Saturday, 29 December 2018

Corbyn's Homeless Poster Boy is Registered Sex Offender and "Danger to Women" per Guido Fawkes

'Jeremy Corbyn stood accused of spreading fake news over the Christmas period, after highlighting a Channel 4 film that heaps praise on a homeless man, who compains he has not been given a bed and blames Brexit. Corbyn added his own comment, saying "this Government fails those who have given so much to our country." The video highlights former soldier Stephen Rowe sleeping rough and complaining that in order to receive Government help "you have to fit the criteria". In the video he does not say what criteria he fails to fit…

Helpfully, ITV's Peter Smith has pointed out that in this specific case "some avenues have been cut off to Mr Rowe" due to the fact that he was convicted of attacking and attempting to rape an 87 year old woman, and placed on the sex offenders register for life. The court described Rowe as "a danger to women". Homeless veterans do receive Government help, difficulties arise in giving them a bed if they have a violent history of attacking women…'

More here and elsewhere on the media but obviously not on the Labour Party's propaganda arm, the BBC.

Imagine the Conservative Party had made such an error, the mistake would be BBC headlines. As it's Jeremy Corbyn, not a f***ing word on the BBC. Disgusting, why should I pay for the Labour Party's propaganda arm? 

Friday, 28 December 2018

Channel migrants: Home secretary declares major incident per BBC News

No mention of the word invasion on the BBC article and no criticism of the invadision by Jeremy Corbyn. 

Thornberry: Corbyn hasn't tackled antisemitism because he was upset by claims per Jewish News

'Shadow Education Secretary Emily Thornberry drew jeers from a Limmud audience when she said that Jeremy Corbyn was so "upset" by allegations of antisemitism against him, he failed to act.

Interviewed by Momentum founder Jon Lansman at one of the last Limmud sessions on Thursday, the Islington South MP also drew laughter when she repeated the claim that "there isn't a racist or antisemitic bone in Jeremy's body".'

More here but no coverage on the antisemitic, by at least one of the IHRA examples, BBC. 

Some might call Jeremy Corbyn out for the antisemitic scum withwhom he consorts. Others might call Jeremy Corbyn for being an Anti-Semite, don't expect the BBC to examine such claims. 

Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Jeremy Hunt orders review into persecuted Christians' plight per BBC News who manage to minimise mention of Islam

This BBC report only manages one mention one mention of Islam and that at the very end of the report:

'And Coptic Christians in Egypt have faced a series of attacks by extremists including the Islamic State (IS) group.'

Fuck you BBC. 

Tuesday, 25 December 2018

UK now has systems to combat drones per BBC News

The latest BBC news update omits any mention of Israel now, why? 

The invasion continues

The BBC report

'A boat carrying 13 suspected migrants and a rowing boat carrying another two have been stopped off the Kent coast.

Lifeboats and the coastguard helicopter were involved in the first rescue operation two miles from Walmer at about 04:30 GMT.'

The invasion continues not that the BBC see it that be. 

Nigel Farage vs the EU, Mr Juncker and 'democracy'

Don't expect any coverage of such views on the institutionally pro-eu BBC. 

Raheem Kassam 'I Predict a Significant Brexit Backlash in 2019'

2019 will be interesting, possibly very interesting 

Monday, 24 December 2018

Six Migrants Convicted In Sweden's Biggest Ever Human-Trafficking Case - follow the money

'... six Bulgarian nationals were given sentences between one and a half years to five and a half years in prison for their roles in the human smuggling ring which saw at least twenty victims forced to beg on the streets of various cities across the country, among them the city of Växjö where they were charged, broadcaster Sveriges Radio reports.

In total, seven Bulgarian nationals and one Swedish national were charged in the case.

According to local newspaper Barometern, the Bulgarian nationals were all family members with the operation being headed by a man in his 60s who with his three sons and two grandsons managed to send around two million euros from Sweden to Bulgaria over a two year period.'

Read more here but obviously not on the pro-immigration and pro-eu BBC. 

Sunday, 23 December 2018

Gatwick drones pair 'no longer suspects' per BBC News who aren't happy with the Israeli technology

This BBC report shows a lack of enthusiasm with the Israeli technology:

'Authorities finally regained control over the airfield early on Friday after the Army deployed unidentified military technology.

It is believed that the Israeli-developed Drone Dome system, which can jam communications between the drone and its operator, was used.

However, experts have said it does not enable the person responsible to be tracked down and captured.

John Murray, professor of robotics and autonomous systems at the University of Hull, said it could only "take the drone out of the sky".'

