti-Israel agenda is transparent and relentless.

Where's NotaSheep?

In case you are wondering what's happened to me, Mrs NotaSheep has taken me away for a surprise very long Easter break. There was no wifi or 3G at the first location hence my non-posting apart from some planned weekend posts. From now on I will have wifi and 3G but I think I will continue with my break from posting until I return next week.

I also have no plans to look at Twitter until Monday, so @Wotsit4 has even more time to formulate an answer to my much asked question:
Why do you think that Israel is occupying the West Bank and Gaza post 1967 but that Jordan and Egypt weren't occupying the West Bank and Gaza 1948-1967?
I know he won't answer my question because to do so would show either his real motives in opposing Israel's "occupation" or the paucity of his knowledge of Middle East history.


Sunday, 20 April 2014

Let's all go to the mall by Robin Sparkles

Let's All Go To The Mall by Robin Sparkles - "At the mall having fun is what it's all aboot..."

If you watch How I Met Your Mother then this will make sense, otherwise probbaly not!

And here's the cast of How I Met Your Mother singing Let's All Go To The Mall at 2013 Comic Con

Saturday, 19 April 2014

The master of the homosexual inuendo - Julian Clary

Julian Clary the master of audience participation and sexual innuendo...

The Jews, always the other...

'Posters and leaflets have appeared in Donetsk, Eastern Ukrainian, demanding Jews register, pay a new tax or leave, because of 'their support for the Kiev government'.'

Friday, 18 April 2014

For any 9/11 troofers out there

From CA News:
'NEW YORK, N.Y. - Osama bin Laden's hours in a dark Afghanistan cave the evening of the Sept. 11 attacks were brought to light when his son-in-law testified in his own defence at his terrorism trial, portraying the al-Qaida leader as worried and apprehensive as he contemplated how America would respond.
The son-in-law, Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, said the al-Qaida leader asked him hours after the attacks what he thought would happen next.
"Politically, I said, America, if it was proven that you were the one who did this, will not settle until it accomplishes two things: to kill you and topple the state of the Taliban," Abu Ghaith said he told him.
Bin Laden responded: "You're being too pessimistic," Abu Ghaith recalled in a discussion that he said went late into the night.
He said bin Laden had sent a messenger to pick him up earlier on Sept. 11 from a house in Kabul, Afghanistan, where he had watched the news unfold on television. He said bin Laden told him: "We are the ones who did it."
He said he had met bin Laden only six or seven times previously before he was brought to the cave in a rough mountainous area.
The surprise testimony Wednesday by Abu Ghaith seemed to soften the image of the one-time Kuwaiti teacher and preacher known for fiery anti-American rhetoric on widely circulated post-attack videos until a prosecutor took his turn, eliciting damaging admissions from the 48-year-old defendant before showing a videotape on which Abu Ghaith spoke and included a hijacked plane slamming into a World Trade Center tower.
Questioned by defence lawyer Stanley Cohen and later by Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Ferrara, the bearded Abu Ghaith testified that bin Laden seemed worried that night.
The next morning, Abu Ghaith said, he saw bin Laden with an al-Qaida military leader, Abu Hafs al-Masri, and current al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahiri at breakfast, and bin Laden invited him to join them.
He said bin Laden told him: "Now, after these events ... it's a no-brainer to predict what is going to happen. What you expected may actually happen. And I want to deliver a message to the world. And Dr. Ayman also wants to deliver a message. I want you to deliver that message."
Within two hours, the four men were posing in front of a rocky backdrop as Abu Ghaith spoke using what he said were "bullet points" provided by bin Laden that mixed verses from the Qur’an with justification for the terrorist attacks.
It was a position that would bring the onetime imam infamy as well as a place in the inner circle of the world's most wanted terrorists and eventually to federal court in Manhattan, where he was brought after his capture last year in Jordan.
Abu Ghaith was the final witness in his trial on charges he conspired to kill Americans and aid al-Qaida as a spokesman for the terrorist group. Closing arguments were scheduled for Monday.
The testimony was a rare gambit by the defence, a last-ditch effort to counter a mountain of evidence against Abu Ghaith, including an alleged confession and the video showing him sitting beside bin Laden on Sept. 12, 2001, and another in which he warned Americans that "the storm of airplanes will not abate." The defence has never disputed that Abu Ghaith associated with bin Laden after 9-11, but it contends he was recruited as a religious teacher and orator, and had no role in plotting more attacks.
On cross-examination, though, Abu Ghaith admitted that he sent his pregnant wife, six daughters and a son to Kuwait while he went to Afghanistan on Sept. 7, 2001, after hearing inside and outside al-Qaida training camps that something big was going to happen soon.
Ferrera mocked Abu Ghaith's statement that he stayed and helped bin Laden for two weeks after Sept. 11 because the conditions in Afghanistan were tense and he had no way to travel.
"You are telling this jury that you made a speech in which you called on people to terrorize the infidels because you didn't have a personal car?" he said, drawing from one juror a smile and a nod to a fellow juror.
"I don't understand the question," Abu Ghaith responded.
Testifying through an Arabic interpreter, the Kuwaiti-born defendant seemed relaxed, wearing a blue shirt, open at the collar, beneath a charcoal-colored jacket.
He testified he first met bin Laden when the al-Qaida leader, who was living in Kandahar, Afghanistan, summoned him in June 2001 after hearing he was a preacher from Kuwait. He took bin Laden's daughter as an additional wife years after 9-11.
The defendant said that videos he made warning of more attacks on Americans were based on "quotes and points by Sheik Osama." He testified his videotaped sermons were religious in nature, and meant to encourage Muslims to fight oppression.
Abu Ghaith said he wasn't involved in recruiting aspiring terrorists and denied allegations he had prior knowledge of the Sept. 11 attacks or the failed shoe-bomb airline attack by Richard Reid in December 2001.
"My intention was to deliver a message, a message I believed in," he said. "I was hoping the United States would say, 'Let's sit down and talk and solve these problems,' but America was going on and doing what I expected them to do."
His lawyers said they were hopeful that another part of Abu Ghaith's testimony, that he had met self-professed Sept. 11 architect Khalid Sheik Mohammed, would cause the federal judge overseeing the trial to reconsider his decision to exclude Mohammed from testifying via videotape from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
Ferrera zeroed in on Abu Ghaith's testimony that he accepted an invitation to meet with bin Laden on Sept. 11 because the al-Qaida leader was a sheik who deserved respect, along with his admission that he was aware bin Laden's organization was behind earlier terrorist attacks against Americans abroad.
"Despite knowing that he was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans," the prosecutor asked, "you met with him to be polite?"'
There you are straight from the horse's mouth, or at least his son's.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Windows Vista is no laughing matter...

