Thursday, 5 December 2013

George Osborne puts Ed Balls in his place during the Autumn Statement today

"They can’t talk about their record because they had the biggest recession ever.
They can’t talk about the deficit because they’ve got no plan to deal with it.
He can’t talk about infrastructure and his much vaunted plan for a cross-party consensus because he was the person who tried to break the consensus on the biggest project of all.
He can’t talk about housing because there were 420,000 fewer affordable homes at the end of the Labour government.
He can’t talk about business rates because they went up 71 per cent under Labour.
He can’t talk about support for business because he wants to put taxes up on business.
He can’t ask about standing up to the powerful because this is the week they caved in to the trade unions.
He can’t ask about jobs because he wants more jobs taxes.
And he can’t ask about banking and financial services because the person they hired to advise them was the Reverend Flowers."

All pretty undeniable...

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