Friday, 20 October 2017

MP Clive Lewis sorry for 'unacceptable language' after video per BBC News

The BBC finally report on Clive Lewis's shameful remarks but only once they've got Clive Lewis's response.

'A Labour MP has apologised for using "offensive and unacceptable" language at an event last month.' we are told here with the clear subtext that that's the end of the matter, nothing to worry about, let's draw a veil over the matter.

Now imagine that this had been a Conservative MP rather than a Labour MP, would an apology be enough to quell the outrage? I think not, the BBC would scent blood and would go for the Conservative MP's jugular.

Luckily for Clive Lewis, he's a Labour MP, a black Labour MP indeed and thus will be protected by the Labour Party's propaganda arm, the BBC.

It seems that Clive Lewis has form in this area, this from the BBC in April 2015:

'An election candidate has apologised for joking that he "could be caught with my pants down behind a goat with Ed Miliband at the other end".

Labour's Clive Lewis, who is standing in Norwich South, made the comment in an interview with the New Statesman.'

Now it's personal!

When a piece of economic news is worth a place on the BBC's news front page and when it isn't

Last month this BBC piece about a fall in UK retail sales was deemed worthy of a place on the BBC news front page.

Today a piece about UK government borrowing being at its lowest for 10 years is not deemed newsworthy enough for that and so one has to go to the business home page in order to find it.

Bad economic news under a Conservative government = Front page news.
Good economic news under a Conservative government = Not front page news.

It's hard to see why this is the case, other than becasue the BBC is little better than the Labour Party's propaganda arm and is institutionally biased against the Conservative party.

A look at the comments to this piece shows that I am not alone in spotting this discrepancy in coverage:

243. Posted by MineCraft99

on 17 minutes ago
The fact that the BBC deliberately choses to hide this article away from front page or even UK page reaffirms my position that the BBC is biased trash! 

241. Posted by G from Preston

on 28 minutes ago
Comrade Corbyn won't like that!

Which explains why it is buried in 'The Business Section' 

240. Posted by Horsetowater

on 33 minutes ago
We all have to understand that space on the BBC front page is limited and has to make way for far more important journalism like:

“BBC sorry for gay conversion tweet”

“Solange tells “magazine don’t touch my hair””

“Oxbridge even posher than we thought” 

238. Posted by RedyStedy

on 39 minutes ago
BBC, why is this NEWS item tucked away in the business section but a statement (not news worthy) from a fraudulent failed left-wing politician takes pride of place on the news home screen, It that what you call balanced reporting? 

215. Posted by Templar

on 2 hours ago
2. Posted by kevin51 on
4 hours ago
Why isn't this headline news for the bbc.

Mowe to the point I wonder how long it will be before the BBC pull this HYS 

When sexist and abusive language is an issue and when it's not

Imagine that a Conservative MP and possible future Conservative party leader was shown on video to say "Get on your knees bitch". How much outrage from the left-wing commentariat would there be? How much airspace would the BBC give to this outrage? How often would the calls for this Conservative politician to quit be repeated? How many times would the BBC give time to left-wing thinkers to explain how the Conservatives were still the nasty party and irredeemably sexist?

By way of contrast have the BBC even reported that 'a video has emerged of Clive Lewis on stage at a Momentum event telling an audience member "Get on your knees, b*tch".'

More, including the video, at Guido Fawkes but still not a word on the Labour Party's propaganda arm, the BBC.

"FBI found Russian bribery plot in U.S. nuclear industry in 2009!"

The Russians, there was collusion between Trump and the Russians, indict Trump! Based on next to no evidence it would seem, but still the mainstream media push the line.

But when there is evidence of collusion between Hillary Clinton and the Russians, not a word on the mainstream media. Odd that!

Thursday, 19 October 2017

The BBC are often guilty of bias by omission

"The omission is the most powerful form of lie, and it is the duty of the historian to ensure that those lies do not creep into the history books." – George Orwell

In Australia, faulty BoM temperature sensors contribute to “hottest year ever” per Watts Up With That?

A fascinating article at WUWT do read the whole piece, here's the end of that article:

'While it may be the expectation of the Australian community that temperatures would be measured consistent with some standard, clearly this is not the case. The only real question now, is whether the Bureau is such a big and important Australian institution that, like Harvey Weinstein, it's transgressions are best ignored – at least for the moment, not under the current Minister's watch, what? I had my eyes closed.'

Thanks to Jennifer Marohasy who is a Senior Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs and blogs at

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Met Say Charging Shoplifters, Vandals 'Not Practical' as Arrests for 'Offensive' Comments Rise 53 Per Cent

'London's Metropolitan Police Force has said it will give up on investigating many instances of "low-level" crime such as shoplifting and vandalism, saying it is "not practical" to fight them in a time of cutbacks.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Mark Simmons claimed that giving up on investigating many offences was necessary so police constables' efforts could be "focused on serious crime and cases where there is a realistic chance that we will be able to solve it."

The move has raised eyebrows among members of the public, considering recent reports that the Met detained 867 out of the 3,395 people known to have been arrested for "offensive" online comments under the Malicious Communications Act in 2016 — an increase of 53 per cent for the force area since 2014.'

More here

More bizarre police priorities all over the UK.

Is the BBC biased?: Norman Smith, sadly

The always excellent has a great spot relating to another impeccably unbiased BBC 'journalist', thus time the BBC's assistant political editor Norman Smith. has the transcript of Norman Smith 'letting slip a word he ought not to have let slip'.

It's odd how whenever a BBC 'journalist' lets slip a word or phrase that indicates bias, it's always bias in one direction. Most odd, but rest assured that the BBC is completely unbiased.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

London's New Mega Mosque - one rule for Jews, another for Muslims

'A new Shia Muslim mega mosque and Islamic center – measuring over 3,500 square meters and with room for 3,000 people -- has opened in Golders Green, one of only two largely Jewish areas in London. The Shia Muslim religious center, Hussainiyat Al-Rasool Al-Adham, owns the mosque.

... After the BBC left the building in 2005, a Jewish group wanted to convert the building into a place of worship but was rejected, because the planning applications stipulated that the building should be used for entertainment.

In March 2007, it was purchased by an evangelical Christian center. After the church center closed, the Hussainiyat Al-Rasool Al-Adham center acquired it.

Because the building is a so-called grade II building, special permission is needed to change the purpose of the building. The Hussainiyat Al-Rasool Al-Adham has applied to the local city council for permission to use the building as a 'place of worship'. The application is still pending-- and worship there is therefore, strictly speaking, illegal -- but the mosque is operating nevertheless. It apparently officially opened on September 8, and has been in frequent use since, as is evident from the many photos shared on the Hussainiyat Al-Rasool Al-Adham Facebook page.'

More here but obviously not on the institutionally pro Islam BBC.

An Islamic centre and Mosque right in the heart of one of the three Jewish areas of London, what could possibly go wrong?

How to Stop Brexit

'Extricating Britain from Europe will be the greatest challenge this country has faced since the Second World War – or its greatest crisis.

But in Nick Clegg's view there is nothing remotely inevitable about Brexit – except that it will be deeply damaging if it happens. But can we stop it? How can it be done? Haven't the people spoken?

Nick Clegg argues that our democratic mandate is not trounced by the referendum. We are free to reconsider. Calmly and rationally, he will explain precisely how this historic mistake can be reversed – and what you can do to make sure that it is.'

All the above in conversation with the BBC's Emily Maitlis. I wonder if she'd also be willing to host a how to keep Brexit on track conversation with Nigel Farage?

More here

More pro Remain propaganda all over the BBC.

Boundary changes: Latest plans for Commons seats published per BBC News

It's fascinating how the BBC manage to report on the proposed Parliamentary seat boundary changes without mentoring that the current constituency boundaries give an unfair advantage to the Labour Party of around 30 seats.

I suppose that an organisation that too often acts as the propaganda arm of the Labour Party wouldn't mention such inconvenient facts.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Austria holds watershed election marked by migrant crisis per BBC News

This BBC report includes this caption description and opening to the article:

'Sebastian Kurz has taken the conservatives further to the right

Austrians are voting in a general election in which the frontrunner, conservative People's Party (ÖVP) leader Sebastian Kurz, is just 31.'