First of all from The I.T. Crowd

IT: What kind of operating system does it use?

Operator: Vista

IT: We're going to die!

Then from The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon doesn't like Windows Vista

But Sheldon prefers Windows Vista to Windows 7

And from Futurama


Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Hold on, this could be serious! (A Rule 5 and probably NSFW post)

There's a lot of bad news and evil in the world but this news is potentially really serious:
Kate Upton wants to have smaller breasts!!!

“I wish I had smaller boobs every day of my life as I love to wear spaghetti tops braless or go for the smallest bikini designs. Every single day, I’m like, ‘Oh, man, it would be so much easier,’ especially if people didn’t constantly bring them up. If only they were a little more like… earrings. If I could just take them off like they were clip-ons... I know I say I wish I had smaller boobs - and that's true because at least twice a day I wish that. But the grass is always green, as they say!”
I feel unwell, how could she even contemplate that?

Here's some Kate Upton images, some as previously posted on this blog, some new to illustrate what the world would miss...

 That last one may meet the holy grail of internet searches as it's Kate Upton Twerking in a Bikini!

One Map to Understand All The Threats Facing Israel

'Israel is a small country, only 424 km long and from 114 to 15 km wide, and is surrounded by many enemies. What does this mean in concrete terms? Who are the people and organizations threatening the sovereignty of Israel and from where do they act? Use this map to understand all of the different challenges that we face. These threats are real, and the IDF is forced to act on all fronts, more often than you might think.'

3 killed, 4 wounded in Gaza Strip explosion - the BBC will wait before reporting this...

The news that three Palestinians were killed and four were wounded in a blast in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday has emerged. 

The BBC's coverage of this news will depend on the cause of the blast. If it's the result of Israeli actions then this will be headline news but if, as seems more likely, it was a terrorist accident then the BBC just won't bother reporting the story st all.

The BBC are after all institutionally biased against Israel.

Hamas Praises Deadly West Bank Shooting via

On erev Pesach a Jewish Israeli was killed by a Palestinian. This news has not made the BBC news. Hamas have reacted to the news thus:
'The prime minister of the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip has praised an attack that killed an Israeli in the West Bank.

Speaking Tuesday in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh said the shooting a day earlier outside the city of Hebron "brought back life to the path of resistance." He saluted "Hebron and the heroes of Hebron."'
More here but not on the institutionally anti Israel BBC.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The question that @Wotsit4 just can't answer, so I will...

I've been asking an individual, who Tweets under the handle @Wotsit4, a very simple two part question. I've asked him it over 20, maybe even 30 or 40 times and he just can't answer the question. To save me typing it over and over again on Twitter, although my smartphone's predictive type feature really does ease the pain here, here is that question is a nice large type size:

Why do you think that Israel is occupying the West Bank and Gaza post 1967 but that Jordan and Egypt weren't 1948-1967?

I wonder if @Wotsit4 will finally manage to answer that question in the comments here?

You see the trouble is that he knows he can't answer that question honestly because that would either reveal his real motives in opposing Israel or leave him open to me pointing out that people who know far more than he about the 'Palestinians' explained it thus:

Way back on March 31, 1977, the Dutch newspaper Trouw published an interview with Palestine Liberation Organization executive committee member Zahir Muhsein. Here’s what he said:
'The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. 