Has anyone asked Jeremy Corbyn for his opinion on the use of Israeli technology?Maybe he'd rather use his "friends" in Hamas or Hezbollah than those in the Jewish State? 

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

The side of Paris that the BBC don't show. The BBC would rather protect Migrants into Europe than tell the truth

Jeremy Corbyn’s guide to a progressive socialist Christmas

From The Daily Mash 

'WITH shopping to do and parties to go to, it's easy to forget the true meaning of Christmas – international socialism. Here's how to have a left-wing festive season.

Avoid militarist films

Reject capitalist war profiteering by not watching militarist propaganda like The Great Escape. I will also be avoiding superhero films due to their sickening elitism.

Have a marrow-based dinner

I love having people over for a sumptuous Christmas dinner, so I'll be making my famous boiled marrow. Make sure your guests definitely get the invitation or there's a danger no one will turn up, like last year.

Buy left-wing presents

Everyone loves socialist Christmas presents. This year I'm getting my wife a fascinating book I discovered called From Nye Bevan to Neoliberalism: Changing Economic Challenges Facing the Modern Welfare State. At 804 pages it'll last a lot longer than a bottle of Chanel No. 5!


Don't forget the young socialists!

This year all my young relatives will be getting action figures from a wonderful non-profit socialist toy shop I found in Islington. I can't wait to see them having adventures with Bearded 1980s CND Man and Earnest Middle Class Activist Woman.

Leave something out for Santa

On Christmas Eve I leave out 10 carrots and 10 mince pies to encourage Santa to share profits equally among his reindeer workforce.'

Monday, 17 December 2018

Juncker's Christmas Pay Rise Gives Him €32,700 a Month per Euro Guido

Guido Fawkes reoirtsy that:

'President Juncker will be able to afford a many more boozy lunches in 2019. As a result of a Christmas pay rise, from January bureaucrats in the EU will be paid more than €20,000 a month, Commissioners will be paid €26,600 a month, and President Juncker will be paid a whopping  €32,700 a month'

Oddly I can't see a word about this on the institutionally pro EU BBC. 

Sunday, 16 December 2018

British taxpayers are STILL funding 'lessons in hate' at Palestinian schools per Daily Mail Online

'British taxpayers are still funding 'lessons in hate' at Palestinian schools more than a year after ministers were told they could be inciting violence against Israel.

It emerged last year that the Department for International Development has helped pay the salaries of officials who drew up a new curriculum that teaches children the virtues of becoming a jihadi.

Plays put on at schools and summer camps have even included pupils staging mock executions. 

One in Hebron featured a child draped in Palestinian colours 'shooting' another dressed as an Israeli soldier.'

You can read more here but obviously not on the institutionally anti-Israel, and antisemitic by at least one of the IHRA examples, BBC. 

Saturday, 15 December 2018

Australia recognises West Jerusalem as Israeli capital per BBC News

The BBC report have a one-sided view of the status of Jerusalem.

'The status of Jerusalem goes to the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Israel regards Jerusalem as its "eternal and undivided" capital, while the Palestinians claim East Jerusalem - occupied by Israel in the 1967 Middle East war - as the capital of a future state.'

Remind me who occupied East Jerusalem between 1948 & 1967, the BBC never don't seem to mention what Jordan (the Palestinian state) between occupying East Jerusalem in 1948 and what they did to the native Jews during Jordan's occupying period. 

Saturday, 8 December 2018

The importation of pharmaceuticals and medicines into the UK - Project Fear

The fact that I can't find any detail on the statistics behind the delays to importing pharmaceuticals and medicines into the UK is interesting. Unless I have proof, I suspect that we are being lied to. 

I found this on Wikipedia:

'The pharmaceutical industry in the United Kingdom directly employs around 73,000 people and in 2007 contributed £8.4 billion to the UK's GDP and invested a total of £3.9 billion in research and development. In 2007 exports of pharmaceutical products from the UK totalled £14.6 billion, creating a trade surplus in pharmaceutical products of £4.3 billion.'

Yellow vest movement: Heavy security as France protests begin per BBC News

Are the protestors from the left or the right? It's easy to tell; if they were from the right then the BBC would say so, probable saying "far right", as there's no place on the political spectrum then can we assume the protestors are far left? 

BBC protect the protestors and President Macron at the same time here

Friday, 7 December 2018

No-deal Brexit: Disruption at Dover 'could last six months' per BBC News who muddy the waters of on medicines

Read this part of this BBC article

'Current advice is that there should be a six-week stockpile of medicines in the UK to cover the possibility of disruption after a no deal Brexit.

About 90% of medicines imported by the UK and the Republic of Ireland come in through Dover.'

