Thursday, 14 January 2016

Because Jews don't count for BBC News

This BBC report describes Indonesia as 'largely secular'. But it's no multi religion paradise if you're not a Muslim. Ask the residents of the predominately Hindu island of Bali or the remnants of the small Jewish community of Indonesia. The latter task could be tricky because in September 2013 it was revealed that the last synagogue in Indonesia had been destroyed. 'Unidentified persons' demolished the Beith Shalom synagogue in Surabaya on the island of Java to its foundations sometime earlier this year, according to a report on synagogue has seen a number of anti-Israel protests staged in front of it and was sealed by Islamic hard-liners in 2009, according to the Jakarta Globe. Oddly I don't recall the BBC reporting this piece of news about Indonesia becoming all but Judenfrei, but then in the Islamic world that's not really news.

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