In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Palestinian people, since Arab national interests demand that we posit the existence of a distinct “Palestinian people” to oppose Zionism.

For tactical reasons, Jordan, which is a sovereign state with defined borders, cannot raise claims to Haifa and Jaffa, while as a Palestinian, I can undoubtedly demand Haifa, Jaffa, Beer-Sheva and Jerusalem. However, the moment we reclaim our right to all of Palestine, we will not wait even a minute to unite Palestine and Jordan.'

Zahir Muhsein was only a PLO executive committee member, so here's the PLO leader Yasser Arafat speaking on Jordanian TV on the same day that he signed the Declaration of Principles on the White House lawn in 1993:
“Since we cannot defeat Israel in war, we do this in stages. We take any and every territory that we can of Palestine, and establish a sovereignty there, and we use it as a springboard to take more. When the time comes, we can get the Arab nations to join us for the final blow against Israel.”

Those were comments from 'Palestinians' how about we remember what a Jordanian king said?
Here's King Hussein:

In 1965 - “Those organisations which seek to differentiate between Palestinians and Jordanians are traitors.” 
In 1981 - “Jordan is Palestine and Palestine is Jordan.”

How about looking the first Palestine National Charter of 1964, this explicitly denies any claim to the West Bank and Gaza  which were then “occupied” by Jordan and Egypt:

Article 24: This Organization does not exercise any territorial sovereignty over the West Bank in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, on the Gaza Strip or in the Himmah Area
So the PLO weren't interested in 'liberating' the West Bank and Gaza to form part of a 'Palestinian' state until they were 'occupied' by Jews. Jordan was fine.

Remember that for many years, the PLO itself promoted a "stages plan" that would first create a Palestinian state on the 1949 - 1967 armistice lines, and then work from that position to destroy Israel. Indeed senior Fatah official Abbas Zaki recently stated that this remains the goal for Fatah as well, but that "you can't say it to the world. You can say it to yourself."...

The facts are out there and easy to find but the likes of @Wotsit4 and @DD1958 ignore them because to do otherwise would prove their standpoints to be based on lies.

Maybe it's just me, but this had me laughing out loud just now... The wonders of private medicine!

⭐️Dastardly Pants⭐️ (@Dastardly_Pants) tweeted at 11:19 AM on Tue, Apr 15, 2014:
BUPA versus NHS

Maybe the NHS could still become 'the envy of the world'!

The BBC ignoring the deaths of Israeli Jews in a way that they wouldn't Palestinian Muslims

On Tuesday, the eve of the Jewish festival of Passover, a 40-year-old Israeli was killed and his pregnant wife and son were injured on their way to a holiday Seder in Hebron. If a Palestinian had been shot by an Israeli, whether soldier or civilian, the BBC would be headlining the news but as it's Israelis shot by a Palestinian, not a word on the institutionally anti-Israel BBC.

Chag Sameach!

Reasons to be cheerful

Andrew Sentance (@asentance) tweeted at 6:46 PM on Mon, Apr 14, 2014:
Which G7 economy has seen the biggest increase in living standards since 1980? The UK - by a big margin.

Modern stamps (part 2 - UK)

Post Office (@PostOffice) tweeted at 9:55 AM on Tue, Apr 15, 2014:
Wondered how Buckingham Palace looked in c.1700? Here you go! One of many new Buckingham Palace Royal Mail stamps >

Somewhat of a contrast with the new Finnish stamp that I posted about earlier...


Modern stamps (part 1 - Finland)

TheGayUK Magazine (@TheGayUK) tweeted at 9:40 AM on Tue, Apr 15, 2014:
Do you like Finland's new gay erotic stamps?  Should Royal Mail follow their lead?

If you want to watch the lunar eclipse, you can here...

Courtesy of NASA and Ustream... Quite magnificent.

Monday, 14 April 2014

More from the NHS, the 'envy of the world'

'A pregnant woman with appendicitis died after a bungling trainee surgeon mistakenly removed one of her healthy ovaries, a tribunal heard today.'
Those poor people who live in countries that don't have socialised medicine....
More here at The Mail.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

The Dome of the Rock aka The third holiest site in Islam in disrepair in 1954

Odd how when under Muslim control the Dome of the Rock was in such disrepair. Could it be the case that Jerusalem only became important to Muslims when it came under Jewish control?

Saturday, 12 April 2014

France in 2014, will it be the UK in 2016?

Will Ed Miliband become the British Francois François Hollande? I think it's quite likely, after all in 2012 we were told that Ed Miliband had agreed to work with the new Socialist President of France to “tilt” Europe away from austerity.How'd that work out? France marooned with high taxation and a stagnant economy - just what you'd expect with a Socialist government. Meanwhile the UK has,  relatively, lower taxation, much better growth and if it wasn't for the Lib Dems and a liberal Prime Minister the situation could be even better.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Echobelly - Great Things

Just caught the end of Brit Pop at the BBC. Didn't see any Echobelly so here's "Great Things"

Sonya Madan doing the Indian pixie haircuted (with added pigtails) tomboy thing to perfection...

