Sunday, 1 February 2009

Democracy Labour style

The Mail reports that:
"Millions of voters are to be deprived of their say over how their rubbish is collected.

Their councils are first in the queue to hand over their refuse operations to quangos that will not be answerable to residents at the polls.

Local elections in the past two years have seen heavy punishment meted out by voters to councillors who have abolished weekly collections and brought in the highly unpopular fortnightly schemes and their accompanying complicated recycling rules.

The new unelected bodies - to be called Joint Waste Authorities - will be able to introduce fortnightly rubbish collections without fear of a backlash from voters.

They will run waste 'police forces' which can punish householders who break bin rules.

The quangos will also be able to introduce bin taxes. Ministers mothballed immediate plans for wheelie bin 'incentives' last week after elected local councils proved reluctant to volunteer for trials.

The first Joint Waste Authorities are likely to be established next year, according to documents published yesterday by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). "

So to avoid democratic accountability this Labour government introduces more unelected quangos. This Labour government must be got rid off whilst there is still the remnants of democracy left in the UK.

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