Remind me have the BBC ever described Jeremy Corbyn as having 'taken the Labour Party further to the left'. I think not and I think we all know why. For the BBC the right is bad and the left is good. The BBC is not an independent unbiased news reporting organisation, too often it acts instead as the propaganda arm of the Labour Party.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

"FBI Finds Tarmac Meeting Docs..."

But not a word on the pro Hillary Clinton mainstream media.

Maajid Nawaz and the 'what about the Jews' callers

I've just listened to the last twenty minutes or so of Maajid Nawaz's LBC  programme this afternoon. Quite revealing the calls from Muslims whose reaction to the banning of sex segregation in schools was "what about the Jews".

I'd say I was shocked but I've heard this sort of talk before. When Islam is criticised then some Muslims have an automatic "what about the Jews" reaction. The hatred that some Muslims have for Jews is visceral and obsessive.

"How many times Muslims invaded Europe vs. Europeans invaded Muslim countries?"

Is history repeating itself?

I've posted the full version of this video before but this information is worth repeating.

Penguins die in 'catastrophic' Antarctic breeding season per BBC News

The BBC report that 'Penguins die in 'catastrophic' Antarctic breeding season'

Global warming? Not cold enough? Not enough ice?

'All but two Adelie penguin chicks have starved to death in their east Antarctic colony, in a breeding season described as "catastrophic" by experts.'

Global warming? Not cold enough? Not enough ice?

'It was caused by unusually high amounts of ice late in the season, meaning adults had to travel further for food.'

Too much ice! How inconvenient for the BBC climate change brainwashing.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

74% Say No Deal is Better Than A Bad Deal per Sky and Guido Fawkes

'The vast majority of the public believes "no deal is better than a bad deal" according to this new Sky Data poll. A decisive 74% agreed the country should walk away rather than accept a punishment deal. Just 26% think "any deal is better than no deal"…

The sentiment holds true across the age range. Among 18-34 year-olds support for"no deal is better than a bad deal" is at 75%. Among 35-54 year-olds it is 74% and 76% among those aged 55+. '

You can read more here at Guido Fawkes but obviously not on the BBC where support for the EU and thus vehement opposition to Brexit is de rigeur.

Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah 'reach deal' in Cairo per BBC News

'Egypt and Israel, Hamas' chief adversary, have maintained a blockade around Gaza since 2006. Hamas calls for Israel's destruction and has fought three wars with the Jewish state.

Israel resolutely opposes any involvement by Hamas in the Palestinian Authority. It considers Hamas a terrorist group and has said it will not deal with a Palestinian government that contains Hamas members.

Hamas as a whole, or in some cases its military wing, is designated a terrorist group by Israel, the US, EU, UK and other powers.'

So report the institutionally anti Israel BBC here

Lets unpick that a little.

'Egypt and Israel, Hamas' chief adversary, have maintained a blockade around Gaza since 2006. Hamas calls for Israel's destruction and has fought three wars with the Jewish state.'

It's good that the BBC recognise that Egypt is blockading Gaza, they often try to minimise reporting of that fact.

Do Hamas just call for Israel's destruction or the death of all Jews? I get confused between the statements of Hamas and Hezbollah, maybe their friend Jeremy Corbyn could advise me on this matter.

If Hamas calls for Israel's destruction then how should Israel make peace with Hamas? What would be a fair compromise for Israel to agree to? Maybe the destruction of just half of Israel? Perhaps Jeremy Bowen could consider that matter.

'Israel resolutely opposes any involvement by Hamas in the Palestinian Authority. It considers Hamas a terrorist group and has said it will not deal with a Palestinian government that contains Hamas members.'

Does the BBC consider that Hamas is a terrorist group? Do the BBC agreed with the policies of Hamas?

'Hamas as a whole, or in some cases its military wing, is designated a terrorist group by Israel, the US, EU, UK and other powers.'

Which other powers? Do the BBC disagree with these countries, if so why?

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Hillary Clinton Gets More Support From Harvey Weinstein And Friends per Deadline

'Hillary Clinton Gets More Big Bucks Support From Harvey Weinstein, JLo & Sarah Jessica Parker.

Something in the neighborhood of $1.8 million was raised at Harvey Weinstein's star-packed fundraiser for Hillary Clinton in New York City Monday night, sources tell Deadline.

The event for 50 or so Clinton supporters at Weinstein's Manhattan home drew some major Hollywood names, including Leonardo DiCaprio,Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, Candice Bergen, Bethenny Frankel and designers Vera Wang and Tory Burch.'

More here but not on the pro Hillary Clinton BBC.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

How can any BBC employee say this with a straight face?

'Crucially, as his email to staff acknowledged, it (the BBC) also has to be impartial. That is an intellectual and moral challenge for all journalists - and also a vital one of course. My sense from speaking to him is that, as he says, you're told when you join the BBC that you have to leave your opinions at the door... '

That's from following the  'read more' link on the page relating to the James Harding leaving the BBC next year story.

More here

Impartial? Seriously? How can any BBC employee say this with a straight face?

This would be funny were it not so unbelievable and demonstrably untrue. Beeb Bias Craig has some great old figures, and is now at doing the same.

The BBC has to be impartial, ha f***ing ha!

BBC head of news James Harding to leave per BBC News

The BBC report that 'James Harding to stand down as director of BBC News at the beginning of 2018'

So who will replace him?

A woman, obviously.
A woman of colour, almost as obviously.
A Labour politician or ex politician, or at least a Labour supporter.

So how about Diane Abbott?

If the BBC ignore the first two criteria above, then how about Alastair Campbell?

Let's be honest, neither of them could push the BBC's news coverage any further to the left. Why pretend to be a source of unbiased news, BBC, just come out as the propaganda arm of the Labour Party that you are.

Jihadi jailed for 10 years for helping 21/7 Tube bombers given top council job after bosses failed to uncover her criminal past - as per The Sun

I hope this isn't really the case but fear that in this political correctness outranks all UK it probably is.

Read the story here but obviously not on the BBC where the safety of the British public is much less important than virtue signalling.

As I believe I have said before, this country is well and truly fucked.

What the BBC chooses to report and what it chooses not to report

'... peaceful demonstration in London yesterday, which had attracted a crowd in the tens of thousands - some have suggested as many as 70,000.

It was an anti-extremism march organised by a group calling itself the Football Lads Alliance. Shamefullly, there has not been a word about the march from the corporation (or indeed from any other part of the mainstream media). In fact, the Football Lads Alliance is not mentioned on the BBC website at all.

Yet the BBC is quite happy to report a protest by 150 people demanding changes to disability benefits and a protest by "hundreds" about the Grenfell Tower fire. '

That's from the Bishop Hill blog

The BBC is not an impartial news reporting organisation, it's a campaigning left wing site. Since that is the case why should one be criminalised if one refuses to pay to receive their their propaganda?

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Jeremy Hardy - Nice man or one harbouring murderous thoughts?

'If you just took everyone in the BNP and everyone who votes for them and shot them in the back of the head, there would be a brighter future for us all.'

Jeremy Hardy Speaks to the Nation, BBC Radio 4, 13 September 2004

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Michigan State university hysteria

'Officials at Michigan State University investigated and released strongly worded statements earlier this week because a female student claimed to find a noose on the handle of a stairwell door in a residence hall.

Turns out, the alleged "noose" was just a stray shoelace.

The first report of the packaged leather shoelace someone decided was a noose occurred on Wednesday morning, reports the Lansing State Journal.

Police — and, of course, the office of institutional equity — investigated the shoelace after a female student reported it as a noose.

The president of Michigan State University, Lou Anna Simon, rapidly released a statement denouncing nooses and describing the shoelace hanging on a dorm door in Holden Hall as "a racial incident."

"A student reported a noose was hung outside of her room," Simon's statement said. "I want to recognize the courage it took for the student to report this incident."

"This type of behavior is not tolerated on our campus," the taxpayer-funded school president also said. "No Spartan should ever feel targeted based on their race, or other ways in which they identify. A noose is a symbol of intimidation and threat that has a horrendous history in America."

By Wednesday afternoon, campus police managed to locate a shoelace which matched the "noose." The police found it outside the dormitory.'

More here

More hysteria about 'racism' all over university campuses and the mainstream media.

