Sunday, 15 February 2009

Nuclear power, yes please

James Lovelock explains why we need nuclear power and why we might be being scared off it.

"I think we fail to welcome nuclear energy as the one good and reliable power source because we have been grievously misled by a concatenation of lies. Falsehood has built on falsehood and is mindlessly repeated by the media until belief in the essential evil of all things nuclear is part of an instinctive response.




LibertyMine said...

I agree. We have failed the nuclear option. This Government planned for the decommissioning of our nuclear sector without making any determined efforts to put in place their replacements.

The new reactors should have been fast-tracked into construction - the companies wanting to do this now form a patient queue, and the tens of thousands of jobs would be just want British workers need.

Anonymous said...

Go Green, Go Nuclear

David Walters said...

I disagree. I there was zero planning for nuclear decommissioning in Britain. Look at the model they chose to use? Look how expensive it is to decommission them. Look at the failure to incorporate financing of decommissioning.......... It's an utter failure.

Britain is unique...EVERN by American standards (and THIS should be embarrassing) in having the most poorly planned nuclear infrastructure of any advanced industrialized country.

Having said that, I think the new EPR and possibly AP1000 sitings are a positive development!

David Walters