Tweet from Israel Mission to UN (@IsraelinUN)

Hezbollah are violating United Nations Resolution 1701. Don't expect any coverage on the BBC...
Israel Mission to UN (@IsraelinUN) tweeted at 3:24 PM on Fri, Apr 11, 2014:
Amb. Prosor's letter to @secgen regarding #Hezbollah's violations of resolution #1701

Diplomat who won EU exit essay prize silenced by government - Telegraph

If anybody seriously believes that a Conservative government with David Cameron as Prime Minister would allow the British people a referendum on membership of the EU  then read this Telegraph article:

Thursday, 10 April 2014

BBC report only the stories that they want to report

Guido Fawkes here has the latest on Labour's Jim Devine:
'Jailed expenses crook Jim Devine has been ordered to pay his former office manager £18,000 in damages after a judge ruled that he had defamed her to cover up his own criminality. Marion Kinley alleged Devine had “stated I’d stolen significant sums of money while office manager and the reason I did this was because I had a serious gambling problem”. The judge agreed “that when he made these statement he knew them not to be true and that they were made maliciously” and that Devine’s evidence was “incredible” and “implausible”. This is one Jim won’t be able to charge to the taxpayer... '
The BBC don't seem to have any room on their mobile news site front page or politics page for this news, I wonder why... I'm sure if he was a Conservative MP they'd find the space.

Last night's MasterChef popular culture reference

Did you spot the laugh in Jack's voice on last night's MasterChef when he described his deconstructed cheesecake as having a 'buttery biscuit base'? Did you understand why?

It's Masterchef Synesthesia by Swede Mason.

As I blogged almost three years ago.

Jack is clearly a fan of this video and who could blame him. He's also a very talented chef, he should go far, in my top three of this series so far...

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

What is the holiest site in Judaism?

We keep hearing Muslims claiming possession of Jerusalem because it is the third holiest site in Islam. Have you ever wondered what the holiest site in Judaism is? 

Well it's not as many would say, the Western or Wailing Wall. 

In fact the Temple Mount is Judaism's holiest site. 

The First and Second Temples were built on the Temple Mount, which, according to Jewish tradition, is the site of the Even Hashtiya, or foundation stone for the creation of the world. As a retaining wall of the mount, the Western Wall's sanctity derives from its proximity to the Temple Mount, within which the Holy of Holies once stood. Though the Western Wall is not Judaism’s most sacred site, it is the holiest site at which Jews are permitted to pray.

This is because whilst when Jordan occupied the East of Jerusalem 1948-1967, they stopped Jews from worshipping and destroyed some Jewish religious sites, since Israel regained East Jerusalem they have all but ceded control of the Temple Mount to Islam.

The one hundred and eighty ninth weekly "No shit Sherlock award" - 'Arafat was lying when he condemned terror against Israel'

'Late PA head’s bodyguard says Egypt pressed him to denounce attacks; adds Islamic law permits lying in politics'
More here but never on the BBC who wouldn't dream of mentioning the Islamic concept of taqqiya. 

Arab leader lie, including Yasser Arafat - "No shit, Sherlock"

When hatred is all you've got

The gorgeous, and Jewish, Scarlett Johansson has a new film out by the name of Under The Skin, the trailer is below. It looks like a rather cerebral sci-fi film with some gratuitous Scarlett Johansson nudity, so right up my street.

Of course the hate-filled just had to let rip in YouTube comments:

 There's some really delightful people out there.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Palestinians killed in a refugee camp but as Israel can't be blamed I doubt the BBC will report it

The eight Palestinians were killed in a Palestinian 'refugee camp' in Southern Lebanon so that won't be of any interest to the BBC.

Do you want to charge your Samsung Galaxy S4 or S5 from flat to full in 30 seconds?

Thanks to some Israeli technology you might soon be able to... 

StoreDot Flash-Battery utilises super capacitors.

It's Israeli technology so BDS arseholes had better not be tempted...

Will there be tears for Peaches Geldof from Richard Bacon today?

Will there be tears for Peaches Geldof from Richard Bacon today? If there are then maybe you should watch this video as well... Can I suggest that from 2:48 would be the most illuminating.

It's from the BBC's Most Annoying Person list for 2010 - Peaches Geldof. What's that you're saying Richard Bacon?

"No matter how much we might want Peaches to go away" 

Hmmm, want to retract those unfortunate words now, Richard Bacon? I'm sure you just meant you wanted her to disappear from the public eye, but even so... a tad unfortunate given what's happened?

As I Tweeted yesterday, Peaches Geldof's death is a tragedy for her family and friends but should not have been the top news story on the BBC news last night. Celebrity deaths are given way too much attention in our celebrity obsessed culture.

