Thursday, 6 August 2009

"The holy month of Ramadan"

In the midst of the BBC 6pm Radio 4 news there was a long piece on swine flu with a rather odd emphasis on Iran and the Haj. The BBC report also referred to "The Holy Month of Ramadan". Excuse me it not my holy month, it is not a British hold month, it is the Muslim holy month. Just as with referring to the Muslim prophet as "the prophet Mohammed"; the BBC seem ever willing to take the Islamic line.


archroy said...

I noticed on the local buses in SW London (maybe elsewhere too) an advert from some NHS anti-smoking quango offering help to "give up smoking in time for Ramadan". I must have missed the ones for Lent.

Brian E. said...

I was in Kuala Lumpur a couple of years ago. All the restaurants were advertising "Special Ramadan Feast".
It seems they eat nothing all day, but immediately the sun sets, they go and stuff themselves.
What a fast, sorry farce.

Anonymous said...

Brian E. OK in the tropics, i suppose, where sunset's about seven o'clock. What about Muslims in Finland - Land of the Midnight Sun?