Friday, 9 January 2015

Michael White in The Guardian shows his obsession with Israel

This Guardian article by Michael White about how we should or shouldn't react to the attack on Charlie Hebdo contains this section:
'Islam is a prime case in point. The moderate Muslim majority – here and elsewhere – are as horrified by the Paris attack as other decent people. But they must often feel abused by western media. The feeling is shared by beleaguered Christians, who feel their faith is safely mocked in print and on the airwaves by "brave" satirists who might hesitate to do the same to Islam or even Judaism, behind which secular Israeli politicians sometimes take cover.'
Perhaps Michael White could give some examples of satirists who have not satirised Judaism for fear of the response. Perhaps Michael White could give some examples of satirists who have satirised Judaism and in return have been slaughtered by Jews.

I can't think of any examples of the former but I can think of dozens of vilely anti Semitic cartoons that are published around the Muslim world, some of which (or similar) may even be seen in publications freely available on the streets of London. Here are some examples...

First four examples of the anti-Semitic blood libel

Next six examples of Jews / Israel as or equivalent to Nazis

Next some examples of the anti-Semites favourite claim that Jews / Israelis are controlling the world or at least the USA. for many Muslims and anti-Semites The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a factual account

Next four miscellaneous anti-Semitic cartoons

Finally one cartoon, from America, that shows the anti-Semites favourite get-out, anti-Semitism is a false flag operation

Having published these am I scared of attack from Jews?

Would I have something to fear from Islamists if I reprinted Charlie Hebdo's cartoons about Islam?

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andy5759 said...

This vile act may move a few to harden their attitudes, the majority will make appropriate noises for a while before going back to scraping a living.