An interview from. The BBC's Arabic Service that the BBC English language service will 100% not report = Arafat lied when he condemned suicide bombings

'Muhammad Al-Daya, longtime bodyguard of Yasser Arafat, said in a recent TV interview that Arafat used to lie when he denounced bombings in Israel. Arafat "would condemn the bombing in his own special way, saying: 'I am against the killing of civilians.' But that wasn’t true," said Al-Daya, in a BBC Arabic interview which aired on April 3, 2014.'
More here but definitely not on the anti Israel BBC where any Palestinian leader is above criticism.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Where in the world is this sushi restaurant?

That's right it's in Ramallah, in the Palestinian Authorities West Bank, not the sort of image of the Palestinian Territories you normally see is it? I wonder why the BBC and other anti-Israel western media prefer to ignore the presence of nice hotels, sushi bars and big houses in the Palestinian Territories?

Some questions that the American Physical Society is asking but that the BBC will not be reporting

'A question the American Physical Society panel will address is one we ask repeatedly: Why wasn't the current global temperature stasis, with no discernible change in the past 15 years, not predicted by any of the climate models used by the IPCC, part of the United Nations?

The APS announcement lists among its questions to be answered: "How long must the stasis persist before there would be a firm declaration of a problem with the models?"

And at the APS, "Climate Change Statement Review." In a nod to the likelihood that nature, not man, calls the shots, another APS audit question asks the panel: "What do you see as the likelihood of solar influences beyond TSI (total solar irradiance)? Is it coincidence that the stasis has occurred during the weakest solar cycle (i.e., sunspot activity) in about a century?"'
More at but not on the warmist BBC.

Dying for an imaginary right of return

Warped Mirror here reports on the latest piece of callousness towards Palestinians by Palestinians.
 Do read the whole article but here's the key part

'... it’s better they die in Syria than give up their right of return.'

Because for the Palestinian leadership, holding a population gun at the head of Israel is more important than letting Palestinians live. 

Of course this story will receive no mainstream news coverage because the Palestinians must be protected from criticism at all costs.

Friday, 4 April 2014

I love this song and video... "Sparks - "Lighten Up Morrissey" (official video)" on YouTube

Sparks - "Lighten Up Morrissey" 

SPECIAL REPORT: Palestinians in Flagrant Violation of At Least 11 of 15 Treaties Abbas Just Signed - The Tower - The Tower

' Palestinians in Flagrant Violation of At Least 11 of 15 Treaties Abbas Just Signed'

And I thought that I was geeky... I've nothing on this chap... Why I rank my friends by income, IQ and hotness - Milo Yiannopoulos - The Kernel

The definition of chutzpah

'In The Joys of Yiddish, Leo Rosten defines chutzpah as “that quality enshrined in a man who, having killed his mother and father, throws himself on the mercy of the court because he is an orphan.”

I would like to add an alternative definition: “that quality enshrined in a palestinian who asks for a humanitarian permit to enter Israel, in order to receive treatment to improve his eyesight so he can take part in future sniper attacks against Israelis.” '

Nigel Farage really letting then Prime Minister Gordon Brown have it in 2009

I particularly like Gordon Brown's 'who gives a shit what you think'  smile when Nigel Farage is reminding him of his ineptitude re the sale of gold. Gordon Brown has no shame at all...

Every time I see any video of Gordon Brown I thank God that Gordon Brown is no longer Prime Minister of this country, what a disaster he was as Chancellor and Prime Minister.  

Some news about Jordan that you won't find on the BBC

The Jordanian Women’s Union, along with lawyers across the Hashemite Kingdom, expressed shock last week after a ruling discriminating against women who do not wear the Islamic hijab was issued by the Amman Sharia Court of Appeal, according to Al Medanah News.

The court announced late last week that it agreed with one lawyer’s statement – based on a fatwa – that says a woman who does not cover up or wear a hijab is considered a “slut” and shouldn’t be allowed to testify in court.

In response, The Women’s Union released a statement published on Amman net that describes the court’s decision as discrimination against women and a violation of the Jordanian Constitution, which considers all Jordanian men and women as equals.

How marvellous and super, a victory for sharia and misogyny and so not reported by the BBC.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Spot which country isn't on this list of countries hoarding gold...

USA Today lists the 'Top 10 nations stockpiling gold'. The 10 countries are in reverse order  India, Netherlands, Japan, Russia, Switzerland, China, France, Italy, Germany, United States.

I note that the UK is not on that list, now who might be to blame for that?

Gordon Brown of course... As I blogged yesterday
'Gordon Brown - who employed Ed Miliband and Ed Balls as advisers during his years as chancellor - is often accused by opponents of selling off Britain's gold reserves far too cheaply.

He decided to dispose of almost 400 tonnes of gold between 1999 and 2002 - the majority of Britain's reserves - for between $256 and $296 an ounce, only to watch it soar up to $1,615 per ounce.' The article about today's PMQs is here. The whole truth is rarely to be found on the BBC anywhere.'

Do I need to change my blog name now?

The BBC report that:
'A rare, hybrid animal that is part goat and part sheep has been born on a farm in the Republic of Ireland.