The UK is unique

This comment on really struck a chord:

'Emmanuel Goldstein on October 6, 2017 at 4:10 pm

I looked up on google for the recipients of the eu money as opposed to those like us who pay in.

Poland gets about £15 billion a year.

Good for them.If Poland were to leave the eu does that mean they would receive £50-£100 billion (for future commitments of course) and that the eu would have to pay them maybe £10 billion a year to be able to trade with them.

Sounds ridiculous but it is perfect logic.

If Catalonia leaves Spain do they have to pay Spain tens of billions and then, depending on if they are receivers or payers to the eu, have to settle up with the eu as well.

How much would it cost Scotland to leave the UK if they vote to leave in their next referendum.

After centuries together…how many billions.

Or are we absolutely unique in that we are expected to give tens of billions to leave the eu and billions more to buy stuff from the eu.'

The sort of questions that will never be given space on the BBC where anti Brexit propaganda is spewed incessantly and without any shame. The BBC ceased to be impartial years ago but its support for the EU has lead it from partiality to campaigning and for that reason, amongst others, I detest it.

Corbyn Gave Tour of Parliament to Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theorist per Guido Fawkes

Guido Fawkes has more news of Jeremy Corbyn's links with vile anti Semites here

'Today it emerges Tapash Abu Shaim received a tour of Parliament given by none other than Jeremy Corbyn. Jez tweeted to Shaim to say it was "a pleasure" showing him and other Palestine Solidarity Campaign members around. Shaim and Jez still follow each other on Twitter. Jez is a patron of PSC; sources tell Guido Shaim is a high-ranking member.'

Not a word about this will appear on the institutionally anti Israel BBC. The Labour Party is now lead by people who's anti Israel obsession leads them to consort with the sort of people who hold views that should disgust right-minded people.

Too many people in the Labour Party have decided that as there are many more Muslim voters than Jewish ones in the UK then it makes sense to pander to the anti Semitic elements of that religion.

That that decision dovetails so neatly with the let's obsessive anti Israel ideology is a plus for them and one that links neatly with the BBC who have been spewing anti Israel lies for years.

Friday, 6 October 2017

Emily Longworth isn't happy - NSFW -WARNING EXPLICIT Language

Emily Longworth is not happy, but she is sweary.

An Aussie woman takes on Hizb ut-Tahrir and wins

Brave woman, good judicial decision.

Trump might 'abandon Iran nuclear deal' per BBC News

Included in this BBC report is this:

'... President Trump said: "The Iranian regime supports terrorism and exports violence and chaos across the Middle East."'

I note that the BBC don't dispute this claim. It would be hard so to do but acknowledging Iran's exporting of Islamic terrorism would be hard for an organisation with the pro Islam mindset of the BBC.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Rotherham Council in line to be social work employer of the year per Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

'Rotherham Council has been shortlisted for the Best Social Work Employer of the Year prize in the acclaimed Social Worker of the Year Awards 2017 as a result of their outstanding work with vulnerable children.'

Not a parody but reality

Words fail me.

Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theorist Ran Stall at Labour Conference per Guido Fawkes

'A Labour member who shared anti-Semitic conspiracy theories blaming Israel for 9/11, ISIS and the Charlie Hebdo attack was allowed to host an exhibition stall inside the party's conference last month, Guido can reveal.

Tapash Abu Shaim was seen manning the Palestine Solidarity Campaign desk inside the conference centre secure zone. Shaim was given a pass despite his social media activities being reported to the party in August and concerns being raised last year over his attendance at Labour conference 2016.

Shaim's promotion of anti-Semitic conspiracies on social media has been well documented. In the wake of the January 2015 Paris terror attack he posted: "US politician Jack Lindblad claims Charlie Hebdo killings were 'by US and Mossad' to keep Israel's Netanyahu in power".

In another post he labelled terror group Daesh "ISIS = International Solidarity for Israeli Sentiment". He shared yet another which read: "confirmed ISIS is a Mossad united state of IsraHELL creation".'

There's more here at Guido Fawkes but obviously not on the institutionally anti Israel BBC who are also the propaganda arm of the Labour Party. There's more Muslim votes than Jewish votes so anti Semitisn has quite a hold amongst the left wing that now control the Labour Party.

You know those signs that forbid smoking whilst using a petrol pump?

You know those signs that forbid smoking whilst using a petrol pump? Surely nobody would be so reckless as to smoke whilst filling up with petrol/diesel/gas?

Apparently not...

I doubt that this individual will do that again!

Egyptian Government Crackdown on Homosexuals Spreads with More Anal Examinations per Breitbart

' "Debauchery" and "inciting debauchery" are the accusations generally directed by officialdom towards Egyptians perceived as gay.

"In a matter of days the Egyptian security forces have rounded up dozens of people and carried out five anal examinations," Najia Bounaim, North Africa campaigns director at Amnesty International, said in a statement on Monday.

These developments signal "a sharp escalation in the authorities' efforts to persecute and intimidate members of the LGBTI community following the rainbow flag incident", said Bounaim.'

More here but obviously not on the BBC or the LGBTQRPSDFGHJKL activist sites where demonising Israel is de rigeur but criticising an Islamic country is verboten.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Sydney and Melbourne could face 50C days 'within decades' per BBC News

The key word in this BBC report being 'could'.

The word 'could' appears many times and that's the key point. Many things 'could' happen, especially if they rely on the same flawed data as other scientific research.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Bomb found near Paris St Germain football ground per Daily Mail Online

'An Islamist terrorist bomb plot was foiled in Paris on Saturday after an improvised explosive device was found near Paris Saint-Germain football club.

The device, consisting of four gas cylinders covered in petrol, were found in the upmarket 16th arrondissement near the Parc des Princes stadium, just hours before PSG were playing a league game.

Five men have been arrested, including a known Islamist extremist who was meant to be under surveillance.'

More here but not on the BBC where anti President Donald Trump, Theresa May and Boris Johnson propaganda takes precedence.

Lefty hypocrisy?

'I told the hard left that I earned £140K a year. They attacked me as being one of the few.

I told them that I was privately educated. They attacked me as being one of the few.

I told them I spent my childhood in a seven bedroom house.They attacked me as being one of the few.

I told them that my pension pot was worth considerable more than £1M.They attacked me as being one of the few.

I told them that my name was Jeremy Corbyn and the hard left said that they would vote for me.'

Thanks to MarkyMark on October 2, 2017 at 2:52 pmMarcher Lord‏ @MarcherLord1 – Sep 28 on

Britain's second-ever blind judge 'had no idea of the law' per Daily Mail

The Mail reports

'The country's second blind person to reach a judicial post wholly failed 'to meet the standards that are demanded by the office of a judge', according to a panel's ruling. 

The three-strong bench of senior judges ruled 'shambolic' 64-year-old immigrationjudge Amir Ali Majid had 'very little idea of either his own (limited) powers or the content of the law that is in issue'.

Their ruling was the result of appeals relating to 13 cases heard recently by Judge Majid.

Judges from the immigration and asylum chamber's upper tribunal allowed 12 appeals against the judge.'

You'll not find anything about this on the BBC. Presumably because at the BBC they are celebrating the diversity of having a blind Muslim judge, so much better than another stale white male judge. So he got a few decisions wrong (according to presumably white senior judges) that's a very small price to pay for diversity, isn't it?

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Five injured in Canada 'terror' incidents per BBC News

Read this BBC report and you'll be shocked to learn:

'Canadian police have confirmed they are investigating possible acts of terrorism after multiple incidents in Edmonton, Alberta, on Saturday night.


Police said an Islamic State (IS) group flag was found in one of the vehicles.'

Marseille: Fatal knife attack at train station per BBC News

The BBC report on yet another knife attack, this time in Marseille. I'm sure that you won't be surprised by the last line of the BBC report...

'Two people have died in a knife attack at Marseille's St Charles train station, according to media reports.


An unnamed official told France's Le Monde newspaper that the assailant had cried "Allahu akbar".'

Quelle surprise...

"Katie Hopkins: Labour - Free stuff for the many, paid for by the responsible few"

I'm not a fan of Katie Hopkins but regarding the Labour Party, the magic money tree and the way the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn excluded Brexit from being debated at the party conference, she's on the money.

