Monday, 4 November 2013

Falkirk Labour party update - news you won't hear about on the pro-Labour BBC

As if the revelations in the Sunday Times about the Falkirk selection process were not enough, apparently
Investigators saw evidence of:
The Mail now reports:
'The whistleblower at the centre of Labour’s vote-rigging scandal last night sensationally rejected claims by Unite that she had withdrawn her story.

Lorraine Kane triggered a major probe into alleged electoral corruption when she revealed her family had been signed up to the Labour Party without their consent. It happened as Unite activists were waging a bitter battle to seize control of the safe Labour seat of Falkirk, where she lives.
This led to claims that she and others had been signed up as Labour members without their agreement in a bid by the union to manipulate the candidates’ selection. They allegedly hoped to flood the seat with members who they thought could be persuaded to back Unite’s choice to be the party’s prospective MP.

The investigation into Mrs Kane’s case was dropped suddenly in September, after Unite officials produced documents stating that she had withdrawn her claims.

But, speaking for the first time, Mrs Kane, 61, told the Mail: ‘I did not change the testimony. I did not change anything. I did not withdraw anything.’ She is now demanding to know whether the evidence she gave was tampered with by Unite.

I want all the emails to see what’s what,’ she said. ‘I haven’t seen them. This has been going on for months. I don’t know what the emails are saying. I want to see everything so I know what was said and if anything was changed from what I said.’

Her statement is entirely at odds with public claims made by the union. Only today Unite leader Len McCluskey said: ‘The evidence from the families has been withdrawn’, adding that Unite had ‘no case to answer.’

Mrs Kane’s bombshell claims appear to undermine the grounds on which Labour leader Ed Miliband closed his investigation into the vote-rigging allegations.'
Somehow I doubt that the BBC will cover this story in any depth as their interest in political stories is governed largely by their desire to advance the cause of certain political parties at the expense of others.

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Alex said...

The only difference between the Labour Party and the mafia is that the cosa nostra make better pasts.