The animal, referred to as a geep, was born about two weeks ago on Paddy Murphy's farm in County Kildare.

The unexpected arrival is thought to be the result of mating between a goat and one of the sheep farmer's Cheviot ewes.


Mr Murphy confirmed that the geep appeared to be healthy and "thriving" and was able to run faster than other lambs that were born around the same time.

"He's unbelievable," he said. "He's so fast you'd have to get him into the pen to catch him. There's no chance you would catch him otherwise."'
You see the goat genes mean this geep is faster than its lamb contemporaries; goats are just better than sheep!

The 'moderate' Iranian who thought Jews were too dirty to shake hands with

Do watch all of the video but the part that pertains to the title of this piece is from 5:16 to 6:15.

'Hitler should have killed all Jews,' teens in Holland say | The Times of Israel

Muslim teens of course.

Well which is it? Is early morning sunbathing good or bad for you?

Two articles in today's Mail caught my eye, mainly because they were all but next to each other.

First this article revealed that:
'Holidaymakers wanting to lose weight on holiday should sunbathe in the morning rather than the afternoon, according to a new study.

Researchers found early rays keep off the pounds as people exposed to earlier sunlight are leaner than those who opt for the afternoon.

The report shows the timing, intensity and duration of light exposure during the day is linked to weight - the first time this has been shown.'
Then this article told us that ;
'(A) Woman, 63, dies after being mauled by shark as she went for early morning swim off Australian beach'

Maybe early morning sunbathing is good for you but not early morning swimming? Personally I like to do both, but not in shark infested areas.

The Mail versus The Guardian

On Tuesday The Mail published this article entitled 'Dying to get into Britain: Four desperate migrants are killed in Calais in just one week as they target lorries bound for UK.'

Yesterday The Guardian published this article entitled 'Why are the nerves of empathy severed when it comes to immigration?'

Please read both articles, I have.

Now why doesn't Jonathan Jones in his Guardian piece ask these questions: If these poor people are struggling for a better life away from Africa or Eastern Europe, why are they so desperate to get to the UK rather than settling in Germany or France, where they already are? What is it about the UK that makes them so desperate to get here?

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Did Nick Clegg lie about EU not wanting an army?

'Britain has blocked EU proposals, backed by France, Spain, Italy, Poland and Germany, that would have paved the way for developing a new fleet of unmanned surveillance drones and a European Air Force comprised of heavy transport and air-to-air refuelling planes.

A recent report by Lady Ashton's EU External Action Service revealed that work had already begun on モremotely piloted aircraft systems", known as drones.

The drones will be known as Males, standing for "Medium Altitude Long Endurance" and under commission proposals would have been "directly purchased, owned and operated by the Union" along with military aircraft.`

From this Telegraph report of December 2013

Some news that you won't find on the pro-Palestinian BBC

The UNHRC is biased against Israel and in favour of the Palestinians of that there is no doubt so it was with some shock that I learned that the UNHRC had actually included some criticism of Hamas and the Palestinian Authority in their latest report, here's some extracts because the BBC will not report them...

The United Nations Department for Safety and Security reported 65 rockets and 15 mortar shells fired from Gaza towards Israel, with an additional 19 rockets and five mortars landing within Gaza and 20 rockets exploding at the launching site during the reporting period. No injuries were reported. The rockets are indiscriminate and a violation of international law.

 Arbitrary detention, torture and ill-treatment by the de facto authorities remained issues of concern in Gaza (see paras. 62–66 below). OHCHR received numerous reports of persons being arbitrarily detained for periods of up to a few months by the internal security agency across the Gaza Strip. Many detainees were allegedly subjected to shabeh[1] and sleep deprivation, with their heads covered with a bag for from a few days up to a few weeks. Detainees were reportedly allowed to remove the bag during prayers but, in most cases, not during interrogations. At meal times, most of the detainees were only allowed to lift the bag above their nose. Several detainees reported exposure to further ill-treatment and, at times, torture, including being hit on the soles of their feet, having their head hit against a wall and being slapped in the face or beaten with sticks, rubber tubes or lashes on other parts of their body.

1.     Concerns remain regarding the arbitrary detention and ill-treatment of detainees in the custody of the PPS and the Palestinian General Intelligence Service (GIS), including detainees linked to political opposition groups. While ill-treatment of detainees in GIS custody is not systematic, OHCHR documented a pattern of ill-treatment against those who do not make confessions. In several cases, detainees have alleged been blindfolded, handcuffed, slapped in the face and kicked in the legs. OHCHR also documented five cases during the reporting period where the authorities allegedly held detainees incommunicado and used sleep deprivation and stress positions. In at least one case, the detainee alleged multiple violations that may have amounted to torture.