Saturday, 30 September 2017

"Clinton campaign chief thanked Facebook for ‘help & support’ – WikiLeaks"

John Podesta to the COO of Facebook pre the 2016 US Presidential Election;

'Wishing you a happy New Year. 2015 was challenging, but we ended in a good place thanks to your help and support. Look forward to working with you to elect the first woman President of the United States.'

Unbiased media? Not according to WikiLeaks as reported by RT here

Do you still trust Facebook to give you unbiased information and not to highlight certain posts over others?

Facebook is as much fake news as CNN, the BBC and most of the mainstream media.

'The referendum on Thursday, 23 June is your chance to decide if we should remain in or leave the European Union... This is your decision. The government will implement what you decide.'

'The referendum on Thursday, 23 June is your chance to decide if we should remain in or leave the European Union.

The government believes it is in the best interests of the UK to remain in the EU.

This is the way to protect jobs, provide security, and strengthen the UK's economy for every family in this country – a clear path into the future, in contrast to the uncertainty of leaving.

This is your decision. The government will implement what you decide.'

Clear enough Remoaners? Obviously not for the BBC and the other EU fanatics. The government promised to implement what the British public decided, a majority voted for Brexit, 'end of'... If a majority had voted Remain would the BBC be giving pro Brexit supporters airtime?

Quote directly taken from the UK government's Brexit publication sent to every UK household, as still available here -

BBC response to Jimmy Savile's crimes criticised by Justin Welby per BBC News

This BBC report is rather protective of the BBC record re Jimmy Savile's crimes. The report starts thus:

'The Archbishop of Canterbury has criticised the way the BBC handled sexual abuse by Jimmy Savile.

The Most Rev Justin Welby said the BBC had not shown the same integrity over accusations of child abuse that the Catholic and Anglican churches had.

He was reflecting on changes to society over the past 60 years, in an interview for BBC Radio 4's Today programme.

The BBC said it did not recognise the accusation, and had acted transparently over Savile.'

Transparently? This Guardian report  suggests otherwise:

' BBC journalists will be afraid of speaking out about the next big BBC scandal after seeing how those who tried to expose Jimmy Savile were forced out, according to the former head of investigations at Newsnight.

Merion Jones said the way he and other journalists who complained about the way the BBC handled the scandal were pressured to leave.

He said: "We were told at the time that you won't be sacked, but over a year or two years you'll realise you are being treated as an outsider, that you will never be trusted because you blew the whistle, and you will find yourself leaving," he said.

"I didn't believe that, but I started watching what was going around me."

I think journalists will be afraid of speaking out. This isn't ancient history, I left in February. It looks like no lessons have been learnt."

Jones earlier told Press Gazette that those who tried to expose the handling of the case were seen as "traitors" while executives who tried to suppress the scandal had continued their careers unhindered.

"Everyone involved on the right side of the Savile argument has been forced out of the BBC," he said."There is still sadly a small group of people at the BBC who think that the only problem with Savile was that it was exposed and if it had stayed hushed up, everything would be fine."

Jones's investigation into Savile was pulled by the then Newsnight editor Peter Rippon in December 2011, just weeks before a tribute to the presenter – who is thought to have abused hundreds of children over decades – was broadcast.

Jones said he was told by an employment lawyer that if he sued the BBC, he would win and there would be "no cap on it because it will be a whistleblower case", but the corporation would fight the case for at least a year before settling.

Instead, Jones said he decided to take voluntary redundancy.

Among those who Jones says were also targeted by bosses over Savile included his colleague on the the investigation, Liz Mackean, who left after 23 years with the corporation in April 2014 and now works on Channel 4's Dispatches.

Mackean told Press Gazette: "I didn't feel encouraged to stay. I felt I would do better to work outside the BBC."

Jones and Mackean gave evidence to the Pollard inquiry, which found that "rigid management chains" meant the BBC proved "completely incapable"of handling the Savile case. However, it decided Rippon's decision to pull the Newsnight investigation was "done in good faith" without undue pressure from senior management.

Jones says he and Mackean were told they "would never work for the BBC again" if they co-operated with a Panorama investigation into the scandal called What the BBC Knew. "Lots of efforts were made to block that Panorama," he added.

He says the editor behind the programme, Tom Giles, and the executive put in charge of Savile coverage, Peter Horrocks, who forced it through, were also subsequently squeezed out.

Giles was shifted to a strategy role in May last year and left to become head of ITV current affairs a year later. Horrocks left the BBC earlier this year to become vice-chancellor of the Open University.

Jones also said the way the BBC treated one of Savile's original accusers, Karin Ward, when she was sued by Freddie Starr over comments she made on BBC and ITV, showed how the corporation was prepared to leave whistleblowers out to dry. Ward did not receive any legal support from the BBC until the eve of her trial, which she eventually won."It's an extraordinary thing for the BBC not to support a whistleblower who had appeared on a BBC programme," said Jones. "That's unprecedented as far as I know.""If I was a whistleblower, I would not go to the BBC now unless they announce a big change in their policy."

A BBC spokesman said: "Meirion Jones has made his views known before and we have always been clear that nobody was forced out of the BBC for exposing the Savile scandal."

The Pollard report concluded, following a detailed investigation, that the decision to drop the initial investigation into Jimmy Savile was taken in good faith and not for any improper reason."The publication of the independent investigation into sexual abuse at the BBC overseen by Dame Janet Smith was indefinitely delayed in May after police said it could prejudice ongoing investigations.'

Does that sound transparent to you? Do you believe the BBC?

Friday, 29 September 2017

Veep star Julia Louis-Dreyfus reveals breast cancer diagnosis per BBC News

The BBC are only partly at fault for the political aspect of the reporting of Julia Louis-Dreyfus's announcement that she has breast cancer. This BBC report faithfully reports Julia Louis-Dreyfus's words including that she had "fantastic" health insurance through her union.

The BBC doesn't report, for context, that Julia Louis-Dreyfus reportedly earns around $150,000 per episode of VEEP so has no real desperate need for health insurance. Nor do the BBC report, for context, that Julia Louis-Dreyfus is apparently worth upwards of $200 million, maybe more since her multi billionaire father died last year.

Nor do the BBC report, for context, that Julia Louis-Dreyfus is a long time Democrat supporter, per Wikipedia:

'Louis-Dreyfus supported Al Gore's 2000 U.S. presidential bid, and also endorsed Barack Obama's bid for the presidency in 2008[70] and 2012.[71] She appeared in a video that urged President Obama to reject the proposal of the Keystone XL pipeline, arguing that if the pipeline ever were to leak, it would cause mass pollution across the U.S.[72]


During the 2016 Democratic National Convention, Louis-Dreyfus announced her endorsement of Hillary Clinton for the United States presidential election of that year.[75]

In her acceptance speech at the 2017 Screen Actors Guild Awards, she denounced President Donald Trump's executive order of travel ban as "un-American," and said, "My father fled religious persecution in Nazi-occupied France."[76]'

For the record, I loved Julia Louis-Dreyfus's creation Elaine Benes in Seinfeld and love her portrayal of the seemingly inept and amoral Selina Meyer in VEEP. Her politics I'm less a fan of and the BBC's complicity in reporting her words irritate me even more.

Get well soon Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

BBC Question Time Panels Dominated by Remainers per Guido Fawkes

'According to research done by a co-conspirator*, Remain panelists have outnumbered Leavers by 137-72, nearly twice as many. 86% of the time the panel was dominated by Remainers…

Leavers have only outnumbered Remainers in 3 episodes.

Remainers dominated in 36.

In 16 editions there was only a single Leaver.

Prominent anti-Brexiteers dominate the repeat appearances with Emily Thornberry and Richard Burgon on 5 times, Alex Salmond and Leanne Wood on 3 times.Jacob Rees-Mogg was the only Brexiteer to appear 3 times.'

More analysis here and more pro Remainer propaganda all over the institutionally pro EU BBC.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Corbyn Refuses to Say He'd Defend Nato Ally Attacked By Russia per Guido Fawkes

Guido Fawkes reports that:

'In an interview with CNN Corbyn has refused to say if he would defend a Nato ally attacked by Russia. '

Oddly there's not a word about this news on the Labour Party supporting BBC.

