Sunday, 2 December 2012

Ethnic cleansing in the Middle East and North Africa

The brainwashed and the haters of Israel are often heard to scream that Israel is ethnically cleansing  Palestine. That is of course a lie, the Arab Muslim population of Israel has increased five fold over the last 60 years, the Jewish by less than half that rate,. The population of the Palestinian territories has also expanded at a faster rate than the world average. However there is one population in the Middle East and North Africa that has almost disappeared over the last 60 or so years...
...The Jewish population.

So where's the ethnic cleansing happening and who's carrying it out?


Unknown said...

il y a beaucoup de juifs qui vivent en Algérie (plus que 28 peut etre 10 000 au minimun ) tandis qu'au maroc ils sont au moins 500 000 il faut arrêter les mensonges habituelles , toutes personnes qui connait l'Afrique du nord ne pourra tomber dans une propagande aussi grotesque

Not a sheep said...

See my blog this afternoon for my response. It deserves wider readership than being in the comments section.