2.     OHCHR was only able to interview a small sample of detainees held by PPS in the latter part of the reporting period, but it documented one case in which a detainee alleged that he was held in stress positions, subjected to sleep and sunlight deprivation and held incommunicado for 14 days. Several detainees reported being held incommunicado in the first two weeks of detention when detainees tend to be most vulnerable. As recorded on many previous occasions, both GIS and PPS continued to detain suspects arbitrarily despite orders to release detainees by the courts, thereby undermining the rule of law.[1]

1. In August 2013, two men were summoned to the internal security agency in northern Gaza and allegedly detained, interrogated and tortured because one of the men was involved in a public disagreement over a political issue. Both were blindfolded after arriving at the agency and accused of inciting people against the de facto authorities. One of the men said he was slapped in the face, kicked and beaten with sticks on his legs and on the soles of his feet. The other was reportedly beaten with sticks and a lash, and made to stand on one leg with arms lifted, while being beaten on the leg he was standing on.

2.     Detainees were held longest at the interrogation centre of the security agency in Gaza City and were allegedly prevented from meeting with their families during the interrogation phase which, in some cases, lasted several months. If at all, detainees were reportedly only able to meet their lawyers after the interrogations were completed and then only in the presence of security agency officials. This was the case of a 27-year-old man who was arrested by the internal security agency in April 2013 for collaborating with Israel. He was subjected to shabeh and sleep deprivation, and was only allowed to see his family after a month of detention, with no access to his lawyer during that period. [2]

The lack of effective and transparent investigation into cases of alleged unlawful killing, torture and ill-treatment involving the Palestinian security forces is of serious concern. Of the five investigative committees established in 2012 to look into various allegations, the report of only one committee was published, and it did not provide details of any action taken against perpetrators.[1] There is also a grave failure to properly investigate allegations of torture and ill-treatment. The Independent Commission for Human Rights (ICHR) had filed 124 such complaints in respect of the West Bank as of 31 October 2013, but consistently received outright denials from the authorities without initiation of a thorough and effective investigation.
                     De facto authorities in Gaza and armed groups 
   According to available information, no measures have been taken by the de facto authorities in Gaza to investigate credible allegations of violations of international humanitarian law by the said authorities or armed groups in Gaza, including the direct targeting of civilians and the indiscriminate firing of rockets towards Israel.[1]  

3.     Media reports, citing the spokesperson of the Interior Ministry of the de facto authorities, claim that following an investigation of the summary execution of alleged collaborators during the November 2012 escalation of tension,[2] measures had been taken against four prison officials “who had failed to do their jobs”.[3] Besides lacking transparency, there is insufficient information to determine if any investigation met international standards. It appears that the armed men directly responsible for the killings continue to enjoy impunity.

4.     In July 2013, at least 10 people were abducted and eight severely beaten by armed masked men in Gaza. The victims reported that the abductors presented themselves as members of Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, and accused them of being involved in the Tramadol[4] trade. Officials of the de facto authorities were allegedly involved in providing the armed men with information about the location of the victims. During their abduction, the men — who were covered with bruises and at least eight of whom had broken legs — were allegedly blindfolded, handcuffed and severely beaten on numerous occasions, including with iron rods, prior to their release. At the time of writing this report, there were no indications  that any investigations into these incidents were being conducted by the de facto authorities in Gaza.

Perhaps worst of all are the sections of freedom of expression and peaceful assembly:

In the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, OHCHR continued to receive reports that journalists faced arrest and questioning for work deemed to be critical of the authorities. OHCHR documented cases of Palestinians arrested for distributing political leaflets, as reportedly was the case in the incidents at Askar and El Far’a refugee camps. 

1.     While other legitimate charges may have been brought against the suspects in those cases, the fact that the authorities considered the distribution of critical political pamphlets a criminal issue is of concern.
                         De facto authorities in Gaza
2.     The de facto authorities in Gaza continued to restrict the enjoyment of the rights to freedoms of expression and opinion and of peaceful assembly. Members of political parties, journalists, social media activists and academics were arbitrarily detained. They reported being ill-treated and, in some cases, tortured because of opinions expressed through different media platforms, including social media, and their involvement in activities considered to be political and against the de facto authorities or their policies.[1]
3.     In August 2013, at least 20 Fatah members were arbitrarily detained and many reportedly ill-treated. The Fatah members were alleged to have distributed money to families of Fatah supporters who had been killed and injured during the 2007 intra-Palestinian clashes. Some were detained for weeks without charges and allegedly subjected to sleep deprivation, shabeh, beatings and extensive interrogation. Most stated they were obliged to sign documents stating their commitment to cease engaging in any political or other activities directed against the de facto authorities.[2]
4.     A number of individuals were detained in relation to Tamarod.[3] In one case, a 40-year-old employee of the Palestinian Authority was detained for approximately 18 hours by the internal security agency in Rafah in September 2013. He was interrogated about his involvement with Tamarod and reportedly subjected to shabeh and other ill-treatment and repeatedly told to confess that he had received documents related to Tamarod. He was released, reportedly after the security agency discovered that its intelligence was wrong. In another case, a Fatah activist was arrested by the security agency on two occasions for his alleged pro-Tamarod campaign on Facebook. He was reportedly tortured during detention, threatened with further detention if he opened a new Facebook account, and forced to sign a paper stating that he would not engage in political activities.[4]
5.     The de facto authorities also dispersed a number of peaceful demonstrations using excessive or unnecessary force. On 5 May 2013, the police of the de facto authorities forcibly dispersed a peaceful assembly organized by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine protesting against Israel's attacks on Syria. Demonstrators and journalists were beaten with sticks, and some were detained for a few hours. The photography equipment of some journalists was confiscated or damaged.[5] Shortly after, officials of the de facto authorities issued a statement denouncing the use of force against the journalists and apologizing for the “harsh treatment” they had undergone. However, the authorities maintained that the protest was unlawful, arguing that legal procedures had not been followed.[6] The spokesperson of the Ministry of the Interior of the de facto authorities requested that a commission of inquiry be established to investigate the incident. Since then, there has been no indication that this commission has been formed.