An impartial news reporting organisation would report this but the BBC has long ceased to be that and acts instead as the propaganda arm of the Labour Party.

Labour 'war-gaming for run on pound' if elected per BBC News

This BBC report includes this line:

'The Labour Party is making detailed plans for government, including "war-game-type scenario-planning" for events such as "a run on the pound".'

It's odd how the BBC make the Labour Party's preparations for a run on the Pound sound like sensible policy. However when the Conservative Party do reduce the value of the Pound the BBC are all doom and gloom, but with the Labour Party it's all about emphasising the positives.

That 97% Global Warming Consensus

Everytime I need reminding why the global warming concensus is no such thing, I watch this video.

Monday, 25 September 2017

84% of PFI Projects Started Under Labour per Guido Fawkes

Guido Fawkes has some Sky sourced figures that backup what I posted recently about the BBC trying to hide which UK government pushed PFI.

'Sky's Ed Conway has this helpful graph showing 604 PFI projects started under Labour, compared to 112 under the Tories.'

That's 84% Labour and 16% Conservative: you might wonder why,  other than promoting the Labour Party, the BBC would seek to obscure the facts

Tennessee church shooting halted by 'extraordinarily brave' usher per BBC News

I thought that the BBC were not placing as much attention as usual on the latest Tennessee shooting. Why, I wondered?

Then one line in this BBC report gave the game away:

'Nashville Police said the suspected attacker at the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ was Emanuel Kidega Samson, 25, who was originally from Sudan.'

The attacker was a Sudanese, it all starts to make sense.

John McDonnell 'would bring existing PFI contracts in-house' per BBC News

This BBC report manages to avoid laying the blame for PFI on the Labour Party.

'The PFI model of funding public services such as new schools and hospitals was pioneered by the Conservatives in the 1990s and has continued under successive governments.'

The BBC proud to whitewash history in order to protect their friends in the Labour Party. I'd be disgusted were it not so predictable.

Dinesh D’Souza's new book Big Lies is unlikely to be the Book of the Week on the left-wing BBC

Dinesh D'Souza is also unlikely to be given a soft interview on any BBC programmes.

"Deep State Spied on both Trump and Sen Sessions..."

This story should be headline news but the Hillary Clinton supporting MSM won't touch this story with a bargepole.

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Merkel's decision to open Germany's and hence Europe's borders to massive immigration under question not that you'd know if you rely upon the BBC for your world news

The Times reports that:

'The AfD's call for an official inquiry into whether the 63-year-old chancellor broke German law received a boost yesterday from a report in the conservative daily newspaper Die Welt that a non-partisan Bundestag committee had concluded that the decision to open the country's borders should have been put to MPs.'

Good luck finding any reporting of that Bundestag committee on the BBC where support for unfettered Muslim immigration is a higher priority than reporting inconvenient facts.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Retail sales growth boosted by clothing per BBC News through gritted teeth

Hidden away on the BBC website is this report that will not be headline news as it runs counter to the Brexit doom and gloom narrative.

The report ends thus:

' Ben Brettell, senior economist, at stockbrokers Hargreaves Lansdown, said the willingness of consumers to spend was surprising: "The UK consumer continues to show remarkable resilience, with retail sales in August blowing economists' forecasts out of the water."

Spending has defied expectations of a slowdown since the Brexit referendum, and currently seems to be holding up despite weak wage growth and above-target inflation.

"This could bode well for economic growth - the UK economy is heavily reliant on the consumer, and economists had expected falling real incomes to eventually translate into weak retail sales. If this fails to materialise, the economy could see a stronger second half to the year."'

That sort of news must be kept away from the general public at all costs. It's really not the sort of fact that the institutionally pro EU BBC wants to report  at all.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Diversity in the media is good unless it's diversity of thought

The media, especially the BBC, are obsessed with 'improving diversity'. That's diversity of sex, sexual preference,  colour and class. However diversity of thought is not wanted.

The Mail reports:

'Alastair Campbell encouraged hundreds of TV executives to help block Brexit after they all refused to say they were optimistic about leaving the EU.

The former Labour spin doctor was addressing the cream of Britain's broadcasting industry at the Royal Television Society conference.

He asked the audience of nearly 280 to raise their hands if they were 'optimistic' about Brexit. But – highlighting concerns of Left-wing bias in an industry that wields enormous power and influence – not a single person did so.

Mr Campbell then urged them to do anything they can to stop Brexit. 'It has got to be stopped,' he said. 'Anything you can do to help stop it, as citizens, as business directors, well frankly do it.''

Unbiased media? Don't make me laugh.

Another convenient CNN 'technical fault'

It's odd how many of these technical faults occur when someone says something inconvenient.

UK 'biggest audience' in Europe for jihadist web content per BBC News

The BBC report with a straight face that:

'Online jihadist propaganda attracts more clicks in the UK than any other country in Europe, a report has found.

Britain is the fifth-biggest audience in the world for extremist content after Turkey, the US, Saudi Arabia and Iraq, Policy Exchanges study said.

The think tank suggested the UK public would support new laws criminalising reading content that glorifies terror.

The government has told internet companies like Facebook and Google to do more to to remove jihadist material.

Former US military chief General David Petraeus, who wrote a foreword to the report, said efforts to combat online extremism were "inadequate".

He said the bombing of a London Tube train last week "merely underscored once again the ever-present nature of this threat."

"There is no doubting the urgency of this matter," he said."The status quo clearly is unacceptable."'

Why does the UK feature so high in that list? I suppose that the BBC blame a combination of the legacy of empire, Brexit and President Donald Trump, but certainly not Islam.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Pound hits highest since Brexit vote on rate rise speech per BBC News - can you sense the clenched teeth

'The pound has hit its highest level against the dollar since the Brexit vote after a senior Bank of England official fuelled speculation it could raise rates in the coming months.

Gertjan Vlieghe, who has previously argued against a rate rise, said the "moment is approaching" when interest rates might need to go up.

The Bank kept rates at 0.25% this week, buthinted at a rise in the future.

Sterling rose more than 1% against the dollar to hit $1.3610.

That was its highest level since 24 June, the day after the Brexit vote.

The pound also gained more than 1% against the euro to rise above 1.13 euros.'

More clenched teeth reporting here

Poor BBC: FTSE at record levels, unemployment down, now Sterling above Brexit day fall, it really doesn't help their Brexit means economic doom and gloom agenda.

The Sex Selfie Stick That Lets You FaceTime With Your Vagina (NSFW) per HuffPost UK

'The Svakom Gaga Selfie Camera Vibrator costs a meagre £120 and hopes to let you get a good glimpse of your lady parts to see what actually goes on down there during an orgasm.

Everything down to the last muscle-twitch. Sexy.

Footage from one's undercarriage can also be uploaded to all kinds of devices including your computer or smartphone, so you can watch it back later.

The photography device, which doubles up as a vibrator, even lets you Face VagTime.'

Words all but fail me, would anyone really want to FaceTime their or anyone else's vagina?

More here

Injuries reported in London Tube 'explosion' at Parsons Green

Interestingly Sky News are reporting here that 'Scotland Yard said it was aware of the incident at Parsons Green station on the District Line, near Fulham, in south west London, and officers were in attendance, including counter-terror forces.'

The BBC will do their utmost to avoid using the word terror or terrorist, unless of course the perpetrator is a white 'right winger', in which it will be thrown about liberally.

Parsons Green: Injuries after London Tube train blast

'London Underground passengers have been hurt after an explosion on a District Line train in south-west London.

Police and paramedics were called at 08:20 BST (07:20 GMT) on Friday to Parsons Green station in Fulham.

Pictures show a white bucket on fire inside a supermarket bag, but do not appear to show extensive damage to the inside of the Tube train carriage.

Witnesses described seeing at least one passenger with facial injuries.'

Here we go again?

Obviously no speculation at the BBC here

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Who lied?

Post the EU Referendum, some on the Remain side have argued that the Leave campaign garnered votes from people who were mislead by the NHS money promise and other factors. I wonder how many more people might have voted Leave if they had realised that the Remainers promises that further EU integration wasn't going to happen were not true. For instance re an EU army Nick Clegg said "It's not going to happen, it doesn't matter whether Nigel Farage says it's going to happen or Jean Claude Juncker… he [Juncker] can't create a European army,"

Yesterday we discovered that the truth was with Nigel Farage not Nick Clegg.

