Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Fatah Publishes List of Hamas Attacks

I read that:
"Fatah has released a list of 181 attacks carried out by Hamas against Fatah terrorists in Gaza during the Cast Lead counterterror operation in the area. Spokesman Ziyad Abu-Ein encouraged reporters and international organizations to contact the 181 victims or their survivors to verify the stories.

According to the list, 11 Fatah members were murdered by Hamas during Cast Lead, 58 were shot in the feet or legs, and 112 had their legs broken."

Will the BBC do as Fatah ask and "contact the 181 victims or their survivors to verify the stories"? Of course not, that would quite ruin the BBC "narrative" of evil war-loving Israelis and good peaceful Palestinians.

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J said...

Well put. Hamas has total control and democracy, what there was of it, died the moment they were elected. Their elimination of opposition in summer 2007, and their war on liberties since has gone as expected unnoticed or opposed by the international community. Just as did with Hibullah, that other great social and humanitarian organisation.