1.     Another serious issue of concern was the closure of two media offices. On 25 July 2013, the Prosecutor General of the de facto authorities in Gaza issued an order to temporarily close Ma’an News Agency and Al-Arabiya News Channel, accusing them of distributing false news regarding Hamas and its role in relation to political developments in Egypt. Ma’an News Agency reported that the de facto authorities provided it with a list of preconditions to be met in order to reopen the news agency, which were inconsistent with press freedom. Both offices were reopened in mid-November, without preconditions.
Also there is the matter of the death penalty...

Palestinian Authority
1.     On 4 May 2013, the Permanent Military Court in Jenin sentenced a security officer to death by firing squad for collaborating with Israel. In line with recent practice, the Palestinian President did not ratify this or any other death sentences. Pursuant to the President’s instruction, Palestinian military courts have retried a number of death-row prisoners and sentenced them instead to terms of imprisonment.
                         De facto authorities in Gaza
2.     Since 2008, courts of the de facto authorities in Gaza have issued 60 and upheld eight death sentences previously issued by the courts of the Palestinian Authority in Gaza.[1] The de facto authorities executed three persons during the reporting period, bringing to a total of 17, the number of executions since its takeover of Gaza.
3.     Palestinian Basic Law rightly restricts the jurisdiction of military courts to “military affairs” (art. 101 (2)). In Gaza, under existing laws,[2] the de facto authorities can impose the death penalty for a broad range of crimes, and civilians continue to be tried by military courts[3] despite the recommendations of the United Nations Human Rights Committee.[4] On a number of occasions, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has urged the de facto authorities to halt executions, and raised concerns about the process by which death sentences were imposed in Gaza.[5] OHCHR consistently documented allegations of denial of the right to receive legal assistance, the use of ill-treatment and torture during interrogations and violations of the right to a fair trial by both civilian and military courts of persons later sentenced to death.
4.     In addition, persons sentenced to death are being denied the right to seek pardon or  commutation of their sentences. None of the 17 executions in Gaza were ratified by the President, as required under Palestinian law. Moreover, trials failed to meet fair trial standards, which is of heightened concern where the death penalty may be applied.[6]

Finally how about the rights of women?
Violence against women
1.     Women in the Occupied Palestinian Territory face multiple layers of violence and discrimination. The analysis made by the Special Rapporteur on violence against women in 2005 remains valid. She found that the combination of decades of Israeli occupation, the use of force against Palestinians by Israel, the different forms of resistance used by Palestinians against such use of force and the patriarchy prevailing in Palestinian society expose women to a continuum of violence in all spheres of life.[1] 
2.     Palestinian NGOs report that violence against women continues to be widespread[2] and so-called “honour killings”[3] remain of concern. Family honour plays a fundamental role in Palestinian society. Although there are no reliable statistics on “honour killings,”[4] in 2012,[5] ICHR documented five such cases across the Occupied Palestinian Territory.[6] However, there appears to be underreporting of cases; 13 additional cases of murder of women were documented as occurring under “mysterious” circumstances, which indicates that the number of “honour killings” may be higher.[7]
In 2011, the Palestinian President abolished article 340 of the 1960 Jordanian Penal Code,[8] which had been in force in the West Bank, and which allowed effective impunity for men who kill or injure their wives or female relatives (maharim) [9] whom they consider to be involved in adultery. However, this measure has not been effective as provisions establishing mitigating circumstances remain in force, in particular article 98 of the Penal Code,[10]  which provides for reduced penalties for a person who commits a crime in a state of great anger resulting from a wrongful and dangerous act on the part of the victim.[11] An NGO study of cases of “honour killings” between 2005 and 2010 showed that the evocation of such mitigating circumstances had dramatically reduced penalties.[12] In eight out of 10 cases, the perpetrators were charged with premeditated murder, which carries life imprisonment,[13] however, in most of the cases, due to a combination of mitigating circumstances and the victim’s family’s decision to “drop” the victim’s personal rights,[14]
I've checked the BBC news website and there's not a word about this report and I don't expect there ever will be for the BBC are very clear that Israel is to blame for everything that happens to the Palestinians and that the Palestinian Authority and Hamas are lovely peace-loving people who wouldn't hurt a fly.