You can read more here but doubtless not on the institutionally pro EU BBC.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Hillary Clinton - What Happened

Hillary Clinton has a new book out, purporting to tell us what happened in the 2016 US Presidential Election.

Liz Wheeler thinks she has a better understanding of the reasons.

What do you think? Who's right, Hillary Clinton or Liz Wheeler?

BBC Nick Robinson neutral on Brexit?

Is the BBC's Nick Robinson neutral on Brexit? Of course not, Guido Fawkes has the figures:

'Robbo has sent 157 tweets about Brexit since 24 June 2016.

3 tweets had a positive sentiment, that's just 2% of his total tweets.

65 tweets were neutral, that's 41%.

89 tweets were negative, that is 57% of his total Brexit tweets having a negative sentiment.'

More here

More BBC bias all over the BBC.

Over a quarter of British people 'hold anti-Semitic attitudes', study finds per BBC News

Th BBC report on the high incidence of anti Semitic sentiment in the UK in a report that is a trifle odd.

It starts by reporting the incidence in the British public as a whole:

'More than a quarter of British people hold at least one anti-Semitic view, according to a study of attitudes to Jewish people.'

It then linked anti Semitic attitudes to anti Israel attitudes and also Islam.

'Researchers also found a correlation in anti-Jewish and anti-Israel attitudes...  when questioned about whether they agreed with a number of statements, including "Jews think they are better than other people", and "Jews exploit holocaust victimhood for their own purposes", 30% agreed with at least one statement.'

."The report said about 70% of the population of Britain had a favourable opinion of Jews and did not hold any anti-Semitic ideas or views.'

That 30:70 split is reported factually, without BBC opinion. Just imagine how the BBC would report similar figures re 'Islamophobic' attitudes, the BBC would be affronted and incensed.

Back to anti Semitism, t he BBC report does have a section headed 'Muslim views' that runs thus, and I comment on each pertinent part:

'The IJPR's researchers questioned 5,466 people face-to-face and online in the winter of 2016/17 - 995 of these were Muslims, although a smaller number of Muslims were included in the statisticians' nationally representative sample.'

So a large sample, we should be able to rely on a sample of that size.

'They found more than half of Muslims (55%) held at least one anti-Semitic attitude.'

More than half, a clear majority, of Muslims hold at least one anti-Semitic attitude. Interestingly the BBC don't report how many Muslims hold many anti-Semitic attitudes, I wonder why.

'Dr Jonathan Boyd, director of the IJPR, said: "Our intention here was not to make any broad generalisations about the Muslim population and their attitudes towards Jews.'

Although the generalisation that Muslims hold anti-Semitic views could be made?

"There does seem to be some relationship between levels of religiosity in the Muslim population and anti-Semitism."

Now that's interesting but the BBC are not interested in investigating why seemingly the more one follows 'the religion of peace' the more one holds anti-Semitic views. Surely any correlation between Islam and anti-Semitism is worthy of asking the question 'why'. An independent unbiased news investigative organisation would ask that question but the BBC is not unbiased in this area.

'The institute said it wanted to promote an "elastic view", making a distinction between people who are clearly anti-Semites, and ideas that are perceived by Jews as anti-Semitic.'

Oddly I don't recall the BBC pushing the idea that there was a difference between people who are 'Islamaphobic' and those who Muslims think are 'Islamaphobic'.

'In December 2016 the government adopted an internationally recognised definition of anti-Semitism: "a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews".'

No comment from the BBC on this?

Then the BBC have a section headed 'Questions on Israel'

'The researchers also questioned people about their views on statements about Israel and the conflict with the Palestinians.

Their report said fewer than one in five people questioned (17%) had a favourable opinion of Israel, whereas about one in three (33%) held an unfavourable view.

The report said: "The position of the British population towards Israel can be characterised as one of uncertainty or indifference, but among those who hold a view, people with sympathies towards the Palestinians are numerically dominant."'

Of course the BBC don't take any credit for this anti Israel sentiment but they have done more than almost any other organisation to raise the level of anti Israel feeling amongst the consumers of its output.

'Dr Boyd said: "Anti-Israel and anti-Jewish views exist both together and in isolation."The higher the level of anti-Israel attitudes measured, the more likely they are to hold anti-Semitic views as well."'

That's a point that I've been making for years, increasing anti Israel feelings inevitable increases anti-Semitism. And that is something that the institutionally anti Israel BBC has been guilty of for years.

There's much more that I could say about this BBC report but I'll end with this line from the report:

'Despite this, the researchers said they found that levels of anti-Semitism in Great Britain were among the lowest in the world.'

The BBC would say, so that's OK then. I'd say it shows just how hated Jews are around the world and that maybe the BBC concentrate on that a little more than incidents of supposed 'Islamophbia'.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Labour's Brexit Policy Clearly Explained per Guido Fawkes' Euro Guido

I have as going to analyse the various Labour positions on the EU, something that the Labour Party's propaganda arm, the BBC will not do. However why bother when Guido Fawkes has already done just that here

'Corbyn is whipping his MPs to vote against Brexit even though he privately supports it. Caroline Flint says MPs should rebel against the Labour whip. Thanks to Keir Starmer Labour officially want to stay in the single market during the transition, even though Corbynistas think the single market is a neoliberal tool of the bosses and want to leave it. Tom Watson says Labour could stay in the single market forever, yet John McDonnell says we have to leave it to respect the referendum result. Frontbenchers Jon Ashworth and Jenny Chapman say Watson is wrong, Heidi Alexander and Alison McGovern say he is right. Diane Abbott and Clive Lewis say Labour must support free movement, Corbyn and Starmer say free movement will end after Brexit. Barry Gardiner says staying in the customs union would be a "disaster", yet Starmer says we should remain in "a" customs union during the transition. Watson says we could stay in indefinitely. Tony Blair says we should just stay in the EU.

Got that?'

The BBC are always very excited by Conservative Party splits over the EU but completely unconcerned by Labour Party ones. The reasons are obvious.

At least some Labour MPs understand keeping a manifesto commitment

Labour MP Graham Stringer:

"I will vote for the second reading of the bill. The bill is necessary for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union, that was the commitment the Labour party gave in the General Election which was only three months ago."

Not the kind of principles that the institutionally pro EU BBC will support.

Report: UK Population ‘Gains the Equivalent of a New Town’ Every Week

News that you won't find reported on the institutionally pro immigration BBC. Although they will bemoan housing shortages as a way of attacking a Conservative government.

'A report by think tank Civitas says that the population of the United Kingdom is growing at a rate of more than 500,000 a year – the equivalent of a new town of about 10,000 people being created every week.

The report, 'Britain's Demographic Challenge: The Implications of the UK's Rapidly Increasing Population', also said that based on current projections, by 2039 there will be nearly 10 million more people in the UK – enough to populate Greater Manchester three times over.

"In the year ending 30 June 2016 the population of the United Kingdom increased by 538,500, equivalent to 1,475 people per day", the report states.

The authors note that this growth in population would require the construction of 641 homes per day – "27 per hour or one every two minutes, night and day".'

I'll repeat that last part "this growth in population would require the construction of 641 homes per day – "27 per hour or one every two minutes, night and day".'

More here but not on the BBC.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Qatar crisis: Pots, kettle, black

The BBC report seemingly with a straight face that:

'Saudi Arabia says it has suspended dialogue with Qatar... The four countries (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt and the UAE) say Qatar supports terrorism - something Doha denies."

How can anyone report that Saudi Arabia has accused another Muslim Arab country of supporting terrorism without at least acknowledging the hypocrisy?

Tony Blair wants tougher immigration rules for EU citizens - 20 years too bloody late

The BBC report

'Tony Blair has called on the government to introduce a new immigration policy which "reasserts control".

When he was prime minister, Mr Blair's government - unlike most EU countries - did not apply transitional controls on migrants from eastern Europe.'

Quite unbelievable I'd say were it not that there's nothing that vile man could do that would surprise me. He opened the floodgates to massive EU and non EU immigration so as to, at least partly, rub the right's noses in diversity. This policy exacerbated inter community tensions and increased the incidence of terrorism in this country and now he wants controls!

