Monday, 16 November 2015

Who are Islamic State?

I have posted this Vice News report before but I think that it needs watching again especially by those who say Islamic State are nothing to do with Islam. Parts of this video shows how civic society behaves under Sharia law. Everything within IS is shaped by and defined by Islam according to the Koran. "...those who don't obey will be forced"

Watch the Belgian Islamist preacher and his son, listen to the men and boys that speak afterwards? Now ask yourself how many Islamist preachers, their children and others think the same but are still living in Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam, London, Bradford, Birmingham etc etc etc? How about the nine-year old boy proudly declaring that he's off to camp to learn how to use a Kalashnikov and then to fight the Russian and Americans - the infidels. By the way, does anyone believe that the 'children' that Israel are vilified for arresting are not of a similar ilk?

Listen to the delightful young chap from 33:48 "We promise you car bombs and explosives... we'll destroy the enemies of the religion, all of them" - How many of the young male 'refugees' being welcomed into Europe share similar views? Do we even know? Do our leaders care? Do the BBC?

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