So what proportion of medicines are imported as opposed to produced in the UK? Will this "disruption" affect 90% of 90%? Or 90% of 10%? What is the truth, and why don't I trust the Remoaners at the BBC to tell me the truth? 

British Government Publishes Full Brexit Legal Advice and it's not what Theresa 'Quisling' May told us was the case

'Cox wrote: "In conclusion, the current drafting… does not provide for a mechanism that is likely to enable the UK lawfull to exit the Uk wide customs union without a subsequent agreement. This remains the case even if parties are still negotiating many years later, and even if the parties believe that talks have clearly broken down and there is no prospect of a future relationship agreement."'

I said that the UK would never really leave the EU, we wouldn't be allowed to, and that is just what is happening. 

Oscars 2019: Kevin Hart quits as host amid tweets row per BBC News

The BBC's news reporting priorities stink of agenda following and agenda setting. Currently the BBC's second most important news article is this one

The BBC article lead line is:
'US comedian and actor Kevin Hart says he has stepped down from hosting the 2019 Oscars following a controversy over homophobic tweets.' 

What's actually shocking is what Kevin Hart said 10 years ago, prepare yourself for saying something so reprehensible:

'"One of my biggest fears is my son growing up and being gay. That's a fear," he told the audience.

"Keep in mind, I'm not homophobic, I have nothing against gay people, be happy. Do what you want to do.

"But me, being a heterosexual male, if I can prevent my son from being gay, I will."'

The bar of what is unacceptable is being set lower and lower by the SJWers. Can anyone without sin really throw the first stone? 

Thursday, 6 December 2018

The backstop is real?

The backstop is required to prevent a hard border in Northern Ireland, or so we're told by the BBC and its fellow Remoaners. Isn't this somewhat disingenuous? I thought that the Irish Republic and the UK have both stated they have no intention of erecting a hard border and also that the WTO have stated there is no need to erect a hard border. So why is this line being pushed by the BBC and co? 

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Brexit: Legal advice warns of Irish border 'stalemate' per BBC News

'Newly published documents show the PM was told an arrangement designed to prevent a hard Irish border could last "indefinitely" and the UK could not "lawfully exit" without EU agreement.' 

That's what happens when a Remainer runs the Brexit process. Is anyone seriously surprised? 

BBC article here

No Shit Sherlock again

Just like a London bus 

The US-China Economic and Security Review Commission recently issued a report saying that Beijing could force Huawei and other Chinese 5G equipment-makers to "modify products to perform below expectations or fail, facilitate state or corporate espionage, or otherwise compromise the confidentiality, integrity, or availability" of networks that used them.

No Shit Sherlock 

No shit Sherlock

I used to post a No Shit Sherlock piece every week but haven't for a while, here's 
an (un)welcome example:

'EU have used backstop as 'negotiating ploy' - DUP MP

The DUP's Gregory Campbell says the Brexit legal advice published this morning describes the backstop plan to avoid a hard Irish border as a permanent arrangement.

However he says the plan is based on a "false assertion", and has been used as a "negotiating ploy" used against the UK by the EU.

"It is a practical, physical, political impossibility, under any circumstances, for a hard border to emerge on the island of Ireland," he adds.'

BBC biased article here

BBC biased reporting as usual

'Blistering from former armed forces minister Mark Francois.

The prime minister has repeatedly faced questions about the investigations into historic allegations against armed forces personnel.

The prime minister promises a response in due course – that will not satisfy the powerful lobby of Conservative backbenchers who point (as Mr Francois did) to the "letters of comfort" which protect former IRA members from prosecution.

This is an issue which corrodes confidence on the Conservative backbenches.'

Of course no mention by the Labour Party's propaganda arm the BBC about which party when in government introduced the "letters of comfort". 

BBC bias here and indeed all over the BBC. 

BBC’s “left-wing journalist” tweeted Rothschild conspiracy theories and called Holocaust testimony “subliminal propaganda” per The Red Roar

Red Roar report on a guest who'll fit right in at the, antisemitic by at least one of the IHRA examples, BBC:

'The BBC's comedy programme The Mash Report interviewed far-left conspiracy theorist Steve Topple as a guest on its latest episode, describing the Canary writer as a "left-wing journalist". In reality, Topple is a conspiracist who has said that all Jews ought to be "held responsible" for Israel's actions.


In 2015, Topple wrote, "maybe most Jews peaceful, but until they recognize and destroy their growing Zionist cancer they must be held responsible." He has appeared to back the claim that the British media is "Jewish", that the Rothschilds family is behind the IMF and the Syrian civil war, and that the royal family are "Rothschild-Goldsmiths". In 2014, he attacked the BBC for broadcasting a holocaust survivor's story, calling it "subliminal propaganda". Topple published an apology for his previous comments in 2016, but didn't specify which views he no longer holds and has not deleted his offensive tweets.'