I do have a message for Tony Blair but it really isn't printable.

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Anti-Brexit marchers rally in Parliament Square per BBC News

The BBC report begins:

'Thousands of protesters in favour of the UK staying in the European Union have marched in Westminster.

The People's March for Europe took a route through central London before a rally in Parliament Square.

Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable said there were a growing number of people worried about Brexit's impact.

The march comes ahead of MPs voting on Monday on a bill to overturn the act that took the UK into the EU and end the supremacy of EU law in the UK.'

It's that last line that was one of the reasons I voted for Brexit, I want British law NOT EU law supreme in this country.

More Remainiac propaganda all over the institutionally pro EU BBC.

More of this particular report here

Friday, 8 September 2017

Unite Advertising "Self-Employed" Branch Manager Job per Guido Fawkes

File under Labour Hypocrisy and BBC protecting The Labour Party from any criticism.

'Given Jeremy Corbyn's proclamations on workers' rights at PMQs, Guido is intrigued by this new job advert from his Unite paymasters. The union are hiring branch organisers to work out of their offices in North London. Though rather than giving their employees contracts, Unite are offering the jobs only on "self-employed"terms. That means no national insurance contributions, pension, sick pay or holiday pay. Isn't this the sort of "bogus self-employment" Corbyn and Unite campaign against?'

More here at Guido Fawkes but not on The Labour Party's propaganda arm, the BBC.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Partition - right or wrong

'Last month the BBC reported that in 1947 India became independent and all the violence was our fault because we partitioned it between the Muslim and non-Muslim populations. This month the BBC is reporting that in 1948 Burma became independent and all the violence is our fault because we didn't partition it between the Muslim and non-Muslim populations. To the BBC the only common factor seems to be the British involvement – unless you include the fact that where ever you go the Muslim are always the victims of all this inexplicable violence. '

Copied from a comment at biased BBC

Saturday, 2 September 2017

"Alan Irwin deadline day dildo"

2014 Transfer Deadline Day was a little special for Alan Irwin.

Migrant Crisis: Albanian Gangs Sneaking into Britain on Ferries from Spain

One line from this report struck me as something that you wouldn't hear on the BBC.

'... one of the migrants interviewed by the newspaper boasted: "I will try until I get through. Nothing will stop me. It is good money in Britain."'

Straight from the horse's mouth but not of any interest to the BBC.

"50 Female Privileges"

Because men aren't treated equally by society,  here are 50 Female Privileges.

Islamist Preacher Who Called for Destruction of Britain Coming to Parliament per Guido Fawkes

Guido Fawkes reports on someone who is coming to Parliament to meet MPs:

'...  a notorious Islamist hate preacher who called for Britain to be "destroyed" is due to meet MPs in parliament this month.

Sheikh Ekrima Sabri, a former Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and current Imam of the city's Al-Aqsa Mosque, will visit Britain as part of a delegation organised by pro-Palestinian group EuroPal. Provided he isn't stopped at Heathrow…

Sabri stated in a 2001 radio sermon: "Allah, destroy the U.S., its helpers and its agents. Allah, destroy Britain, its helpers and its agents. Allah, prepare those who will unite the Muslims and march in the steps of Saladin.'

London Mayor Sadiq Khan opposed President Donald Trump visiting Britain, I wonder if he'll oppose Sheikh Sabri's visit too.

I've yet to find any mention on the BBC of this visit but then they may well welcome the visit of such a stout defender of the Palestinian people and aggressor towards Israel. That's just the kind of person that the institutionally anti Israel BBC like.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Birling Gap beach: Shipwreck 'could be to blame for mist' per BBC News - Could being the operative word

Well a shipwreck 'could' be to blame but so 'could' foul play but don't expect the BBC to consider that option unless they can blame it on Brexit, President Donald Trump or Israel.

Tucker Carlson can't contain his laughter as Mark Steyn roasts Hillary's new book

Mark Steyn on fine form, but then Hillary Clinton is an easy target.

BBC Radio 4 - The Cold Swedish Winter - formerly a comedy, now political propaganda

The Cold Swedish Winter was one of those BBC Radio 4 comedies that I listened to if I caught it but didn't worry if I missed it.

I turned on the radio earlier today and caught part of President Donald Trump's speech about the problems Sweden was having with Muslim immigration, that's odd I thought. It was the start of a new episode in the third series of The Cold Swedish Winter. What was once a vaguely amusing series about an Englishman trying to fit in in Sweden, a series with some gentle humour at the expense of the English and the Swedish seems to have become a pro immigration programme. There's an Afghan refugee, portrayed by an Afghan refugee, who's insulted by an old Swedish man which leads to the English protagonist saying "How could any human being agree with Trump". That seemed as good a moment as any to turn the radio off.

The BBC's obsession with brainwashing the British public would be amusing were it not so bloody dangerous and inimical to the interests of the country.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Are The Deep State Hiding Hillary Clinton Emails From The Public?

What are the Deep State hiding? Jason Chaffetz wants to find out and HA Goodman will continue to bang that gong.

Sebastian Gorka: former Donald Trump adviser on Charlottesville and Krishnan Guru-Murphy's wet dreams

Sebastian Gorka: former Donald Trump adviser on Charlottesville and Krishnan Guru-Murphy's wet dreams. Lovely... The words of Sebastian Gorka not KGM's wet dreams.

Marvel star slates 'racist' Hollywood over name change per BBC News

What's interesting about this BBC report is that whilst Chloe Bennet's claim is quoted extensively, there's not a word to the contrary from a Holywood representative. I suppose that at the BBC any claim of racism is automatically believed and spread.

'Chloe Bennet, who stars in TV series Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, has said she had to change her name from Chloe Wang in order to make it in Hollywood.'

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Birling Gap beach evacuated after suspected chemical leak per BBC News

The BBC are reporting

'Emergency services have evacuated a beach in Sussex after a suspected chemical leak.

People on the beach at Birling Gap reported painful, stinging eyes and breathing difficulties after a "mist" appeared.

Sussex Police said there was an "unknown haze coming in from the sea" affecting the East Sussex coastline.'

Chemical leak or chemical attack? What do you think?

Jewish businesswoman leaving UK over Labour anti-Semitism as not reported by the BBC

'A Jewish businesswoman whose father was Lord Mayor of Birmingham is leaving Britain, blaming anti-Semitism in politics and the failure of the authorities to enforce the law.

Mandy Blumenthal, 52, pointed the finger at Jeremy Corbyn for 'giving oxygen' to Jew haters by failing to punish racist outbursts from his supporters. '

More here but obviously not on the BBC.

The new Europe? Italy: Polish Man Beaten Unconscious and Wife Gang Raped on Rimini Beach, African Migrants Suspected

Breitbart reports

'A young couple from Poland were subjected to a "brutal and beastly attack" by four men suspected to be African migrants on a beach in Rimini, Italy.

The 26-year-olds were taking an evening stroll on their last night in the popular tourist spot when they were set upon by four men, Wiadomości reports.

The young man was beaten unconscious by the gang, who then subjected his partner to multiple rapes in front of him. Both were also robbed.'

Isn't diversity marvelous?

You'll look in vain for this story to be reported on the institutionally pro unlimited immigration BBC. For the politically correct scum at the BBC, the British public must be protected from the sort of news that might open their eyes to the sad realities of opening the floodgates to mass immigration.

Days After Turku Killings, Finns Admit They Have Lost Track of 5,300 Asylum Seekers - Breitbart

Two interesting aspects to the killing in Turku, Finland.

If you wondered why the BBC coverage of this attack was so muted, it's because it was by a Muslim asylum seeker, now that's really inconvenient to the BBC pro immigration narrative.

Also ISIS warned/boasted that they would use the wave of illegal immigration from mainly Muslim countries to hide their terrorist fighters within. What notice did Western governments take? It appears very little as this from Breitbart reveals:

'Finnish Interior Minister Paula Risikko confessed that around 5,300 migrants claiming asylum in the country have "disappeared" in the middle of their application process since 2015, the Helsinki Times reports.

Ms. Risikko said she thought at least half of the migrants had either returned home or moved on to other European countries within the EU's borderless Schengen Area — described as "effectively an international passport-free zone for terrorists" by former Interpol chief Robert Noble — but it is not clear how she established this.'

More here at Breitbart but not on the BBC.

The same must be true all across the EU and beyond as illegal immigrants bring more than a few terrorists into the heart of Europe.

Scarily it seems that too many of our political masters don't care if large numbers of their citizens die, for we are expendable and those deaths are but a small price to pay for increasing diversity and for the levelling down of the too rich Western civilisation.

'Jihad Has No Borders' - Islamic State Asks Spanish-Speaking Fans to Kill at Home

This isn't about Iraq, Afghanistan or Israel, this is about conquest or re conquest.

'Islamic State terrorists released a video this week celebrating the van attack in Barcelona, Spain, and threatening to conquer all of "al-Andalus," the Arabic name for what Islamic State terrorists see as Muslim Spain.

The video features two Spanish speakers, one masked and one unmasked. Fox News identifies the former as "Abu Salman Al Andalus." The latter identifies himself as Abu Lais Al Qurdubi or Abu Lais "of Córdoba," a Spaniard whom authorities believe moved to Syria to join the Islamic State with his family.

"If you can't make the hijra [journey] to the Islamic State, carry out jihad where you are; jihad doesn't have borders," he says in the video.

"Make jihad where you are and Allah will be pleased with you," al Qurdubi continues. "Don't forget the Muslim blood spilled during the Inquisition. … Al-Andalus will return to what it once was: the land of the caliphate."

The masked man, also speaking in Spanish, lauds the "brothers in Barcelona" – the terrorists responsible for the deaths of 15 and injury for over 100 people in the city – and warns the "infidels": "Our war against you will continue until the end of the world"'

More here at Breitbart but obviously not on the BBC.

Buckingham Palace suspect was brandishing 4ft sword, police say per the no choice left BBC News

The BBC kept to the knife narrative whilst other news outlets were reporting it was a sword. However the facts are unavoidable even for the BBC who now report:

'A man arrested outside Buckingham Palace on Friday night was brandishing a 4ft sword as he repeatedly shouted "Allahu Akbar", police say.'

Poor BBC, that must hurt to report the truth about what seems to be another attempted Islamist terrorist attack on London.

More from the here

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Illegal Immigrant Avoided Deportation Six Times Before Murdering Care Worker per Breitbart

I dare you to read this article from Breitbart and not get angry with the British authorities

'An Egyptian who posed as a Syrian asylum seeker and arrived in Britain in the back of a lorry was found to have avoided deportation six times before murdering a "kind and peace-loving" care worker.

Hani Khalaf, 22, was sentenced at The Old Bailey to at least 26 years' imprisonment for kicking, punching, and stamping to death 62-year-old Jairo Medina before stealing the dead man's wallet and mobile phone, reports The Times.

The court heard that Khalaf lived on the streets and had been bailed for shoplifting hours before the fatal attack on the carer at London's Hyde Park.

The Egyptian national had arrived in Kent in the back of a lorry in August 2014.

Judge Wendy Joseph, QC, said: "It is clear that Hani Khalaf, having absconded, came to the attention of authorities on at least six occasions.

"On each, he was re-bailed because they could not make arrangements for securing his deportation in a reasonable amount of time."'

Bloody marvellous...

More here

Friday, 25 August 2017

Police injured outside Buckingham Palace per BBC News

The BBC are in full hope against hope  mode over the knife attacker outside Buckingham Palace:

'The police said it was too early to know whether it was terror related.'

Indeed it is but the BBC are praying that it isn't attempted Islamic terrorism.

More BBC 'reporting' here

‘Allahu Akbar!’ Brussels Machete Man Shot After Attacking Soldiers per Breitbart

As not reported by the BBC...

'Early reports indicate that the attacker — who is thought to be alive but in critical condition — was a 30-year-old Somalian who shouted "Allahu Akbar" as he launched his attack. One of his victims has been left with a head injury.'

More here  but not on the protect the religion of peace at all costs BBC.

Brussels attack: Man shot after stabbing troops per BBC News

BBC / Belgian police dhimiitude in one sentence:

'The Brussels prosecutor's office said the attacker was "not known for terrorist activities".'


BBC crap here

The BBC is a vile disgrace

'The BBC is a vile disgrace. One white paedophile gets more coverage than all the muslim rapists combined... '

Per Grant on August 25, 2017 at 7:08 posted to

It is true that the amount of coverage given by the BBC to this rape case is incredible and the comparison with the minimisation of the coverage of Muslim rape gangs is stark. It is hard to conclude other than the BBC trying to show that white men rape too and so Muslim rape gangs aren't important.

Grant's comment was originally posted here

First tanker crosses northern sea route without ice breaker per BBC News

This BBC report is designed to lead the casual reader to assume no ice breaker is required because there's no ice, due to global warming. The BBC even state:

'Rising Arctic temperatures are boosting commercial shipping across this route.'

However read down the article and you learn that

'The Christophe de Margerie is the world's first and, at present, only ice-breaking LNG carrier.

The ship, which features a lightweight steel reinforced hull, is the largest commercial ship to receive Arc7 certification, which means it is capable of travelling through ice up to 2.1m thick.

On this trip it was able to keep up an average speed of 14 knots despite sailing through ice that was over one-metre-thick in places.'

So the reason that this ship didn't need an ice breaker to lead it through the ice is because it is itself an ice breaker.

More BBC misleading here

Thursday, 24 August 2017

The religion of peace?

Without any noticeable irony the BBC report with video that:'A military parade is held in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, before the annual Hajj pilgrimage.'

Yes because nothing says religion of peace quite like a military parade.

"Chilling similarities between USS John S. McCain and USS Fitzgerald crashes"

There certainly are chilling similarities between USS John S. McCain and USS Fitzgerald crashes. Both events seem highly suspicious to me.

Anna Raccoon R.I.P.

'Susanne Nundy sadly passed on the 18th August 2017.

Best known as Anna Raccoon, she was a staunch defender of liberty, freedom and most of all, the truth.

As a tribute to her and her work, a project is currently underway to attempt to restore as much of the original Anna Raccoon website as is possible.

Unfortunately the original database which contained everything was deleted and we are attempting to restore files from Anna's own computer (kindly donated by her husband Mr.G who supports this project), from Dr.Mark Smith of Edinburgh University and from other internet sources.

This is a time consuming process so please bear with us.'
From Anna Raccoon whose writing will be sorely missed.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Palestinians to Jared Kushner: In 45 Days, We Blow Up Your Peace Process per Breitbart

Breitbart reports that 'The Palestinian Authority reportedly plans to give White House envoy Jared Kushner an ultimatum when he visits Ramallah on Thursday: deliver Israeli concessions in 45 days, or we blow up the peace process and go to the UN.'

I suppose blowing up the peace process makes a change from blowing up pizza parlours and buses.

Dutch gig cancelled over terror tip-off

Here we almost go again.

Fascinating that it's a Muslim Mayor and an American group with the word Allah in their name in this story.

'A rock concert in the Dutch city of Rotterdam has been cancelled and a van containing gas canisters found nearby after a tip-off from Spanish police, the city's mayor says.

The driver of the Spain-registered van was detained by police, Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb told journalists.

The Maassilo venue said a gig by US band Allah-Las had been cancelled in connection with a terror threat.'

More here

Who's going to replace Andrew Neil to present the BBC's Sunday Politics?

So who's going to replace Andrew Neil to present the BBC's Sunday Politics?

Will it be a) someone with family links to the Conservative party or b) someone with family links to the Labour party?

You really need to ask?

'The BBC has announced its Scotland editor Sarah Smith will be replacing Andrew Neil as presenter of the Sunday Politics. Fun fact: Sarah is the daughter of former Labour leader John Smith.'

Taken from Guido Fawkes here but presumably not to be mentioned by the Labour Party's propaganda arm - the BBC.

The secret Democratic playbook revealed

This video is well worth a watch. Just don't expect any coverage of the Democrats playbook any time soon.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Moroccan who admitted killing two in Finland knife attack was refused asylum

Reuters are reporting:

'A teenage Moroccan asylum seeker who admitted on Tuesday that he had killed two women and injured eight other people in a knife attack in the Finnish town of Turku had had his application for asylum rejected before the attack, authorities said.'

More here but obviously not on the BBC.

Monday, 21 August 2017