Someone who would fit in perfectly at the institutionally antisemitic, by at least one of the IHRA examples, BBC. 

EU pension liabilities, a thought

We're often reminded that after leaving the EU we will still have to pay EU pensions for quite some time. Remind me, when the UK joined the EU, did we get a discount on the grounds that some of that year's EU costs were pension payments for staff that had joined the EU before we were members? 

The fix is in?

If Theresa May loses the key vote then theoretically Parliament can tell the government what to do next. But how can it tell her to agree another deal when there is no other deal. 

In reality the vote will tell the government to halt Brexit, which is what Theresa May and the EU want. This has been the plan for quite some time. The European Court of Justice decision was out just in time, coincidence? 

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Leaked Commons legal analysis of Brexit deal vindicates Trump, contradicts May and adds to Brexiteers' concerns per BrexitCentral

'The Government is already on the rack over its refusal to publish the legal advice provided on the Brexit deal by Attorney General, Geoffrey Cox, despite a parliamentary motion ordering it to be done. Cox will make a statement on the matter in the House of Commons later today (Monday 3rd December), during which he will doubtless be questioned about the leak in the Sunday Times of a letter he wrote in which he admitted that the UK would be trapped "indefinitely" in a customs union with the EU if the backstop comes into effect. But ministers now face further questions as it emerges that a confidential analysis of the Withdrawal Agreement by the House of Commons' own expert legal team comes to the same conclusion as President Trump – that Theresa May's Brexit deal would prevent the UK from entering trade deals with countries such as the US. The bombshell is contained in a 27-page legal note prepared by the House of Commons EU Legislation Team, which is headed by Arnold Ridout, its Counsel for European Legislation. A highly respected specialist in EU Law, he has previously worked for the EC Commission's Legal Service and advised the European Secretariat of the Cabinet Office and prior to taking up his current role in 2014, he was Deputy Legal Adviser to the House of Lords EU Select Committee. The note – marked 'not for general distribution' and obtained by BrexitCentral – is dated 26th November and states that the UK-EU customs union which would come into effect if the backstop is triggered "would be a practical barrier to the UK entering separate trade agreements on goods with third countries". This is in direct contradiction to the Prime Minister who has insisted that her deal will allow the UK to have an entirely independent trade policy. Indeed, she told the House of Commons just last Monday how "for the first time in 40 years, the UK will be able to strike new trade deals and open up new markets for our goods and services".'

Much more here but less on the Remoaner BBC who seem ready to support Theresa' Quisling' May. 

Monday, 3 December 2018

Academic claims phrases like 'bring home the bacon' will go out of fashion to avoid offending vegans

Please tell me this is an early April Fool (although presumably that phrase will soon be banned too):

'She said: 'The image of 'killing two birds with one stone' is, if anything, made more powerful by the animal-friendly alternative of 'feeding two birds with one scone'.'

Peta also wants to replace the phrase 'to flog a dead horse' with 'to feed a fed horse'. '

More here

Labour spark fresh anti-Semitism storm 'amid move to silence victims from speaking out' per Daily Mail Online

The Labour Party find new ways to disgust, but not surprise, me:

'Labour has sparked a fresh anti-Semitism furore as a chilling move to silence victims from speaking out is exposed by The Mail on Sunday.

Party bosses have warned any activist who publicly accuses another member of anti-Jewish prejudice risks being disciplined and any formal complaints they have made could be dropped.

Anyone complaining is ordered by the party's Complaints Team to 'ensure you keep all information relating to your complaint private and do not share it with third parties or the media (including social media).'

More here but obviously not on the Labour Party's propaganda arm and antisemitic by at least one of the IHRA examples BBC. 

Saturday, 1 December 2018

Is the BBC biased?: The public is of one mind (apparently)

Courtesy of Craig at is this analysis of blatant BBC bias.

Do read the whole piece, here's Craig's conclusion:

'Not only did Elizabeth find "a good deal of sympathy for Theresa May and, dare I say it, even some sympathy for her plan" on the streets of Birmingham, she failed to find even one person who was critical of Mrs May or her plan. This must have been music of the sweetest kind to No.10's ears: 0% public opposition to her plan, and huge amounts of sympathy and support. Even the 'bored of Brexit' sentiments will have pleased the PM's team.

Quite breathtaking, don't you think?'

Breathtaking indeed, but also disgustingly biased and surely against the BBC's Charter. I'd complain to the BBC but what's the point?